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41 Ways to Reuse Old Vases Craft Ideas

Updated on December 5, 2016
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

This article is about using old vases in new ways. I love the looks of vases grouped together and used as a focal arrangement.

I decided to do a search on Google to see if I could find great looking vase crafts with directions on how to make them. I think I have found a number of outstanding and unique vases and will share a picture of the vase and the name of the site where you'll find the craft instructions. There are also a few ideas included here that are vases made from recyclable containers, other than the glass vases.

To make vases like the ones shown above, go to My Third True LOVE for the instructions.

1. Gold Leaf Vase

Vases like this would be beautiful and unique enough for wedding or anniversary decorations. Find the instructions for making this gold leaf vase at THE creativity EXCHANGE.

2. Snowball Wine Bottle Vase

I absolutely love the looks of these vases. They'd be so beautiful at a wedding, but also sitting on the mantle. I can imagine them with painted twigs in them, a single flower or a sprig of the crystal encrusted branches. Find the directions at favecrafts.

3. Lucky Penny Vase

Even if you'd use five dollars worth of pennies, this would still be the cheapest, most beautiful vase to add to your elegant décor. Go to the Lilyshop for the instructions.

4. Basket Weave Vase

You'll find this basket weave vase, and two other vase ideas, when you check the directions for this craft at Woman'sDay.

5. Thanksgiving Luminary

Making a luminary is a lot easier than you may imagine. You'll find the easy instructions for this Thanksgiving luminary can be found at CRAFTS BY Amanda.

6. Swirl Vases

You'll be able to think of many places to display vases like these. Different colors or combination of colors to suit your décor. Centsational Girl is where you'll find the instructions.

7. Etching Glass Vases

Not only will you find a great tutorial for how to etch glass, but you'll also find information on how to make the decorative templates used in etching. All the information that you'll need is found at merrimentdesign.

8. Washi Tape Vases

What could be easier than to change the look of an old vase by adding washi tape? Find information on making these washi tape decorated vases at Organize & Decorate Everything.

9. DIY Vase Centerpieces

10. Painted Distressed Vase

Decorating in the shabby chic style calls for painted distressed vases like these. Fox Hollow Cottage shows you how to do this technique.

11. Elegant in Black

Every room should have a touch of black and a black vase or black vase grouping would be beautiful in any décor. Find the information you need to make these vases at Yummy Mummy Club.

12. Inspired Vase

Why spend beaucoup bucks on a Jonathan Adler vase when you can design and make one of your own inexpensively? If you love these vases, but not the expense, go to designmegillah to see how to make your own.

13. Yarn Wrapped Vases

Pick out the colors you love and wrap a vase to get a unique modern look. Find the directions for this simple craft at Inspiring Pretty.

14. Halloween Mummy Vase

You'll use cylinder vases for making mummy vases like the ones shown above. A very appropriate Halloween decoration whose instructions are found at The Creative Goddess.

15. Patchwork Glass

On the CRAFTS BY Amanda website, this vase is also shown containing flowers, but I thought they looked really cool with candles.

16. Faux Mercury Glass

I think this is a beautiful look for vases in a grouping. Make: gives three different methods for making the faux mercury look.

17. Textured Clay Vase

GREEN WEDDING SHOES is the place to find the instructions for making these textured clay vases. Outstanding!!

18. Ombre Vase

Use this technique with any of your old vases to get the beautiful ombre look. Go to crme de la craft for the instructions.

19. Acorn Vase

You'll definitely want to use a vase like this in your fall and winter décor. Find the directions at Creative in Chicago.

20. Flowers to Candlelight

Change the use of a vase from flowers to candlelight by making a hanging light from the former flower vase. Find all the information you need to make this hanging candle holder by going to the It’s Toile Good site.

21. Artichoke Spoon Vase

I would never have guessed that this vase was made using white plastic spoons. It would probably be interesting to see this done with other colored spoons also. Find the directions at the craftberry bush site.

22. Neon Bamboo Straw Vase

This is an easy and simple vase idea that would enhance any Spring or Summer patio party table. Go to madigan made to see how to make them. Cool!!

23. Popsicle Stick Vase

This would make a great scout or classroom project. Kids will love making and gifting a vase like this. The directions for making this project are found at Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects.

24. Colored Pencil Vase

Surprise a teacher with flowers in this catchy colored pencil vase. You'll find the instructions at Happy Clippings.

25. Rustic Rock Vase

This looks like a project that I'll be making this Spring. I think I'll cover all the flower pots that I have on the patio using the directions from FAB You BLISS.

26. Sea Shell Vase

If you are lucky enough to live on a coast, you probably already have lots of sea shells. The rest of us will most likely have to purchase them to make a vase like this. The directions are found at homelife.

27. Frosted Glass Vase

If you go to the catch my party site, you'll find the instructions for making this vase using frosted spray paint and rubber bands.

28. Painted Mason Jar Vases

You'll want to make a variety of colors when you paint mason jars because you'll have a hard time deciding which is your favorite. Give some of them as gifts. Little Miss momma tells us how to do this project.

29. Pretty in Pink Vase

This very "pretty in pink" vase got that way with the use of nail polish. See how to make this cute vase by going to madigan made for the instructions.

30. Faux Ceramic and Milk Glass Vases

It is so easy to change blah glass flower vases into beautiful faux ceramic or milk glass vases. You'll get the lowdown on how to do this magic by going to the happier homemaker for guidance.

31. Book Page Vase

The combination of book pages and burlap makes this vase an exquisite piece to use in your home décor. Go to How to NEST FOR LESS for the easy to understand instructions.

32. Birthday Vase

Here is a great way to recycle an old vase to make it into a gift or party decoration. Find the instructions for this project at I Can Do It.

33. Raffia Covered Vases

I love to use raffia in crafts, so this is right down my alley. I like it that there are so many colored raffias available also, so there are lots of possibilities. Find the directions at DIYYOUR WAY.

34. Books to Vase

This vase project, with instructions at Woman’sDay, uses old hard covered books to make an attractive vase. It could also be used to hide stuff, like candy, especially is the book titles are ones that aren't real popular.

35. Faux Bois Centerpiece

By following the directions at madigan made, you'll be able to make this faux bois centerpiece. The studded accent strips really make these vases look expensive. Imagine this on your mantle.

36. Glitter Vases

Make small glitter vases to tuck in areas that need a bit of life. Think about putting one on a shelf, the mantle or maybe even on the back of the stool in the bathroom. Go to The Sweetest Occasion for the instructions.

37. Vintage Wall Vase

This site, Eclectically VINTAGE, shows us how to use a vintage (or new) bottle to make a wall vase. A very nice addition to home decor.

38. Painted Twig Vase

I love these surprisingly simple vases made with painted twigs. Go to or so she says to see how to make one.

39. Steampunk Vase

If steampunk is your style, you'll love making this vase. You'll find out how to make a steampunk vase by going to the THE SALVAGE EXPERIMENT site for the instructions.

40. Hurricane Vase Craft

41. DIY Glitter Vase

Vases like this would be perfect for decorating for a wedding or other elegant occasion. The directions are found at DAILY CANDY.

What do you do with gift vases? - or leave a comment.

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    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 10 months ago from Glasgow

      There are so many wonderful ideas here. They could easily be used as gifts or for table decorations. Thank you for compiling this.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have all different kinds of vases that I've received flowers in. I loved these ideas. Thanks

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for featuring our project in your roundup!

    • profile image

      DiddydelDesigns 4 years ago

      Great ideas thank you