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Best Xyron Tips and Ideas

Updated on September 14, 2018
linfcor profile image

Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

The Xyron Machines -Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

The Xyron machine adds adhesive to card stock projects
The Xyron machine adds adhesive to card stock projects

Paper Projects Without The Messy Adhesives

If you are a paper crafter, card maker or scrapbooker, then you know the frustration of getting glue on your fingers and your projects. I can't even count the amount of times, I have had glue on my fingers and ruined a project ! It is just plain frustrating to have sticky fingers and be handling paper

There is an answer to the mess of glue and all the frustration. That answer is the Xyron Machine line. I have several sizes and I could not imagine being without it. I use this machine for so many things, that it has more than paid for itself ! You are only limited in it's use by your own imagination. Here are some of the ideas and tips that I have learned and wanted to share.

The Xyron series offer a lot of opportunities to be creative. Each one of the sizes has specific uses, and you will want more than one in your craft room. You will want to get the most use out of these machines, so here is a guide to each of the series. each of these Zyron tips and ideas have been selected for different paper crafts and crafters.

Xyron Tip 1

Keeping dust away from your xyron will lengthen the use of your cartridge Either bag is a a plastic bag or remove the cartridge after use and store it in a plastic bag

Why Purchase A Xyron?

Let Me Count The Reasons Why

1.Applies an even layer of edge-to-edge adhesive onto items up to 5" wide.

2.Instantly laminates items up to 4.5" wide.

3.Easy to Use, Lightweight and Portable


5.No Heat

6.No Electricity

7.No Batteries

8. It is a "dry" adhesive. Unlike glue or paper glue sticks the adhesive does not curl your paper

Xyron Tip 2

To keep you Xyron Personal Cutting System, cutting pad tacky so it will hold the paper securely - try using a lint roller brush directly on the cutting pad to remove excess lint.

Create A Sticker - Xyron 1.5

This is the smallest and most economical of the products. It s useful for very small images. You can make almost anything into a sticker. Great for borders and images up to 1.5 inches wide. Perfect tool for borders, ribbons, buttons and more. This was my very first one and I have used it a lot. If you are a beginning paper crafter or scrapbook artist, you will find this a very useful tool

Xyron Tip 3

If excess adhesive appears around the edges of an item, simply wipe it away with your fingers or use a piece of saran wrap or rubber cement pick-up. The adhesive removes without sticking to hands.

Create A Sticker 2.5 Ideas

Equally useful this machine can also apply adhesive to the back of chipboard objects!. The refills come in permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive. This machine is great for scrapbook artists. This unit will take up to 2.5 width items. But the best part is length does not matter. It has a crank handle , so no electricity ! I find that the unit sticker paper tears off easily-very little waste. Does chipboard letters easily !

Xyron Tip 4

To eliminate wrinkles in the laminate, run a piece of corrugated cardboard (approximately 4-inches square) or a strip of paper with multiple folds through the machine. This will force the rollers to separate and allow the laminate or adhesive material to pull itself back into alignment.

Xyron 5" Sticker Machine

Xyron Create-a-Sticker, 5", Sticker Maker, Machine, Permanent Adhesive (0501-05-10A)
Xyron Create-a-Sticker, 5", Sticker Maker, Machine, Permanent Adhesive (0501-05-10A)

Oh so useful for words and sayings ! Xyron 5” create-a-sticker is the best way to apply adhesive for cardmakers and your smaller craft projects! .


More On The Creative Station 5" (510)

So if you are ready to take your creativity top the next level, the 510 Creative Station has you covered. What I like about this unit is that there are 5 cartridges available. There are permanent adhesive cartridges, repositional cartridges, laminate cartridges and laminate magnet cartridges. In addition to adhering items, you can laminate things. You can also create photo magnets. My mind goes crazy with the gifts, wedding ideas and fun stuff I could make with that last cartridge. Another feature is a blade that cuts the edges of the cartridge material, leaving very little waste

This is the newest and best design that Xyron has designed to date ! Why is it considered the top of the line?

  • Unlike the other machines which only have one sized cartridge, this one has multiple sizes.
  • You can use all previous cartridges in this newer model.
  • You can still make stickers, apply cold laminate, and make magnets. Chose what you want to make, apply the right cartridge and you are ready to go.
  • Takes less counter space than having multiple machines
  • There also is a re-positional adhesive tape available

Xyron Tip 5

To apply stickers to a laminated item, wipe off the laminate with the rubbing alcohol. This will remove the silicone coating on the laminate that does not let adhesive stick.

Xyron Tips - Best Ideas For Making The Most Of Your Xyron Machines

  1. When your machine is not in use you should remove the cartridge and place it back in its box for storage. This will keep your ezLaminator refills from becoming dusty. Also before loading the machine prior to being used again, you should clean or dust off the ez Laminator machine. Again this will keep the dust away from your projects.
  2. When you have wrinkles in your laminate try this trick. Get a piece of cardboard maybe 3x3 or 4x4 (if you don't have card board handy then try folding a piece of paper 3 times (into 1/8 page size)). Send this through your machine. As it goes thru it will separate the laminate just enough to help the laminate re-align with itself. The wrinkles should pull themselves out within a few inches.
  3. To ensure clean edges, trace your item with a stylist or a pen before removing clear mask. You can also use a bone folder that you run around the edges to keep them clean
  4. To eliminate wrinkles in the laminate, run a piece of corrugated cardboard (approximately 4-inches square) or a strip of paper with multiple folds through the machine. This will force the rollers to separate and allow the laminate or adhesive material to pull itself back into alignment.

Zyron Tip 6

Run your item face down to apply adhesive to the front. Decorate with glitter. Great for adding sparkle and glitz to Holiday Ornaments and other projects. Try this technique with chipboard letters and shapes !

Xyron Mega Tape Runner

Xyron XYN0701-05-00 0701-05-00 Mega Runner with One Hundred Feet of Adhesive
Xyron XYN0701-05-00 0701-05-00 Mega Runner with One Hundred Feet of Adhesive

This is the tape runner that is a must have for every paper crafter. I have had other tape runners and I ditched them all when I got this one. First feature is the drop in refill . No more figuring out how to wind the tape around. You get 100 feet in each cartridge, Excellent adhesive !


Zyron Mega Tape Runner

I don't know about you, but I love tape runners, especially the ones with the nice handles and the long refills. Makes my crafting so much easier. But the problem is that many of them come with long detailed explanations(usually with drawings) how to reload the adhesive cartridges. It is confusing and messy. When Zyron came out with their own Mega Tape Runner, I jumped on it right away. It is a simple drop in refill. You can get the refills in either 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch. Each refill is 100 feet. My other large tape runner is gathering dust. Zyron has once again answered this crafters needs

More Uses For Your Xyron - Why Xyron Is A Must Have For Any Crafter

  1. You can make your own pop dots. Buy the sheets of craft foam that have sticky on one side.Run the sheet through my Xyron and you have an entire sheet of pop dots for pennies.You can cut them to any size you need.
  2. Make glitter sheets and embellishments
  3. Adhere buttons
  4. Make your own washi tape with any ribbon or paper. Simply run a piece of paper or ribbon through your zyron
  5. Want to apply glitter the easy way? Run your piece through the Xyron. Peel back and apply your glitter

Xyron Tip 7

If you are placing vellum around a photo o your LO and using any Xyron adhesive, make sure the adhesive does not touch the photo. You will see the adhesive.After running my picture through my Xyron sticker maker, I run my stylus around my picture to make sure that there will be no stray stickiness when you remove the sticker.

Zyron Techniques - Unlimited Use For Your Zyron Machines

  • Use Xyron for Tissue and Crepe paper. Xyron adhesive does not cause the color to bleed and it doesn't get any cheaper than tissue paper for creating fun projects. Crinkle the paper to create texture.
  • For easier alignment, when applying a full sheet of paper to a scrapbook page, peel off the white paper liner as you stick it to the page.
  • Save material by stacking items when making different size stickers. Put a larger item on top of a smaller item (make sure the small item is away from the edge of the large item) and run them both through the Xyron adhesive together. Adhesive will be applied edge to edge on the smaller item and on the larger item everywhere except where the small item was.
  • Mosaics are easily made with Xyron adhesives. Run items through the Xyron and then cut to the desired shape and size. It's simpler than applying adhesive to hundreds of small pieces.
  • Run the stencil through Xyron repositionable adhesive. Place it on the wall or furniture pieces to be painted. Simply lift up the stencil and reposition to create the desired pattern.
  • Run cardstock through the Xyron before cutting. Remove release sheet and place cardstock face down on Cricut Mat. Use "Flip" feature and cut desired shape. Yippee, a sticker shape that's easy to handle.

Xyron Tip 8

Run your item face down to apply adhesive to the front. Decorate with glitter. Great for adding sparkle and glitz to Holiday Ornaments and other projects.

Xyron Tip 9

Make your own pop dots. Buy the sheets of craft foam that have sticky on one side.Run the sheet through your Xyron . You have an entire sheet of pop dots for pennies and can cut them to any size you need.

Make Your Own Washi Tape With The Xyron

Share Your Xyron Ideas And Tips - Or Just Stop By And Say Hello

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    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      5 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @Craftymarie: I love my Xyron machine to make my own stickers. I vut out décor on my cricut then run them through my Xyron. I love making words and letters too

    • Craftymarie profile image


      5 years ago

      I really enjoy my Xyron machine. I probably use it most for die cut lettering and fonts which I run though once cut in the Xyron for the adhesive backing - they're then ready to stick when I need them for a craft project.


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