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Big Shot Die Cutter

Updated on May 9, 2013

Why I love the Sizzix Big Shot

The Sizzix Big Shot is a great die cutting machine that you can use to add a personal touch to any craft project.

The roller style machine cuts a range of fabrics, paper and card. It's great for paper craft and sewing projects.

I looked at a wide range of die cutting machines before deciding to buy the big shot. I've explained why I think it's the best die cutter out there and includes some great videos to help you get to grips with the machine.

Big Shot Die Cut Machine

I haven't had the Big Shot Die Cut Machine for very long, but I love it to bits and had to share why! The design of the machine is great - the main body of the Sizzix Big Shot is black with pink accents. It's very girly and has a crank handle that is decorated with diamantes.

I love the old fashioned crank handle. It's very therapeutic to use the roller style machine to cut out shapes rather than using an electronic cutter.

The die cutter is quite heavy but that's a good thing. Because of it's weight, it doesn't tend to move around when using it. It's not too heavy to be portable if needed though. The machine isn't too big either so it will fit in any craft room.

Using other brands of dies with the Big Shot

Sizzix Dies

One great feature of the Sizzix Big Shot is that the majority of other brands of die cutters fit in the machine. Sizzix make a great range of their own Sizzix big shot dies, but being able to use other brands really opens up lots of other options!

Other brands of die tend to be cheaper than the Sizzix dies too. Because you can pick up the dies for a couple of dollars, it means that you can quickly build up quite a collection. Before you know it you will be buried in different shaped die cuts!

One of the best dies that I have come across is the sizzix 3d flower die. I love using this to cut felt and sew them together to make little flowers. They are great for using on all your sewing projects.

Big shot embosser - You can also use the machine to emboss. Again, most brands of embossing pads will fit into the big shot die cutter machine. I haven't used my machine to emboss as I bought it mainly to produce die cuts for my craft projects.

Die cut and embossing machine video

Which materials can you use with the die cut machine?

I've managed to use the Sizzix Big Shot Machine to die cut shapes from a wide range of materials. I've cut different weights of paper, card, foam sheets and felt. I haven't tried other types of fabrics yet, but I've got no doubt it would easily cut through it.

I have noticed with felt that you sometimes have to run the die cutter through the roller a couple times. This ensures that the cutter makes a clean cut through the fabric.

I love the fact that you can make your own bits and pieces to embellish your own cards and craft projects. It's much more satisfying to know that you have made all the pieces of your project rather than just sticking down pre-made pieces.

Using the Sizzix die cutter with fabric

Tips & tricks for using the Sizzix Big Shot

The only problem that I have had with the die cutter machine, is the lack of instructions. The machine is simple to use but I was a bit apprehensive about breaking the machine when using the machine without instructions.

I did a quick Google for the big shot die cutter and found some instructions online, along with a lot of great YouTube videos that showed you how to use the machine. I've included a few in this lens for you to take a look at.

When you first use the machine you may notice that the two cutting plates make quite a cracking noise. This isn't the machine breaking, it's just the die cutting through the material. It's normal for the machine to make this noise.

When you use the die cutter it will cut against one of the acrylic cutting plates. This leaves etched marks in the acrylic, so it is best to always cut against the same one and keep one clean of marks. This stops the plates from becoming warped and means that you can use the clean plate for embossing.

Do you own a die cutter?

Do you own a die cutter machine?

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Big shot embossing machine

Here's a demonstration of the Sizzix embosser in action!

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      @MBurgess: yes it can be used with thin plastic from what I have read

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      Can this be used with plastic like you would use for a stencil? This looks like a really neat machine. Thanks for sharing about this!