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How to Convert Your Bitmap to Vector

Updated on September 20, 2012

Why do I need a vector image, and how do I get my raster or bitmap image vectorized?

Having a vector graphic or logo enables you to have the image reproduced however you want at any size you want. A bitmap image or logo will have size limitations. For instance, you may not be able to print your image on a large banner, or use it to be embroidered on a company shirt.

Sometimes you may not have access to your original vector file. Perhaps the original vector file got lost. Common vector formats include: .AI files, .EPS files and .CDR files.

Some graphic designers will not give you your original vector graphic because they want to charge you every time you need something else. However, a logos designer that provides you bitmap to vector conversion services or a logo recreation will give you your digital vector file for no additional charge.

It's Easy Using Software - Trace Your Raster Image Online and Get Vector Art!

Want a quick and easy vector solution when you only have a bitmap image? Try tracing your bitmap image with Vector Magic online software. It's inexpensive and quick to try. Simply upload your logo and let it do its magic!

Do it Yourself - Vector Graphics Software and Vector Drawing Hardware Supplies

How did you do a raster to vector conversion?

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