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Business Card Holder Art - Unique Pieces To Show Off Your Business Cards

Updated on September 14, 2013

Business Card Holder Art - Unique, Artistic, Creative and Eye-Catching!

Welcome to Business Card Holder Art!

While I've been making jewelry for a few years now, creating business card holder art is a relatively new endeavor for me.

A bit ago now, I happened to be visiting a local store that I patronize when I heard another customer ask the desk clerk if they had any business cards to hand out. The clerk just pointed to a common utilitarian business card holder that happened to be right there in front of the customer's eyes.

But she didn't see it!

It didn't stand out AT ALL! The business card holder on the counter was like everyone else's and, like everything else, when we get used to things, we really don't notice them anymore.

That got me to thinking that with my skills as a jewelry designer, I should be able to offer my clients some unique and creative options. I knew I could create some artistic business card holders that would make a statement. Something that would showcase their business cards and draw the eye to it.

No more missing the business cards right there on the counter!

So, here are a few samples of what I came up with and I plan on adding more unique business card holder art here on a regular basis.

Also, check out my Pinterest board featuring glass containers/candle holders/votives. I've placed a few of my business card holders there, but I've also added some memorial votive candles. There are a few different designs shown there of votive glass where I've created memorial candles for those who have passed away. Lighting candles is part of many peoples' culture and faith. I myself light candles in remembrance of others. Maybe you'd like one to light in remembrance of one of your loved ones . . .

Please keep checking back in to see new items I'll be offering here and thank you so much for visiting my Business Card Holder Art site!


How To Contact Me Regarding Business Card Holder Art

You may contact me regarding Business Card Holder Art via the Guestbook section at the bottom of this website or email me at If emailing, please ensure you place the words "Business Card Holder Art" in the subject line as I do not open email from addresses I don't recognize.

Business Card Holder Art - Tree
Business Card Holder Art - Tree

Components of a Unique Business Card Holder

When I create a piece or a product; whether it's jewelry, a quilt, or a handbag, my goal is to always create something that will cause a second look, like a double take in passing. Whether it's through the use of vibrant colors or textures, or just a very unique look, THAT is what my goal is.

I try to do as much research as I can when I find a different niche that I'd like to experiment with. I look around and see what is offered for what price ranges and styles and I try to find something that either there is very little of (choice-wise) or can't find at all.

Then the experimenting process begins . . . Because my findings always lead me to fields of the craft that I've never dabbled in before, so I have to start educating myself, practice, and learn from my mistakes. What I think of in my mind may not work once I get to the basics of it and sometimes it just plain doesn't look right. But, since I'm always game to try something new, I have fun with it.

For the business card holders that I've created, I wanted to add a "little something" to them to make it worth taking up that very valuable counter space near the register. Just having a pretty piece isn't always enough to warrant using up that counter area where your client or customer transactions take place.

So I thought of using glasses or small containers that could be used to store pens/pencils, candy, toothpicks, candles, or other items marked for sale. The uniqueness of the business card holder should draw the eye so the business cards are showcased, but why not add in another component to the piece to add value.

So far, my business card holders have had glass containers of some sort, however, I'll be looking into the feasibility of using hooks, small shelves, or other components to round off my handcrafted holders in the future.

Business Card Holder Art - Yellow Flowers
Business Card Holder Art - Yellow Flowers

Gorgeous Yellow Blooms Amid Green Leaves - Stunning Business Card Holder Art

This really is a gorgeous piece with its bright welcoming yellow blooms and detailed leaves. It screams for attention and your business cards will NOT be overlooked when they are placed in this particular card holder.

Let's face it, a good business card holder needs to be able to hold your business cards, but it also needs to get noticed so more people see your business cards!

Mine get noticed . . .

This business card holder is only $45.

Business Card Holder Art - parrot tulips
Business Card Holder Art - parrot tulips

Parrot Tulips in Lavender, Teal, and Spring Green

New Business Card Holder Art With Parrot Tulips

I just completed two more card holders this morning and this is one of them.

I decorated a "Johnnie Walker" style glass that I had with polymer clay leaves and frilly petaled parrot tulips in lavender, teal, and spring green. It definitely catches the eye and frames the business cards which are stored in the front of the glass quite well.

Very affordable at only $29.99.

Business Card Holder Art - Tree
Business Card Holder Art - Tree

Sculptured Tree In Front of a Brick Wall - Business Card Holder

Talk About Eye-Catching!

Here is a very recent addition to my business card holders. I learned how to sculpt a tree (yep, this was a first!) First, I learned how to create a base, then I covered it with polymer clay and moved things around until I was happy with it and THEN I got to decorate it. What fun, what fun . . .

The tree leans against a 10 oz glass that is encased in a polymer clay "brick wall". Now, in case you are wondering, none of this is painted on, this is solely made by placing one piece of clay (in this case, brick by brick) next to another and adding "grout" in between EACH PIECE! It takes time to create artwork like this, but I feel that the end result was worth it. I also thought it added extra oomph (don't I use the most technical terms?) to add a potted plant to the side of the piece.

The business cards are placed at the base of the tree where the "roots" hold the cards up.

business card holder art - white siding
business card holder art - white siding

VERY Striking Business Card Holder Art Piece - White Siding "House"

A Burgundy Double Door, Brass Door Handles, and a Potted Plant To The Side

This is such an eye-catching piece of art!

I wanted to see if I could create a white siding "house" with a deep red double door, maybe a plant or two and a red walkway which turned into the business card holder portion. This is what I came up with.

There is also a sign on the right siding "wall" just waiting for me to print the word "welcome", "open house", your store's name", or anything you would like to have placed there (letters limited). Also a brick style ledge that surrounds the top of the "house".

Only $49.99 for this piece.

Business Card Holder Art - Purple Flower
Business Card Holder Art - Purple Flower

A Simple Petaled Flower With Shaded Leaves

Perfect For A Floral or Gift Shop

This was one of my very first attempts at business card holders and I'm pretty pleased with it.

In fact, this one I'm keeping for myself since I thought it went very well with my own jewelry business cards!

But . . .

I'll be making more in a wide variety of colors and other flowers. In my head, I see future card holders featuring lilies and daffodils, daisies, roses, orchids, and, of course, tulips! After all, flowers can attract attention and notice like nothing else can, especially on business card holders.

Business Card Holder Art - Brick Wall Ledge
Business Card Holder Art - Brick Wall Ledge

Last of the Brick Wall Series - Business Card Holder

Creative Business Card Holders That Will Attract Attention

I think this will be the last of the "brick wall" series of business card holders I will do for a little bit. My mind is buzzing with new ideas and styles that I want to incorporate into the holders so I'll be leaving the brick wall behind, at least for a while.

Notice how this particular item has a "brick ledge" topping the brick wall. Love the "feel" of this style. I've had fun with it.

Business Card Holder Art - Octo
Business Card Holder Art - Octo

Here's a Business Card Holder With A Feeling of the Ocean . . .

This one is a work in progress . . .

While I like the look of all of the "sea foliage", I let it get too "busy". There is too much "stuff" in it for me, however, I hate waste, so I need to find a way to tone it down. The little silvery octo is adorable peeking through the grass and I need to figure out what will hold the "cards".

Hmmm, maybe an abandoned anchor?

Anyone have any suggestions?

I truly do hope you enjoyed your visit here at my business card holder art site and ask that you check back periodically. I'll be adding new items on a regular basis, so don't forget to re-visit.

I appreciate comments from my visitors and will respond with a comment to your own site.

Thank you for visiting!



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