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Butterfly Coloring Pages

Updated on December 17, 2015
Black butterfly
Black butterfly | Source

Beautiful Moth and Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly coloring pages are favorites of children and adults who love nature. I adore butterflies; I photograph moths and butterflies that visit the flowers in my garden.

I've photographed hundreds of insects, animals and birds in our garden over the past 10 years, and I use my nature photographs to design gifts and crafts for family and friends.My nature photos serve as reference models when I draw or paint. One thing I love to do is create original coloring pages and clipart for my web sites..

Enjoy this showcase collection of my favorite butterfly coloring pages, books, and photographs.

Illustrations and photographs shown on this page are my original art and protected by copyright; they may be used for personal use.

Beautiful Butterflies - Fluttering Flowers

Butterly in garden on red flowers
Butterly in garden on red flowers | Source

The Beauty of Butterflies Inspires Artists

Butterflies inspire artists in all media - jewelry artists, stained glass designers, fabric artists and costume designers. We love to decorate with them, and you can find winged insect designs printed on just about anything you like: apparel, home d├ęcor fabrics, posters and prints, stickers, garden ornaments and of course, coloring books.

In my gardens, I choose annual and perennial flowers known to attract my favorite species, like this yellow swallowtail resting on a red zinnia.The intricate colors and patterns of insect wings are fascinating and exotic almost as though Mother Nature gave flowers the ability to fly in the form of lepidoptera.

Drawn from a Photograph at

Butterfly coloring page, printable at Pastiche Family Portal
Butterfly coloring page, printable at Pastiche Family Portal | Source

Butterfly on Flower

One of my favorite homeschool resources sites published a lesson plan about the lifecycle of butterflies, complete with lovely photos.

Sonya Chappell and her daughter, Catherine, of graciously granted me permission to use one of the photographic pictures on that site to draw a new nature study craft page for my web site.

Unique Printables - Gorgeous art made by you - butterflies coloring sheets

Wings costume pattern
Wings costume pattern | Source

Kendall Bohn Winged Adventure - Artist Drawn Fantasy Butterflies

Winged Adventure: a KALEIDOSCOPIA coloring book
Winged Adventure: a KALEIDOSCOPIA coloring book

Learning about butterflies must include the story of caterpillars, and this book is one of the best!

Kendall Bohn is fine artist who also publishes high quality art coloring books for adults and teens This winged adventure book is one of my favorite books in his collection of more than a dozen volumes published by Kaleidoscopia.


Butterfly Design Poster Printable

Detailed butterflies design coloring page free for non-commercial use. Credit
Detailed butterflies design coloring page free for non-commercial use. Credit | Source

19 Butterflies Poster Design

Gorgeous and complicated design coloring page for adults and older kids (shown above),

Nineteen butterflies in different sizes and positions adorn this printable Adobe PDF sheet you can fit on standard paper or bump up a bit on a copier or large format printer to make a jumbo poster.

Imagine a set of 4 prints arranged 2 over 2 like a window to create mural effect, each one colored differently, or perhaps just left in black and white.

5 Fabulous Sites for Lepidoptera Lovers - These Cute Flying Bugs are Flowers That Can Fly!

Black butterfly on orange day lily
Black butterfly on orange day lily | Source

Butterfly Printable Sheets

Enjoy these printable coloring pages - if you are really in love with butterflies you can make coloring crafts from your favorite pictures.

Wings Coloring Page or Template

Printable fairy butterfly coloring page
Printable fairy butterfly coloring page | Source

Monarch Coloring Page - Printable lifelike design

Monarch butterfly coloring page
Monarch butterfly coloring page

The much-beloved Monarch flutters in summer gardens all over North America. The monarchs we see during most of the warm months only live for a few weeks; they mate, lay eggs, and another generation replaces them until the final weeks of August or early September.

The last summer monarch brood is a longer-lived and tougher group that will make a long journey to Mexico to spend the winter away from the cold and snow, then they return in spring to begin start the multi-generational summer cycle all over again.

How does that late summer brood know how to find their way to the warm weather south of the border?

Butterfly Mask Printable Pattern

Print out this mask template to make a paper, felt or fabric butterfly eyemask of your very own.

Butterfly Mask
Butterfly Mask | Source

Beautiful Sunflowers Attract Swallowtails

Sunflower with swallowtail butterfly
Sunflower with swallowtail butterfly | Source

Butterflies - Observe, Identify and Color the pictures to learn about species

Butterflies (Peterson Field Guide Color-In Books)
Butterflies (Peterson Field Guide Color-In Books)

An unusual type of butterfly coloring book that will provide hours of art or craft enjoyment, this butterfly color in field guide by Peterson also a naturalist's handbook for insect identification.

Use the guide and included reference stickers to identify butterflies in nature, then color in to help reinforce your learning experience.


Butterfly Craft Templates and Patterns

Craft templates and patterns are a great source for finding unique coloring pages.

Here's a selection of beautiful butterfly art from craft templates for stained glass and embroidery.

Caterpillar Coloring Pages

Caterpillars are the little ugly ducklings of butterfly development, but many of these larvae are quite interesting and colorful creatures at this earlier stage of the life cycle.

Draw Your Own Butterfly Art

If you enjoy drawing, you can use the photos in this article to get ideas and artistic inspiration.

Camera in hand, I follow the butterflies and moths flying from flower to flower in my garden all summer long, just trying to capture that perfect flying flower portrait.

Butterfly on the Lilacs - Flowers and Butterflies are my Favorite Photography Subjects

Swallowtail Butterfly on a Lilac Flower
Swallowtail Butterfly on a Lilac Flower

Love Butterflies? Please Leave a Comment - If you love butterflies or are a coloring fan, say hello ...

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