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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Updated on March 3, 2014

Canon Rebel T3i - "Rebel WITH a Cause"

Are you one of those who is thinking about getting your very first Digital SLR Camera?

Photographers are discovering the joys of digital SLR photography in record numbers. To answer the demand for great cameras by those who are looking for their first DSLR, Canon has been producing the Rebel series of cameras. The Canon Rebel T3i is the newest in the series, but what is it that makes THIS REBEL the "go to" camera for those who are entering the Digital SLR market for the first time?

After searching for the reasons given by first time buyers, I have come up with my own "Top 10 List" for new buyers.

By way of background, Canon has been producing the Rebel series since the Canon Rebel 300D was released in 2003. This has been a revolutionary series of cameras, aimed at either first-time buyers, or budget conscious buyers, or both. By revolutionary, I mean "cutting edge" in terms of price and technology.

Technology has improved tremendously since that first Rebel, which sported what is now a rather antiquated 6-megapixel sensor and the first DIGIC image processor. But it was revolutionary in that it put a digital SLR camera into the hands of many people for less than $1000, which had never happened before.

After the first Rebel, Canon has continued to produced one winner after another, each with a newer, bigger, and better image sensor. The Canon Rebel T3i is different though. It has the exact same sensor as the last Rebel, the T2i. That makes this discussion even more interesting. In fact, it makes some people scratch their heads in wonder. If the image sensor is the same, why buy this model instead of the older one. Or, even more relevant perhaps, why did Canon do it?

These are the questions that this article hopes to answer. Because I have found that there are some really good reasons that are being given for the amount of satisfaction that is already being experienced by new Canon Rebel T3i buyers.

And now, without further ado, the Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Canon Rebel T3i...

10. Continuous Shooting Speed. The Rebel T3i has a continuous rate of 3.7 frames per second with a photo buffer of up to 34 JPEG images. This will make photographing your active events like soccer or gymnastics a snap.

9. Wireless Flash. Like the more expensive models 7D and 60D, the T3i incorporates wireless flash triggering. This allows you to trigger multiple off camera flashes at different output levels. And perhaps even better, you can trigger the camera remotely from the flash unit when using the new Speedlite 320EX.

8. Video Recording. One buyer put it like this, "I purchased this camera mainly for recording video. Its quality is amazing, and the on-board mic records great to me as well. I really like the swivel on the live view when doing video clips, which was another reason I chose this camera over competitive models."

7. Feature Guide Display in the LCD Panel. The Canon Rebel T3i comes with a built-in instructional guide.The guide tells beginners (or rusty intermediates) how to set the camera to get specific types of shots. For instance, if you dial up macro mode, it says "for closeups of small objects such as flowers, shoot as close as possible."

Canon Rebel T3i Portrait
Canon Rebel T3i Portrait

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Canon Rebel T3i

6. Articulating LCD Screen: The big new hardware feature that the 60D and T3i have that even the 7D does not have is the articulating rear LCD screen. This is extremely useful for videographers, as well as for setting up compositions for macro use, for using it from unusually low or high vantage points, or while the camera is on a tripod.

5. DIGIC 4 Image Processor: The T3i shares the same Digic 4 processor as the 60D. Of course, this is the exact same image processor as in the older Canon Rebel T2i, and it is one of the reasons that some think Canon has not given this upgrade proper attention. However, when you consider that the image processor is the same in the 60D, and the 7D has two of these same image processors, you have to realize that it is a good piece of hardware. While not an upgrade, it is a reason to buy this camera just the same.

4. 18-MP CMOS Image Sensor. This is essentially the same argument as #5. The image sensor has not been upgraded due to the fact that it already produces great pictures, as evidenced in the T2i, 60D, and, yes, the 7D as well. The T3i is in good company with this image sensor.

3. Creative PLUS Creative. The Rebel T3i has added loads of creativity to the in-camera software. Choose Basic+ and then choose between settings to enhance your photo using the Ambiance style setting or the Lighting/Scene Type of shot. Creative Filters allow you to change the image after it is taken using some in-camera filters. There are 5 separate choices here: Soft Focus lends a dreamy, romantic aspect, but almost opposite is Grainy Black and White, which gives a dramatically gritty, hard-bitten look. then there is the Miniature Effect, that creates an illusion in which expansive subjects are seemingly reduced to doll-house-like proportions. The Toy Camera Effect recreates the colors and softness rendered by cameras with a plastic lens, an effect often sought after by art photographers. And finally, the Fish Eye Effect makes the image look similar to the ones that are taken with "Fisheye" lenses, which are quite popular with professional photographers because of their surreal, convex perspective.

2. Video Features. This could be more than one reason for buying the Canon T3i. No one has yet found fault with the video capabilities of this new Rebel. It has full HD video and stereo sound with remote mic available. Add to that two new video features in Video Snapshot and Digital Zoom. Video Snapshot gives you the option of taking short clips and the camera will join them into a single video. Digital Zoom gives you the ability to zoom in 3x to 10x while maintaining excellent resolution. All this is done automatically by the camera software.

Video Snapshot - Available in the Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera

Video Snapshot can be a very creative way to share with friends and family. They will think you have learned some new video editing technique... No need to tell them it was part of the Rebel T3i camera software.

#1 Reason To Buy A Canon Rebel T3i

1. Better Results Than A Point and Shoot. With respect to image quality and response, there is no doubt that the Canon Rebel T3i will top your point and shoot digital camera. Review after review from new Rebel users indicates the joy and surprise that the photographer experienced with their new digital SLR camera. The difference is usually a "night and day" experience. The first time you press the shutter while taking a flash picture, you will be shocked at the quick response... no shutter lag at all. Also being able to shoot in low light with the camera set to a higher ISO and get the noise-free images that are just not possible with the smaller sensors of point and shoot cameras will give you a feeling of elation and satisfaction with your new purchase.

Do yourself a favor. Get a Canon Rebel T3i. The good news is, if you buy from Amazon and you are not satisfied, they will give you your money back, no questions asked, as long as you do it within the first month (that is not true of every vendor that sells through Amazon, but if you order and it comes from Amazon, you can't go wrong.)

What Do You Think About The Canon Rebel T3i?

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