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Quilt Design Software Programs

Updated on August 10, 2016
Quilt Design Software Interface
Quilt Design Software Interface

Creative artists and designers are more than ever, switching over to using design software for all their works, because of the ease of use, inspiration, motivation, and the quick implementation of ideas it affords them.

Just as most designers have embraced the use of software, quilters too have adopted the use of quilt design software tools for their innovative and beautiful quilting design ideas.

And as household computers have become commonplace, the natural thing for quilters is to explore the use of quilting software, and the quilt design and production process.

By the end of the twentieth century, exploring modern and fast ways to produce quilt designs has resulted in an expanding demand for quilting software. Today there is a variety of quilt design software programs available on the market, both off-line and especially the on-line markets, that meets a variety of needs of the quilter. These include:

  • Full quilt design software programs
  • CDs of printing blocks for foundation piecing
  • Stencils for quilting
  • An assortment of quilting patterns
  • Designing aids in form of support books with step-by-step easy to follow guidelines.
  • Innovative software tools for creating 'artsy' quilts.

Benefits Of Quilt Design Software

Created Using Quilt Design Software
Created Using Quilt Design Software

Quilt design software has allowed for interactivity, whatwith the emergence of the internet. Thousands of quilters (both expert and beginner quilting enthusiasts) around the world now have the opportunity to gather together on-line and participate in:

  • Computer fabric swaps
  • Block exchanges
  • On-line quilting tutoring
  • On-line guilds
  • Developing of quilting websites
  • Linking to shared computer quilting files of each other
  • Quilting forum participation
  • Creating quilt galleries online

The expanding market and popularity of using quilt design software has also brought on a secondary market of products, and so sharing has emerged.

  • Quilting CD's with video demonstrations
  • On-line quilt shops
  • Guilds and conferences offering computer quilting workshops.

Why You May Need Quilting Software

Many quilters opt for the use of quilting design software programs to expand their ideas and work optimally in their quilting projects. The traditional or innovative quilter needs to switch to the use of quilting software for some, or all of the following 7 reasons:

  • To design a quilt pattern by drawing a new block, or altering an existing block from the software's library, and explore the hundreds of quilt layouts available.
  • The need to have unlimited access to select blocks and borders from its library, to help create and subsequently  develop quilt layout choices.
  • The need  to use quilt design software to create printouts of patterns of  quilt designs.
  • To have a large library of blocks to use, if only for the sole purpose of getting inspirational ideas and templates to design personal or commercial quilting tasks.
  • When seeking specific block styles, like foundation pieced blocks, mariner's compass blocks, holiday themes, or alphabet and number themes.
  • Print out multiple sized blocks, templates, yardage charts, or numbered paper piecing blocks.
  • Require  a quilt design tool that will give its user simple step-by-step instructions on how to make blocks, how to quilt, and how to find faster modern methods of quilting designs instead of using graph paper to develop a pattern.
  • Learn how to create memory quilts - quilt labels - and how to design embroidery patterns that can be incorporated into quilting.

How The Quilt Design Software Works

Quilt design software programs leads its user through the program with clearly marked icons or buttons, and give quilters an exciting experience while on the computer. This is essential and is always welcome to beginner quilters.

A quilt design software program such as the Electric Quilt, leads a quilter through the program in a user friendly manner. Its interface is uncomplicated and learning how to run this simple version prepares the beginner for the use of their larger flagship program, the Electric Quilt 6 (EQ6) upgrade, by which time the user is ready for more controlled quilt design options.

The EQ6 is the most advanced version of the Electric Quilt design software packages and even though its an upgrade of earlier and seemingly simpler programs, it is still the most user friendly, and yet to be surpassed. An added attraction is that its full featured quilting and drawing tools has been specially designed with beginner quilters as well as advanced quilting professionals in mind.

Electric Quilt 6 software is a tool that features:

  • Over 4000 block patterns and 5000 scanned fabrics are included. And there is the choice to scan your own purchased fabrics.
  • 2 drawing styles which allows quilters to draw their own block patterns.
  • An unlimited choice of design layouts and border styles.
  • 62 help and instructional videos, including over three hundred pages of user manual, with detailed tutorials.

It will design quilts, draw blocks and scan physical fabric swatches, and it gives a fantastic selection from over 20,000 blocks, fabrics, colours, embroidery patterns, photo galleries, sewing threads, quilt layouts, patterns and borders.

Quilting Software Program
Quilting Software Program

Business Venture Possibilities Inspired By Quilt Design Software Use

Quilt design software is resourceful, efficient and interesting to use, and it may inspire business minded quilters to start thinking about setting up a quilting pattern making venture, or a quilting design and production small scale business.

And it can be just used, simply to play around with, try out colours or print patterns of any size, or use it to pursue a quilting career. It is great for writers on quilting topics in that it has the ability of producing professional high resolution block and quilt images that are print ready for books, brochures or magazines.

Purchasing any quilt design software, be it the simple 'quilting for beginners' software, or the more advanced quilting software programs, will be the best thing that ever happened to all quilters, and one that they'll enjoy using. 

Buy Affordable Quilting Fabrics Online

There are lovely fabrics made especially for quilting.

These awesome online quilting stores have a vast selection of Designer Quilting Fabrics with various themes such as:

  • holiday favourite fabrics
  • cheerful children's' fabrics
  • festive fabrics for the Christmas and all other seasons or celebrations
  • fall, spring and summery fabrics
  • high quality backings and broadcloth
  • brushed winter holiday flannels
  • bold cotton prints
  • subtle pastel hues and shades
  • vintage inspired prints, etc…

There is polished chintz, satin, and other shiny fabrics, cotton and twill, amongst other varieties of fabric types and textures. You will, during quilting courses, have the opportunity and exposure to great fabrics that you can utilise for your quilting craft.

Go out there and give quilting a try! It's fun and exciting, and you'll love every minute of it.

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