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How to Use Quilting Software to Create Unusual Quilt Designs

Updated on August 11, 2016
. . . A Quilt in Progress . . .
. . . A Quilt in Progress . . . | Source

Quilting design software replaces the traditional use of graph paper for creating unique quilt designs.

Its benefits are immense as it has removed the cumbersome task of sketching and re-sketching intricate designs constantly, a tiring and frustrating process.

Now with quilting software, tasks such as changing block colours, sizing and resizing, manipulating shapes such as square into rectangles, skewing the block, rotation abilities, etc…, is only a few clicks away.

It provides creative and inspiring quilting ideas and awesome quilt patterns and no matter your quilting experience, you'll be awestruck.

There are a number of quilt design software programs available on the market today, and most quilters, beginner or expert will find one that meets their needs.

What the Quilt Design Software Offers

A quilting software program is user-friendly and has an array of tools included in its package. It comes complete with comprehensive tools such as:

  • Design and patterning tools
  • Step-by-step instructional CD's
  • Printing blocks for foundation piecing
  • Instructions for paper piecing
  • Stencils for quilting
  • An assortment of quilting patterns
  • Design aids in form of support books

It is easy to use and simple to navigate, leading quilters in an easy to follow manner. Its layout options are easy to spot and explore, and can give immediate changes to style, borders, sashes blocks and colouring choices.

Quilting Software Interface
Quilting Software Interface
Create this Album Style quilt design using software.
Create this Album Style quilt design using software. | Source

Important Features

  • Instant overview of the quilt's design
  • Decisions can be made for block sizes, sash widths and borders more easily than trying to visualize it, or rendering on graph paper, the traditional way.
  • Can produce designs in black, white, or grey-scale, after which more complex variables of colour can be added once the design concept is finalised.
  • Save multiple variations of a block and quilt for later use (or re-evaluation).
  • Print out templates, quilt designs, and quilt outlines, foundation blocks, and yardage charts.
  • Scan fabrics chosen and preview in the quilt or block before sewing. This ensures that value, scale, and style will work well in the overall quilt design or block.
  • Ability to use multiple programs to design one quilt, and explore secondary shapes within a block or quilt layout.

After exploring various quilt design ideas with the quilting software, users can then construct the blocks, cut the patches, and then move the creative designs to the 'real world' design board, to produce the final quilt layout and design.

Quilting Software Great for Beginners

Electric Quilt Town & Country Patchwork Software for Beginner Quilters

Beginners will find thisversion of quilting software very easy to use and follow. It is perfect for paper piecing enthusiasts and includes a step-by-step instruction on how to do paper piecing.

Its features include:

  • Help videos with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Paper-piecing instructions for thirty quilting projects.
  • A printable instruction manual with fun lessons, tips and tricks.
  • Ability to make and print patterns for personalised, customised and unique quilts.
  • A choice of 30 delightful projects in warm and appealing fabric colours with each project being unique and simple to paper piece.

With Electric Quilt Town & Country Patchwork Software, quilters can design and create the most exquisite country style patchwork quilts in no time.

This quilt design software is a 'must have’ for beginners.

Quilting Design Software for Advanced Quilters

Block Base Pieced Quilt Patterns (by Electric Quilt Software Co.)

Great for the experts but still easy to use by beginners, the Block Base electric quilt software program has almost every pieced block published from the 19th to the 20th century, and has thousands of ready to print quilt patterns. It also includes hundreds of blocks added to ensure it contains all pieced blocks from quilt collections of the past. Its package includes:

  • Virtually every pieced block published from 1836-1970 ready to print out as patterns for use.
  • CD-ROM Version of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopaedia of Pieced Quilt Pattern Collections
  • Hundreds of blocks added to ensure it contain all pieced blocks from past historic collections.

The Block Base electric quilting software is easy to use as well and all that’s required of a user is to find a block, click on it, choose print,

Type in the desired pattern size, and that’s it, a simple quick process.

The Electric Quilt design software is a great value for money, because it is a 'block powerhouse', and knowing that the original 1928 patterns that sold for 15cents each are now less than 2cents with what the quilting software offers, no other quilt pattern collection can beat this.

© 2009 viryabo

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    • relica profile image

      relica 6 years ago from California

      Quilting is such an amazing art and skill. I really admire anyone who has the patience and precision to execute a quilting design. Nice hub.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago

      I know. That makes two of us. The patience and precision is what makes great quilters!

      Thanks for visiting Relica.


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