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2016 Calendar by Sherri Buck Baldwin

Updated on December 4, 2015

Birds and Blossoms Calendar

Available for purchase below
Available for purchase below | Source

2016 Calendar by Artist Sherri Buck Baldwin

Sherri Buck Baldwin's beautiful Birds and Blossoms Calendars are something that I enjoy every day of the year thanks to my cousin who gives me one every Christmas. I love birds and flowers and no one paints them like Artist Sherri Buck Baldwin. Her garden calendars such as the one shown here look just as beautiful.I keep my calendar on a stool in front of my rocker on the back porch and every morning I sit with my coffee and look over the plans for the day which I have written in my calendar. Throughout the day I find myself sitting in my rocker and just enjoying the picture of the month. Her colors are so soothing and while on my porch, I can hear our birds singing their sweet songs as I enjoy the nature art of Sherri Buck Baldwin. Her subjects are in her own yard in Wisconsin but I can easily visualize them in my yard. I am looking forward to her new paper goods designs which will come out next year. I think we are very fortunate that Sherri Buck Baldwin wants to share her talent with the world.

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Visit the Official Website of Sherri Buck Baldwin (link below) to learn more about her and her beautiful artwork. It was not until my cousin gave me my first calendar that I became familiar with Sherri Buck Baldwin and now I can recognize her work anywhere. I hope you will visit her website and see all of her work.

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Birds and Blossoms

Legacy Publishing Group 2016 Wall Calendar, Birds and Blossoms (WCA19404)
Legacy Publishing Group 2016 Wall Calendar, Birds and Blossoms (WCA19404)

I am looking forward to receiving this Birds and Blossoms Calendar for Christmas this year from my cousin. It is so beautiful. In fact, I don't know which year has been the prettiest. I don't dare through them away and have kept each and everyone. Some days I just enjoy going back and looking at the beautiful birds and blossoms. Aren't I lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful cousin. I think of her all year long especially when I turn the pages from one month to the next.


2016 Birds and Blossoms Calendar by Sherri Buck Baldwin - My cousin always gives me the Birds and Blossoms Calendar

The very talented artist, Sherri Buck Baldwin, shares her beautiful birds and blossoms paintings for each month. It is a joy to turn the page at the end of the month and see what she has created. This is a great time to receive a calendar for the upcoming year because many appointments are made 6 months in advance and you can go ahead and record important dates on your new calendar.

It is easy to see that Sherri Buck Baldwin is a nature lover. Her passion shows through her paintings as they look so real. I love the colors she chooses and they really add to the perfection of her wonderful artwork.

Flower Waltzes by Rebecca E. Tripp

I have enjoyed viewing and listening to the many videos by Rebecca E. Tripp which are found on YouTube. She received permission to use the artwork and combined them with her original orchestral compositions. The music is so soothing and relaxing and allows you to soak up the beauty of the artwork. She calls this project Flower Waltzes and each video just oozes with talent and is a joy to watch and listen to. Rebecca is not only a musician but also an artist and nature lover.

Below is The Waltz of the Hyacinth and Sherri Buck Baldwin's painting is the final one in this particular video. Enjoy.

Beautiful Artwork Combined With Music

I asked Sherri if she would share a photo of herself along with a short bio - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did: - Thank you, Sherri Buck Baldwin!

Sherri Buck Baldwin
Sherri Buck Baldwin

Meet Sherri Buck Baldwin

“Since 1990 I have been fortunate to work in my home studio, Heart in Hand Ltd., producing over 40 calendars, and 300 Christmas and greeting cards, as well as giftware products for a variety of companies. I continue to find my range of themes, from Santa Claus to gardens and birds, both challenging and rewarding. My favorite mediums to work in are watercolor, colored pencil, soft pastel, and relief prints. I strongly believe the saying, 'If you find work you love you will never have to work another day in your life.'I live in a charming lakeside village near Madison, Wisconsin, with my husband, two teenagers, and Tillie the Border Terrier who shares my studio and is a great backyard birdwatching companion. Wisconsin's changing seasons attract an abundance of winged visitors to my gardens, providing endless inspiration for my Birds and Blossoms calendar, now published by Andrews McMeel. Each summer my patio is filled to overflowing with containers of veggies and herbs ready for the day's menu as well as becoming subjects for my new Farmer's Market calendar.I am grateful everyday that I can spend my days drawing and painting subjects I find both challenging and rewarding. Some of the companies I am currently licensing artwork with are: Andrews McMeel Publishing, Legacy Publishing Company, Evergreen Enterprises, Leanin' Tree, and Marian Heath Greeting Cards.”

Just A Few of My Treasured Calendars

I never thought of myself as being a Calendar Collector but guess that is exactly what I am.  Although I only keep my calendars by Sherri Buck Baldwin and I do enjoy them not only throughout the year but year after year.
I never thought of myself as being a Calendar Collector but guess that is exactly what I am. Although I only keep my calendars by Sherri Buck Baldwin and I do enjoy them not only throughout the year but year after year. | Source

My Calendars

. I don't think I will ever quit using a calendar that I can actually write on and hold in my hand. I do keep one on my iPhone, too, but my Sherri Buck Baldwin calendar is always the main official calendar for all our appointments, meetings, and our grandson's activities. I keep notes to myself on my calendar, too, as well as reminders of things to do. I would really be lost without it and don't know how people manage to stay organized without one.

I hope your calendar will be filled with wonderful events and that you have a joyful year


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    • GypsyOwl2 profile image

      GypsyOwl2 4 years ago

      Beautiful calendar indeed!

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thank you for introducing us to Sherri Buck Baldwin.

    • mrdata profile image

      mrdata 4 years ago

      Sherri is a pro! Thank you for your great lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Loved the calendar and reading her story. Will order one soon! Great lens.

    • profile image

      AmberLBarnes 5 years ago

      Beautiful work!!

    • profile image

      TheToyStore 5 years ago

      Beautiful 2013 calendars!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This is the first time I've seen Sherri Buck Baldwin's art, really beautiful. Nice lens.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      We have welcomed New Year 2013, and everyone needs new calender! Cool Lens!

    • sharonbellis profile image

      Sharon Bellissimo 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Lovely to see artistic and original calendars like these and meet the artist.

    • JumpinJake profile image

      JumpinJake 5 years ago

      Beautiful indeed, glad I browsed upon this today.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      Beautiful ... and a perfect gift for bird and nature lovers!

    • profile image

      aishu19 5 years ago

      Wow these are gorgeous Sherri Buck Baldwin calendars that would be perfect for 2013!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Thanks for the introduction to this gorgeous art and the artist!

    • profile image

      cmadden 5 years ago

      Gorgeous art and a very nice lens!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      Wow, these are really beautiful calendars! Such a lovely calendar would brighten any room.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      @anonymous: Judi, thanks for dropping by. If you click this link Sherri Buck Baldwin Website, you will see all of her Santas and read about the calendars. I wish she would do the Santa ones again, too. Hope you will be back to this page. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Hi Miss Sherri, I sure do miss your Santa Calendars.... my cousin and I both bought them not knowing we both had the same ones. PLEASE put together a Santa calendar, again!!! [My daughter's name is Cherri too but I spelled hers w/a C]. :-)I'm happy I found your product again...

    • dahlia369 profile image

      dahlia369 6 years ago

      Love Sherri's sunflower painting - and I'm also a fan of art calendars. My aunt sends me one every year and I keep it on my desk so i can look at the beautiful painting any time. Nicely done and blessed! :)

    • profile image

      grannysage 6 years ago

      I think it was so cool that your cousin bought a calendar from this lens and then sent it to you. Now that's what I call support! I've never heard of this artist but she does beautiful work.

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 6 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      The 2012 Birds and Blossoms Calendar looks very pretty!

    • profile image

      Jack-in-the-Box 6 years ago

      I love her work. Thanks for turning me on to her!

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Very beautiful calendars.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      @BarbRad: Yes, she is so very talented and her colors are so soothing.

    • BarbRad profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 6 years ago from Templeton, CA

      I thought that art looked familiar, though I normally associate it with the names of the card publishers I used to buy from. It is lovely.

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      lovely art work. beautifully presented lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have loved her work for years. Thank you Nancy,.

    • Laniann profile image

      Laniann 6 years ago

      Beautiful art - I like the Kitchen Herb Garden also.

    • profile image

      mockingbird999 6 years ago

      Some beautiful artwork.

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 6 years ago

      I had not heard of her. Looks like cool art!

    • profile image

      GrowWear 6 years ago

      What a wonderful artist. Will keep her in mind for 2012. Really like the food images as well.

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 6 years ago from Iowa

      These are quite lovely. But I can't believe its time to think about 2012 though. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very pretty. These would make great gifts!

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 6 years ago

      I like her art pieces, and the calendars are really lovely.Thanks

    • kismetsc profile image

      kismetsc 6 years ago

      These really are some beautiful calendars.

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 6 years ago

      The first time seeing these lovely calendars - is it really 'that time' again, already?

    • profile image

      Joan4 6 years ago

      Oh how beautiful, Ohme! The Birds and Butterflies calendar is gorgeous! I understand why you enjoy those calendars so much indeed!

    • Momtothezoo profile image

      Eugenia S. Hunt 6 years ago

      Beautiful Calendars!!!