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Calla Lily Photo Art Gifts

Updated on March 5, 2011

Beautiful Calla Lily Art Gifts

Whether you want a nice calla lily flower to say "I'm thinking of you", for a wedding invitation decoration, or just for fun, the internet has many great options. My favorite option for Calla Lily flowers on gifts is Zazzle. Here's a link to all my calla lily art gifts at Zazzle. I know it is a huge collection, but you can page through them quickly.

I'd also like to encourage you to visit my visual art website and visual art gift blog. To stay even more up-to-date follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook or fan my fan page. They auto-update every time I add new artwork or create new gift products.

FYI - The calla lily art gifts shown on this Squidoo page are the most recently added to Zazzle. I have many more designs at the store.

Did you know that in Spanish, calla lilies are called flor de alcatraz or alcatraz? I bet you thought it was a name of a prison! Nope, it is an elegant flower.

Where do I find calla lily flowers for making art?

Calla lily flowers are popular here and Mexico and they grow well. They normally bloom in December and January. While they don't have many flowers, the flowers are very attractive and on the plant, the flowers open wide. A photo of a calla lily flower wide open would be of a flower just picked or still connected to the plant.

Cut Calla lily flowers are also easy to find here at flower stands in the street when it is the right season. The negative aspect of cut calla lily flowers is that they are normally completely closed. I'm not sure if that is because of how they are packed for resale or just because they are picked early enough for people to enjoy them.

As a photographer and artist (photography is art!), I try to select the best and most open calla lily flowers for photos because I don't think the completely closed flowers look as nice as the ones that are at least half open. While they will open a little after purchase, they will also start to wilt and rot. In any case, I enjoy buying new flowers open or closed for artwork since they look different and beautiful each and every time.

Calla lily flowers are the most elegant flower you can find.

Calla lily flowers are the most elegant flower you can find. Do you agree?

Calla lily flowers are the most elegant flower you can find.

More cool Calla Lily Gifts

Many other cool calla lily gifts are available at Zazzle including in my store including hanging ornaments, binders, posters, etc. Please let me know if you are looking for anything special.

Black background

Some of you might wonder how to get a black background for white flowers like white calla lilies. (as you'll see for many of my calla lily works online) It is really easy. Cut a cardboard box, re-tape it, and tape or glue black paper or black cloth on it. There you have the background. :-) That's what I do anyway. The box takes up a lot of space, but it works well. If you use paper you'll eventually have to replace it.

Do you like Calla Lilies?

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