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Candle Making Kit

Updated on August 20, 2010

Candle making kit should have a good supply of wicks,  dyes, fragrances, molds , and candle wax holders, so if your just  beginning you can start off with a a few basic items to put in your kit, the basic foundation for all candles is wax, and depending on the type of wax candles you want to create, you will also need  in your kit paraffin wax, bees wax, soy wax, or candle gel.

Candle making is a very old tradition that is still vibrant today, making candles is a creative, fun, and a simple and easy craft or hobby to do,and can even be turned into a home based business to earn one a profit, there is so many variations and  possibilities that can be archived with candle making, soy candle making kits are also available.


If you have wax candles that you no longer have need for, or if you purchased them from wholesale stores for next to nothing this can be a good place to start building your candle making kits, you can use the wax from  used candles and also use the wicks if they are in good  condition.
Your kit should have a  melter to melt the wax which can be durable pot with a secure handle, or you can use a old pot that is of no use anymore this would do just fine.

For other types of candles such as taper candles you could try a coffee pot, to act as a dipping vat which is a must when making taper candles. Your candle making kit should also have a wax thermometer or a clip on  a candy thermometer that reads 130 degrees to 350 degrees.

Dipping Frame & Holder:

Your kit should also have a dipping frame; this will keep the wicks taut while during the time they are submerged in the wax, you can make various taper candles at one time with this method. When making taper candles you will need to have a wick rod for holding wicks in place while the wax is hardening.

If your kit doesn't come with a holder no worries, these are easy to find at yard sales, market stores, outlet stores, and second hand shops, even around the house you may be able to find one, containers of all kinds, glass jars, jam  jars, preservative jars, wine glasses,  etc.

Get Creative:

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to making candles the weirder the shape the better, just look around and see what you come up with. Some candle makers even like using tins like coffee cans so that they can paint them.

When organizing and putting together your candle making  starter kit you will need some extra supplies for decorating, cutting, and to hold things in place. Some good things to add to your kit would be a glue gun, hair dryer, ruler to measure, news paper, and a kitchen cutting board, a fairly sharp knife and a pair of scissors will also come in handy as well, you will also want to keep some insulation tape, and a few close pins in handy.


For fragrances you need to know what oils will work with what waxes you will be using, be careful because some waxes will not mix well with certain types of fragrances, so choose well . Also some waxes tend not mix well with other waxes, but a little  research should help you get a good start on the dos and don't s of making up your kit.

And finally your kit should contain some other items such as different size spoons, cookie cutters a polymer clay, and leaf cutters. You can get creative and make different shapes of  flowers or leaves to add to your candles, and you can create polymer clay decorations to enhance the look of your candles.

When you get the knack of making candles you could also add dried leaves or flowers as well, the ideas are endless. This part of the process is all up to you, just be prepared and have all the tools necessary in your kit, you will find that not only is making candles practical, but if you have a kit that has all the things you need there's no limit to what you can create.

How To Make Candles


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    • kathygirl22 profile image

      kathygirl22 8 years ago

      I haven't tried making candles yet..almost did this past Christmas...thanks for this hub!

    • Litany Notch profile image

      Litany Notch 8 years ago from South UK

      Great hub on candlemaking - must admit it is one craft I haven't tried yet!