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Canon Rebel T3i Or Canon Rebel T2i

Updated on October 5, 2014

Choices, Choices

Don't look now, but there is a new Canon Rebel in the line-up. Canon is up to their old tricks. So if you were thinking about getting a new Canon Rebel T2i, look again. Your choice is currently between the Canon Rebel T2i or the brand new Canon T3i (note: you can still get a Canon Rebel T1i, just to make things even more interesting). But you better act fast, because you never know when they will release another new one. Actually, if you want to get a really cheap DSLR camera you may want to look at the Canon Rebel T3 (aka 1100D).

Don't look now but there are NEW choices!

The camera world is very dynamic. There are now a few new Rebels on the block.

But the good great news is that the older models like the T3i and T2i have not lost their amazing benefits. And, they are now cheaper.

So keep reading... you could find the camera of your dreams.

Vari-angle LCD Panel is new
Vari-angle LCD Panel is new

Which Canon Rebel?

Back in the day, when the T3i was first released by Canon, there was some controversy about the new Canon Rebel T3i vs T2i.

The question was: "Is it a genuine upgrade, or is it a hybrid?" And many who call themselves experts are offering their opinions on the subject.

And that is the question for this T2i-T3i comparison. Some of the changes are subtle, so pay close attention as you read the entire article.

The first thing to consider is the basic hardware, namely the image sensor. It turns out that, for the first time in the Canon Rebel series, there is an identical sensor in the new model. It is an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, the same one as in the T2i.

The T3i also has the same image processor, a DIGIC 4, which, by the way, is the same one that is in the Canon 60D.

The bottom line on these two hardware non-upgrades is that the sensor and processor are excellent, and you will get the same high class image quality from the new Rebel T3i that you get from the T2i AND the 60D.

Some other features have remained the same. The continuous capture rate stays at 3.7 frames per second, and the ISO is the same, as well (100-6400, expandable to 12800).

But we finally get to something that has been upgraded. It is the vari-angle LCD panel. Most reviewers are quick to agree that this is a major upgrade. This same swivel-type LCD panel is available on the more expensive 60D, and it has been one of the most well-liked additions to the 60D.

Therefore, it is likely that the vari-angle LCD panel could be the deciding factor for some buyers.

There is one other upgrade in the Rebel T3i (aka 600D) that is not in the T2i (aka 550D), and that is that with the T3i you can fire more than one flash remotely. The T3i on-camera flash will trigger the off-camera flashes when this feature is enabled. Actually, this is not something you would think might be on a beginner's digital SLR. It is more of an advanced camera feature.

Video capture rates are the same with both the T2i and the T3i, however, the T3i has a digital zoom feature that is new. With digital zoom, you can actually magnify the center of the video by a factor of 3-10x without losing any video quality.

Also part of the video package is an upgrade to the focus system that allows the photographer more control with manual focus and exposure.

Canon T3i VS T2i - Creatively

Perhaps the biggest reason for a new digital SLR buyer to favor the Canon Rebel T3i over the T2i is because of the creative possibilities. Canon has made some really strong moves in upgrading the camera software.

One of those upgrades involves something called "Video Snapshot." Using this new Video Snapshot option, you take short clips of 2 sec, 4 sec, or 8 sec, and the camera software will combine them into one video that can be output to a computer or watched by attaching your camera to an HDTV.

Basic+ is another creative addition to the T3i that is not available in the T2i. Using Basic+ the photographer can create photos with an "ambiance" picture style, kind of a moody appearance, and then there is also a lighting/scene type setting. With the later setting, you can output photos that have creative filters applies in-camera. Settings include soft focus, grainy black and white, toy camera, miniature, and a fish-eye effect.

The final software addition may be the most helpful to the new or beginning digital SLR camera owner. It is a Feature Guide which is a display of the feature with a description in the LCD panel. This makes it easy to understand what each selection will do without having to resort to reading the manual. What a fantastic idea for educating owners and saving time as well.

The question still remains as to whether this new Canon Rebel T3i is a genuine upgrade, but you will have to admit that it may be a great choice for first time digital SLR buyers.

Canon Rebel T3i VS T2i VS 60D on Amazon

The line-up is the largest in Rebel history. You can take advantage of some super savings right now. These three cameras have been replaced by newer models, but they are still amazing!

Video Snapshot in Canon Rebel T3i

You now have the capability to capture 2, 4, or 8 second clips and the camera will stitch them together into one video. This is an example of the Video Snapshot feature in the new T3i.

Canon Rebel T3i Review
Canon Rebel T3i Review

Beginners Love the Canon Rebel T3i Features

Perhaps the folks who will love the Canon Rebel T3i the most are those who are buying their first-ever digital SLR camera. Even though this has already been mentioned, the new Feature Guide is really handy.

In the past, the photographer had to study the manual - really study - just to know what the little pictures on the mode dial meant. Even then, if she did not use them often, their meaning might be forgotten, and she would have to go pull out the manual again or do Google search to figure out what the silly little picture was all about.

Now, each time you change the settings, the description is right there for you on the LCD panel.

Really, Canon has taken lots of the features that are the most popular on their point and shoot cameras and incorporated them into this new digital SLR. This makes it quite easy for those who have already used some of the new features, like Intelligent Auto, to move up to a better camera that produces better images.

The Canon Rebel T2i is a great camera that has the same image quality, but it just does not have the features that will make the transition to a Digital SLR so much easier.

The one thing the T2i has (and even the T1i) is a pricet ag that will make it easier on the pocketbook. Each time a new model enters the line up, the older ones get cheaper, and that holds true now as you compare prices of Canon Rebels.

The bottom line is this: There has never been a better time to be entering the Digital SLR photography community.

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