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Cardinal Cross Stitch Patterns

Updated on November 27, 2014

Cardinal Cross Stitch Patterns and Kits To Brighten Any Room

The vibrant cardinal is a favorite guest of most any avid birder. Their beautiful coloration and unique song make them truly special and worthy of enjoying as cross stitch art in your home.

I have collected cardinal cross stitch patterns featuring various seasons so they're not just for holiday and winter decorating but can be enjoyed the year 'round. I have patterns for all stitching skills levels from novice to experience and because cardinals are seen as so much a part of winter I have also included some cardinal cross stitch ornaments, stockings and decorations as well.

Be sure to bookmark this page as new patterns are being added regularly.

Cardinal Cross Stitch Pattern Categories You'll Find On This Page

Cardinal Pairs Cross Stitch Patterns

Cardinals & Other Birds Cross Stitch Patterns

Cardinal Ornaments & Decoration Cross Stitch Patterns

Also On This Page

Glossary Of Terminology Found On This Page (top of page)

My Other Themed Cross Stitch pages (bottom of page)

Glossary Of Terminology Found On This Page

Definitions Of Common Needlework Vernacular

Aida - the cross stitch cloth specifically designed for for this purpose.

Chart - A black & white or full color preprinted graph detailing the colors and placement for your stitches. (also known as a Pattern or Graph) Floss and fabrics need to be purchased separately.

Count - determines the size of the finished cross stitch by the size of the squares in the aida cloth.

Cross Stitch Kit - Contains all that is necessary to complete the cross stitch including thread, needle & cloth.

Embellished Cross Stitch Is a preprinted pattern which is meant to be a part of the overall design and not washed away. In general only part of the image is actual stitchery.

Floss - Is usually a cotton thread consisting of multiple strands for separating and mixing on the more complicated patterns.

Perforated Paper - is similar to the concept of aida cloth though is a paper which is sometimes preprinted with part of the overall design.

Stamped Cross Stitch - The cloth is pre-stamped with the design placement and washes away when your finished with your cross stitch.

Thread - May be used to indicate floss though it can also be silk or metallic in nature.

Counted Cross Stitch Chart/Graph John James Audubon's Bird Illustration of The Northern Cardinal - Create A True Work Of Art In Floss And Fabric

A lovely and delicate looking watercolor cardinal done by John James Audubon 1785 -1851 is now available as a cross stitch design. Bring this classic piece of art home in the form of a beautifully designed pattern. Not just for holiday this cardinal design is perfect for year round display.

About This Cardinal Cross Stitch Chart

  • Charted for 14 count fabric. Finished size is 14 inches (196 stitches) by 14 inches (196 stitches).
  • Chart Only (floss and fabric not included).
  • Chart uses 48 colors DMC Cotton Floss.
  • Full X's only. No half or backstitching necessary.
  • Two charts both printed in black ink on bright white 11" by 17" paper.
  • Chart #1 is a single page chart. Chart #2 (tired eyes) is a 4 page enlarged chart that eases eye strain.

A Lovely Cardinal Pair Among The Blossums

I really like this cardinal design as it features these beautiful birds in something other than a winter setting. Of course winter and cardinals just go together but for the rest of the year it's nice to have patterns to decorate with as well. And this one is a real stunner with it's cardinal pair sitting among the soft pink blossoms of a tree.

This Cardinal Cross Stitch Kits Features:

  • Heirloom quality art
  • Color chart
  • Pre-sorted floss tied with ribbon
  • Premium 28-count Evenweave fabric
  • A color coded floss separator
  • Trilingual instructions
  • Acetate storage sleeve.
  • This Design measures: 13-1/2" x 10".
  • Based on the work of Joseph Hautman.
  • Made in USA/Imported.

A Charming Snowy Scene Of A Cardinal Pair On A Snow Laden Bike

This lovely winter scene features two cardinals taking a moments rest on a snow laden bicycle.A wintry forest backdrop completes the picture.

This wonderfully detailed design is perfect for holiday decorating or as a gift for any bird or nature lover.

This Cardinal Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Cotton thread,
  • 14 count white Aida
  • Thread sorter
  • Needle
  • Easy instructions.
  • Finished Size: 10-Inch by 16-Inch

Celebration Of Americana With This Cardinal On A sled Cross Stitch Design

Another wintry scene featuring a cardinal pair, this time resting on a wooden sled for a particularly nostalgic feel. This lovely design is w0rthy of being hung year round and not just displayed for the holidays.

This Cardinal Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Pre-sorted cotton thread
  • 14 count white Aida
  • Needle
  • Finished Size: 10-inches-by-14-inches
  • Easy to follow instructions

A Beautiful Cardinal Design For Your Winter Holiday Décor

A pair of cardinals rest on a snow laden branch in this delightful design. An elegant image that celebrate simplicity and the good life. This design is perfect for the holiday decorating or year round display this amazing image is perfect for the birding enthusiast in your life.

This Cardinal Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Cotton thread
  • 16 count dove grey Aida
  • Thread palette
  • Needle
  • Easy instructions
  • Finished Size: 15-Inch by 9-Inch

A Quick To Stitch No Count Cardinal Design That Makes A Great Gift

This lovely cardinal pair are enjoying the warm sun among the trees. The vibrant color of the birds is set in contrast to the warm glow of the sunlit trees. This diminutive darling of a design is a no count pattern for a quick to stitch project that is perfect for a weekend project or a quick gift. It finishes out to a 5x7 finished size so it will be super easy to frame with or without matting.

This detailed design is a beautiful way to decorate with cardinals year 'round.

This Cardinal Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Cotton thread
  • Needle.
  • Design printed in full color on 14 count white Aida with selected areas marked for stitching
  • Finished Size: 5-Inch by 7-Inch

This Cross Stitch Kit COmes With A Preprinted Mat And Glass So It Will Be Ready To Hang When DOne

This charming design features a cute little tabby doing some winter bird watching. A small window showcases the stitchery which is then surrounded with a preprinted mat adding a lovely unique and dimensional aspect creating visual interest. This little darling cross stitch is sure to please and makes a wonderful holiday gift.

This Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Presorted cotton thread
  • Needle
  • 16 count dove grey Aida
  • Glass
  • Designer mat and backing board
  • 4 frame clips
  • Easy instructions.
  • Finished Size: 8-Inch by 8-Inch

Celebrate The Season With This Adorable Snowman And Winter Friends

  • This charming design can't help but bring a smile. A happy snowman surrounded by various forest friends makes for a delightful winter scene cross stitch will add charm and whimsy to your holiday décor. Also this delightful image and diminutive size make it quick to stitch and perfect for holiday gifting. And since it finishes out to a 5x7 inch size it will be super easy to frame either with or without matting.

This Cross Stitch Kit Contains:

  • Pre-sorted cotton thread
  • 18 count white Aida
  • Needle
  • Easy instructions
  • Finished Size: 5-Inch by 7-Inch

A Few Tips For Creating Beautiful Stitchery

I have been a professional picture framer for over 20 years and in that time I stretched, blocked mounted and framed hundreds if not thousand of cross stitch projects. With all of this I have picked up a few tips to help you create a beautiful piece of needle art that will frame easily and become the true heirloom treasure your finished project was destined to be.

Always Wash Your Hands. Sounds pretty obvious but even when your hands seem clean there are naturally occurring oils which can potentially stain your needlework and may not wash out.

Roll Your Cross Stitch Between Stitching Seasons. Folding your aida cloth increases the chance of dirt soiling the edges and I know from experience this often does not wash out, not even with dry cleaning. In a like manner do not leave the stitchery in hoops for an extended period of time for the exact same reason.

Cross Your X's in the same direction. This provides a smooth tapestry like look and feel.

Don't knot your Loose Ends. Simply thread the end through other finished stitch on the back. Know will not allow the stitchery to lay flat.

Don't Cross Large Expanses Without Tying The Floss. I know it's tempting to go from one area to the next with the same color across the back of your stitchery. Especially when it's just a few stitches. But this will create a messy back which again may affect your stitchery laying flat when framing.

Create This Intricate Cardinal Ornament For Tree Or Home Décor. - A great hand made holiday gift idea

Perfect for trimming the tree or hanging to brighten your holiday décor this charming little cardinal ornament will enchant. Vibrantly colored and filled with intricate details this little gem makes a great gift.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Love Ornament
Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Love Ornament

This Cardinal Kit Contains:

* Pre-sorted cotton thread

* 18 count ivory cotton Aida

* Felt

* Needle

* Instructions

* Finished Size: 4-1/4-Inch by 4-1/4-Inch


Create This cardinal Mini Banner In Cross Stitch - Perfect for your home's holiday décor.

A lovely holiday banner to usher in the season features a cardinal sitting in a lush bower of pine. Beautifully detailed this diminutive darling is sure to please.

Dimensions Cardinal Joy Mini Christmas Banner Counted Cross Stitch Kit, 14 Count Ivory Aida, 5'' x 10''
Dimensions Cardinal Joy Mini Christmas Banner Counted Cross Stitch Kit, 14 Count Ivory Aida, 5'' x 10''

Included In This Kit:

* Pre-sorted cotton thread

* 14 count ivory Aida

* Wire hanger

* Jingle bells

* Needle

* Finished Size: 5-Inch by 10-Inch

* Easy to follow instructions


A Stunning Cardinal Christmas Stocking Design Featuring A Snow Laden Sled With A Chuch

This traditional Christmas Stocking features an old fashioned sled in a wintery scene with a pair of cardinals in the foreground. Beautifully detailed this heirloom quality stocking make a gift to be cherished.

This Christmas Stocking Kit Contains:

  • Pre-sorted cotton thread
  • Metallic thread
  • 16 count dove grey Aida
  • Felt
  • Needle
  • Easy instructions with an alphabet
  • Finished Size: 16-Inch long

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      4 years ago

      Thanks! I use WordPress. You can get a free blog at, but I used The difference is with you need to find a host for your domain so I use Bluehost. You have to pay for the host though, but with bluehost you get some freebies like $100 credit for google adwords, several site builders besides wospdrers, etc. I did a google search before I started my site to find out the differences between and .com: Hope that helps! Oh and the design itself is one of many wospdrers themes.

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      4 years ago

      Do you offer the pattern/kit for the snowman with all of the wonderful woodland creatures? It is one of the friendliest scenes yet.

    • WildFacesGallery profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Iowa

      @anonymous: What is listed on this page is the product. So some are just charts and some are kits. I would suggest looking at ebay for charts of patterns that you want but not wanting the whole kit. Hope this helps.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      can I buy only the pattern??????

      Toy Anderson

    • hlkljgk profile image


      8 years ago from Western Mass

      another beautiful collection of patterns :)

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      8 years ago from UK

      I don't know how you do it but you always find the most adorable cross stitch patterns! Who could not love the cardinal? We don't have it over here but I love to see it on images.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Another excellent lens. Cardinals are beautiful birds, love their red colors in the winter scenes.


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