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Carol M. Highsmith wonderful photographer?

Updated on June 8, 2016

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New Orleans Parade Float

New Orleans Mardi Gras
New Orleans Mardi Gras | Source

Random Acts of Kindness by Carol Highsmith

Random Acts of Kindkness, RAK's as they were once called, were more heard of 'back then', than now. When someone does something nice...just because. Because it's the right thing to do, or you had a good day, a first kiss, a first baby, or just a song in your heart, you just FELT like doing something nice.

That's not as common as it once was but I'm on a quest to honor some of the people who give back, in one way or another.

Carol, if you're out there, I just want you to know that when I look at some of your art....

I smile.

I daydream of places to go.

It feels like I could lay in the grass next to you while you're looking at the photo.

You have a way of making me feel as though I'm right there with you.

We are honoring Carol Highsmith for her work, for her gifts to others, and for her passion that she has shared with the world.

Thank you Carol, the world is a better place because we have been able to look through the lens with you.

Good People Rok!

Carol has been an inspiration to so many people,

myself included.

She has given back.

Thank you Carol Highsmith

Honor her by checking out her life's work,

if you see something you like, purchase it.

Winter at the US Capital, Washington D.C

Photography Poster - U.S. Capitol on a winter day Washington D.C. 24 X 18.5
Photography Poster - U.S. Capitol on a winter day Washington D.C. 24 X 18.5

Oh to be here during the time of year the photo was taken.

Looks beautiful and it's a reminder of how peaceful our lives in America are compared to other parts of the world.

I love this photo


Carol M. Highsmith - Winter days, snow falling, glistening through the trees

Carol M. Highsmith artist, photographer, 'forward giver'

These are some winter photos, being from Indiana I find them somewhat comforting, though I hate cold weather and going out in the snow.

They remind me of looking out my window when my kids were little. The place we lived was back in the country. The lane to our little 2 bedroom trailer was breathtaking when it snowed, and when the sun hit just right everything glistened.

I miss those days.

Have you heard of Carol Highsmith?

Artist, Photographer and Forward Giver

Carol M. Highsmith artist, photographer, 'forward giver'

Her Birth name is Carol McKinney

Born May 18, 1946 in Leaksville, North Carolina, United States. Carol was born American and studied at Corcoran School of Art. Photography was her passion and she was Influenced by Frances Benjamin Johnston and Dorothea Lange.

Carol wore several hats including author, publisher and she photographed all 50 states.


Highsmith is donating her life's work of more than 100,000 images, copyright-free, to the Library of Congress, which established a rare one-person archive.

Take a moment to get to know Carol Highsmith

Have you heard of Carol Highsmith?

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Meet Carol Highsmith, Forward Giver and Photographer of America

American Photographer 15 yr. project to photograph America Donated to Library of Congress
American Photographer 15 yr. project to photograph America Donated to Library of Congress | Source
Attractive Barn in Louisiana's Cajun Country. A Fine-art Photographic Print by Carol M. Highsmith.
Attractive Barn in Louisiana's Cajun Country. A Fine-art Photographic Print by Carol M. Highsmith.

This old barn reminds me of the field and barn we had behind our home growing up. My siblings and I would make tunnels through the hay in the barn and race through. Sometimes we'd sit on the roof and sunbathe with the hose keeping the metal roof from becoming too hot. When I saw this photo it almost made me cry remembering and wishing I were young again.


That Old Louisiana Barn - Reminds me of home.

We moved to Louisiana when I was in 4th grade, I think.

Later, when we got a little older, dad bartered our services for 2 horses. We cleaned stalls, fed, brushed, walked, get the idea, for those horses. Dad got a farm out in Benton, Louisiana. Then later we continued our bartering services for hay, grain, and other animals.

I hated living so far away from my friends. I was lonely. Sometimes I'd walk out to the barn at the end of our 15 acres of pasture, and sit up in the hay loft and think. Sometimes I'd get on the roof and sunbathe or 'spy' on my siblings. lol

Country living was good for us and they were some of the most fulfilling days I've lived.

I've been blessed with seeing so many things in life.

Some of the most incredible were in that barn. I've seen horses, cats, cows, dogs and snakes born in that barn. Watched my Quarter Horse die, our jersey bull Jeremy castrated, and saw a rat snake over 6' long in that barn. We played hide and seek through the hay bales (never thinking about snakes or rodents), jumped, ran, and laughed in that barn. Beat up David for trying to kiss me, got out of the rain, and found new adventures in that barn.

The old barn in this photo brings back wonderful memories of my youth. It's a reminder of how quickly life fades.

It's also a reminder of the wonderful adventures I've had; Living. Enjoying. Growing.

I've also added a few others for you to look at. Enjoy.


Texas: A Pictorial Souvenir
Texas: A Pictorial Souvenir

Texas is one of the most diverse states in the good ole' USA in my opinion. From desert to lush oasis, ocean side and mud creeks for crawfishin' and armadillos to cowboys, there's something for everyone.

If you're an all American kind of person who loves horses, apple pie and baseball.... well then you've got to visit Texas. Not because it has horses, apple pie and baseball, but because it has rattlesnakes, giant spiders and so many other interesting things you'll have to shorten your trip and find specific things you'll want to do before you make the trip. Then, once you've made the trip you can get this book as a souvenir; better yet, get it before you go and make some of the book your tour guide.


Books by Carol Highsmith

Talented Artist and Photographer Carol Highsmith has a way with the camera. She's collected and compiled some of the most beautiful photos from around the world, and added them to these collections for the world to enjoy.

I added 3 of her many books for you to choose from. All of her books are filled with gorgeous images that take you on a visual tour of the places you only dream of going to. Colorful and precise the way only a camera lens can capture, you'll enjoy each photo as if you were dreaming with your eyes opened.

Carol has many more books to choose from and you can see everything from Ireland to New Orleans. She's made this her life's work and has been crafting her books for all to enjoy.

Her books make wonderful gifts for birthday, Christmas, and even for a military celebration for boot camp graduations. They also come in handy for writing class projects.


California Book
California Book

California has every type of landscape you can imagine, from mountains to flat lands, desert and highways and everything in between. I'm amazed by the diverse landscape and the people.


Take Time to See Mrs. Highsmith's Work

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Carol Highsmith on 15 yr. project documenting America

Carol Highsmith Leaving A Legacy for America

In a 15 yr. project to photographically record America, Mrs. Highsmith has left her photos to the library of Congress copyright free.

Go check out her work and study how America has been and is becoming via her photography.

The Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail: A Photographic Tour
Appalachian Trail: A Photographic Tour

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most beautiful places on earth to hike, with plant and animal life native to it's surroundings, the adventure is more incredible than you could have expected.

I've personally never been but have heard of others that say it's incredible and that everyone should try to walk some of the trail at least once in their lifetime.

Her photographic tours via books, cover the beauty you won't see unless you've walked in her footsteps.

PS. Don't forget to keep nature clean, as undisturbed as possible, taking your items in and out, leaving nothing including trash behind, and don't feed the animals.


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    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Ms. Carol,I wanted to add your facebook page also if you don't mind my doing so.

    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Carol, is a beautiful site! Top 6? That's incredible! I know you must have been proud.Thank you for sharing your work with the world.RitaAnn~......who is the woman in the old shoe. I don't want to be the 'old' woman in the shoe.Each time I see that photo, I'm reminded of myself. AKA mom of many.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @homeschoolkids: Sorry, those updates are on Facebook. We are still working on a brand new site for It should be up in about a month.Also, you can visit my Library of Congress Collection on Library of Congress Photos - My collection in featured in the top six collection. Thanks again. Carol

    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 5 years ago

      @anonymous: WOW!Carol, I tried to reply privately but I suppose there are still some 'bugs' in the system....or I haven't quite figured out how to work this blog yet. (most likely the later)I'm the one who is honored.RitaAnn~.......who is now going to see your site: This is America Foundation.org

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thank you RitaAnn for you Random Act of Kindness about my photography of America. I have been working on this project for more than 30 years and I am now capturing the state of California. Very shortly, I will be greatly adding to my Web sites and include hundreds of new images. You are a kind and wonderful person to mention me and I am honored to be recognized by you. Updates are on Facebook nightly as I travel across the magnificent state of California. See nightly updates.