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Cat in the Hat Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on March 1, 2018

Cat in the Hat

Originally created by Dr. Seuss to make reading material for young children a lot more fun and compelling, The Cat in the Hat has, since its introduction in 1957, continued to be an extremely popular story that each generation of children relates to and embraces.

The center of the story is the visit to a home with two children by the Cat. He appears after the mom leaves them at home.

Designed for new readers, the book tells a tale that holds the attention of children, while allowing them in many instances, to learn to read without them knowing it.

That appears to be the genius of the writing, as most of us still remember the first time we were read the story of the Cat in the Hat, and also when we started to recognize the words for ourselves.

I knew parents who read the story to their children and not in too long of a time they were able to repeat it all back to the parent verbatim. That's a testimony to its effect on some children and their interest in listening to and taking in the story.

Of course the fact that the Cat in the Hat was a colorful and irreverent character who brought chaos even beyond what children themselves are used to is part of the fun and entertaining aspect of the narrative, which apparently is one of the reasons children are so enamored with it and respond so strongly the story line and images accompanying it.

All the worries of the children over the antics and activity of the Cat are unfounded, as just before the mother arrives home he quickly cleans up the mess he created and disappears before he is seen or discovered.

Blended all together it generates great theater for the children, and that in turn generates opportunities to bring the stories to life in the form or printable coloring pages on the Internet, which can be downloaded and printed out for immediate use.

Seeing the children are already familiar with the stories and the images, they will, to their delight, recognize and enter into coloring the pictures in because there is know learning curve because of their familiarity with the story and characters within it.

Boy Chasing Cat in the Hat

One of the more interesting parts of the story of the Cat in the Hat is that the little boy in the house never had his name revealed by the author. We all know his sister's name is Sally, but he has gone down in history only as Sally's brother.

Nonetheless, as shown in this particular illustration, he at times was having great fun with the cat as he initiated his chaos. And here the tables are turned on the Cat as he runs to get away from the boy.

It's funny how the face of the little boy reveals nothing but harmless fun and joy, while that of the Cat one of fear and concern.

All the accessories like the hat and bow fo the cat, and the clothing of the little boy provides a good design for children to use a variety of colors in.


Boy Talking to Cat in the Hat

While most young children won't catch the humor in this picture, where the boy is now attempting to talk the Cat in the Hat into something, or at least trying to explain something to him, you can still see where they would enjoy the look on the face of the Cat, and the apparent consternation on the face of the boy as he realizes he's not really reaching the Cat with what he is trying to communicate. The posture and look on the face of the Cat in the Hat is terrific.


Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2

Loving to aid the Cat in the Hat in creating chaos and mischief, Thing 1 and Thing 2 have always generated interest from children, who almost assuredly relate something of that mischief making to themselves.

True to form in this coloring page, you have the Cat in the Hat walking along as Thing 1 and Thing 2 happily follow him in frolicking fun. Especially delightful is where Thing 2 is doing a one-handed flip. Very funny.

Also looking hilarious is the apparently oblivious Cat in the Hat, who walks along seemingly unaware or uncaring of what is going on around him. That is what makes the story so interesting and attractive to readers and viewers.

Cat in the Hat Emerging from Closet

The look on the faces of Sally and her brother as the Cat in the Hat exists the closet is awesome. I think a lot of adults would have the same response as this brother and sister have.

Again, the seeming lack of concern on the face of the Cat in the Hat as he suddenly appears and disrupts the day of the children is part of what makes it such a long-lasting and compelling story.

Coming out of the closet definitely adds a sense of fear to the scene, as many children have worries over those dark places that have clothes and other items packed in them.

What is great about this image as a coloring page is it has a lot of larger areas to color in, making it a good design for beginning artists to engage in working on.


Cat in the Hat and Messy House

More than a few parent, grandparents and children will be able to relate to the last printable coloring page of the Cat in the Hat, evidenced by a messy room that more than one group of siblings have worked together to create.

That seems to say that the rascally Cat in the Hat just may represent an inner part of a child that just loves to make a mess, but as the rest of us know, don't like to clean it up. Maybe that's why the Cat waits until the last moment right before the mom comes home to do the job.

The inclusion of all of these items that could be part of any home makes for a lot of opportunities for children to use a variety of colors and hues to color them in.

Printable Coloring Pages of the Cat in the Hat

From the variety of images of the Cat in the Hat included in this article, you can see why it continues to be such a popular story for children and adults alike.

It seems to recreate that energy children have, which is probably what the Cat represents, and that imagination and creativity of young children is many times unaccompanied by order, so the result is of course the chaos that is part of the story and all the antics associated with it.

These should definitely be attractive to the majority of children, helping them to focus their energy on coloring in the coloring pages of a story and the characters in it they should all be familiar with.


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