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Cedar Point versus Busch Gardens-Williamsburg

Updated on July 4, 2015

Here's What I Think

Cedar Point versus Busch Gardens-Williamsburg

Amusement park lovers & roller coaster lovers have a tough choice when it comes to choosing between Cedar Point Amusement Park (the roller coaster capitol) and Busch Gardens-Williamsburg.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Welcome to the Roller Coast!

Cedar Point Amusement Park boast 17 roller coasters. If you LOVE to ride roller coasters - this is your place! You can stand up, sit down, get yourself flung to the sky and back with Cedar Point's roller coasters. There are even racing roller coasters (Gemini). How fun would it be to race your friends on a roller coaster!

But Cedar Point isn't just about roller coasters. They also have "thrill rides". These range from moderate (Scrambler, Matterhorn) to extreme (Skyhawk, maXair). The newest ride in 2011 was the Windseeker. You are strapped into a "swing-like" chair and taken 301 feet (30 stories) into the air and spun around! The swings reach speeds of 25 - 30 mph, flaring out 45 degrees from the tower. I have included a video of this ride so you can "feel" the experience!

They also have portions of the park that are great for families (all ages - young to old!). There are rides the toddler will like and there are rides that Grandma will like - there are even rides that Grandma can ride (if she is adventurous) with the grandkids (my mom rode the Witches' Wheel with my kids!).

Family Fun!

At Cedar Point

Families can have fun at Cedar Point. There are two areas that are great for younger children. Planet Snoopy is for the really younger, toddler set. The rides are designed for them, they go slow, don't go very high in the air and Mom & Dad can watch them have a blast! There are about 20 rides in this area for them to enjoy!

Then there is Camp Snoopy. This is for the school age crowd (elementary - middle school years). The rides go a little faster and higher. On some of these rides, parents (or grandparents) can ride along and enjoy the fun! My favorite in this area was the Tilt-a-Whirl. I love rides that stay ON the ground. This one stays put, but spins and you get to control the spinning action!

Cedar Point Amusement Park Videos

Busch Gardens - Williamsburg Videos

Your Turn!

Cedar Point versus Busch Gardens-Williamsburg


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