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Updated on February 1, 2013

Who IS Charlavail?

Charlavail is a blogger, an artist in many senses of the word (painter, sculptor, sketch artist, baker), an entrepreneur and an inspiration to many of her fans. This webpage is dedicate to her, created for her fans and anyone that wants to learn more about her...

Photo courtesy of Charlavail's Tumblr Blog.

Charlavail Effron-- who prefers to be called Charlavail or just "Vail"-- is a 22-year-old artist from Florida. Many have come to know her because of her musings and photos on her personal Tumblr blog. Other have come to know her because of her connections with 2 Fueled by Ramen Bands. She's currently dating Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge (has been for at least 2 years), is friends with Sierra Kusterbeck, and maintains a friendly acquaintance with Hayley Williams from Paramore (who has often blogged about Charlavail and her work).

However, it's not simply those things that have garnered such a large following for her. It's her art.

While Vail has always been interested and involved in art, she started taking it more seriously in her teens. She took culinary classes with the plan of opening up her own bakery in November 2011. That didn't pan out, as she realized it would take a while longer to get the bakery up to her high personal standards. She's now planning a 2013 traveling art installation/confectionery, which will feature her artwork on a larger scale, while also selling candy and baked goods.

Meanwhile, a lot of her art and products have been featured online and seen on a few celebrities. Her Sugar Skull hair clips/pins are her best known product. In late 2011, she and her best friend/partner-in-crime Sam Desantis-- and amateur photographer-- created 1000 Sugar Skull hair clips to be sold. And they did in fact sell out. Celebs spotted wearing Sugar Skulls include Hayley Williams and Sherri Dupree Bemis, singer of the band Eisley.

While she's currently not making anymore detailed hair clips/pins, she has some plain hair clips/pins, along with Sugar Skull button covers and specially-made patches & posters, available to buy at her Big Cartel webstore.

Vail has also created t-shirts for New Found Glory, Paramore and VersaEmerge, which were sold through their websites and the Fueled By Ramen webstore (see examples of the latter two here and here).

Charlavail has previously donated the proceeds from some of her products to a multiple sclerosis charity in honour of one of her friends, Heather (see her here), who suffers from the condition.

Vail has said (in this interview in fact) that she did not anticipate having such a large online following, but that she loves it and the internet in general because it's allowed her to "inspire so many people and connect with people all over the world". As for why people like her? "I think a lot of the reason people like me is because I'm not perfect. I try to not be so critical of myself, it's bad energy. I'm hardly as confident as I seem online, I'm still on this slow journey of learning to love and be happy with myself."

Black and white photo courtesy of Charlavail's Tumblr blog (taken by her friend Sam Desantis).

Read more about Charlavail from the following:

-"About Charlavail" section of the Inspired by Charlavail Tumblr blog

-Tumblr interview with Charlavail

-Bonus content from the above interview (a lot longer than the actual interview)

Photos of Charlavail's Artwork & Products

Sugar Skulls, Portraits & More

These are just a few of Charlavail's pieces/designs. Click on the photos for their sources.

You can check out more of her artwork on Charalavail's Tumblr blog posts (tagged "artwork"), as well as her Big Cartel webstore.

From Charlavail's Buzznet posting: "I picked this up for 50 cents at a thrift store in South Lake Tahoe. I turned it in to a hair piece and wore it yesterday to the Tim Burton exhibit. It seemed fitting. The exhibit was incredible. Insanely inspiring."

Charla Vail Talks to Buzznet About Her New Bakery, Art, and The Bamboozle - Introducing Charlavail...

This is an interview Charlavail did with Buzznet back in 2011 while at Bamboozle, a music festival. She discusses her love of art, her plans for her bakery (which will now be a traveling confectionery), and certain bands/artists at Bamboozle. It was the first I'd ever heard of her. Watch and enjoy!


Charlavail YouTube Video Tutorials Courtesy of Buzznet - Sugar Skulls & Hair Dye - Just a few videos of Charlavail doing her thing...

The first video is a Sugar Skull tutorial from Charlavail herself. Since she's currently not making these anymore (though rumor has it they will be made again in the future), watch this tutorial to make one for yourself.

The second video is a hair dye tutorial where Vail is dying her hair blue, but it doesn't quite turn out right, lol. Pay attention to why (she says it plainly)...


Sugar Skull Time Lapse - The partial process that went into making her Sugar Skull hair clips (which are discontinued for now)...

Charlavail's video description:

"This is a small fraction of the process. Set at 15 seconds between shots then 15 frames per second, which comes out to over 19 hours. There are about 500 skulls shown here. Not shown is the kneading of the clay, weighing it out, molding it, baking it, glazing the final product, wrapping, packaging, labeling and shipping. The whole project took about 6 weeks and most days we worked 8-14 hours. No longer selling handmade ones but looking into getting them manufactured. Sam worked with me the whole time. Thank you a thousand times!"

Song: Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning (SuckerPunch soundtrack)


Super Excited Fan Getting Charlavail Products

If you want any idea of how excited some of Charlavail's fans are to buy and own her lovely creations, watch this fan's videos. ;)


Charlavail's "DIY Skeleton Sweater" Video - Skeleton Iron-On Tutorial

Back in 2011 (I believe), Charlavail posted this video tutorial about how to make skeleton iron-ons, which I loved. Here in this video, she puts the iron-ons on a sweater. But you can really put it on anything made of fabric. I'm planning on making some pillowcases with these iron-ons, and one other thing I can't yet talk about (because I haven't done it and don't want anyone taking my idea).

Anyway, enjoy the video!

P.S. -- The templates are below:


ribcage pt 1:

ribcage pt2:

And here's an alternative to the ribcage templates above (you might have to resize it a few times before you get it the right size for your particular clothing item):


Official Charlavail Links

Unknown Charlavail Links

Charlavail's (?) Flickr Photostream (I can't confirm whether this is/was hers or not; last updated in June 2011)

Other Charlavail Links

-Charlavail blog posts on my Cherry Ambition Tumblr Blog

-Charlavail and CharlaVail tagged Tumblr blog posts

Click photo for source.

As I've essentially said on every Squidoo page I've ever written about a person, I do not think she is perfect (no one is), nor do I idolize her. But there's very little to dislike about her, in my opinion. I like her for many reasons...

I personally- and mostly- love her artistry. She's pretty multi-talented as far as art is concerned. Her sugar skull products are really well-made (although I prefer the simple button covers), and she draws and paints well, too. I happen to really like the portrait paintings she's done (particularly the blue-haired girl). I also love how she's always changing her hair (particularly when she's dying it different colors). She just oozes creativity, and as I've said before, I'm seriously drawn towards artsy people such as Vail. I do find them fascinating, and I try to learn as much as I can from them. Their art makes me happy somehow.

She very business-minded as well, which I appreciate. She doesn't have people doing all the business stuff for her (maybe parts of it , but not all of it), and she doesn't hide how tiring or frustrating that can get. She's still planning for a traveling confectionery while also selling patches, portraits and sugar skull button covers online, which is just... that's gotta be a lot on her plate. So I have to give her props for staying motivated & business-minded as well. I'm paying attention to that, too.

Photo courtesy of Charlavail's Buzznet Photos. Click photo for source.

Photo courtesy of Charlavail's Tumblr blog. Click photo for source...

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Share your stories, sightings, thoughts, rants, raves, and so on about Charlavail. And tell me how I can improve this page (from faulty links to new websites to add, etc.).

NOTE: Just so you know- Charlavail does NOT run this webpage, nor is she in any way affiliated with it. She will NOT see messages you leave her here. Please visit her Tumblr blog or Twitter page if you want to send a message to Vail. Thank you.

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Also, though I hate having to do this, I'm going to ask that you please do not leave only generic comments like "good lens!" or "great webpage" or "nice stuff", as I think Squidoo might consider that spam because it isn't providing anything relevant to or related to the webpage. Also, a lot of spammers will leave a comment like that before dropping a spam link. So... leave comments only if you have something relevant to add. Thank you.

Photo courtesy of Charlavail's Tumblr blog. Click photo for source.

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