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cheap craft supplies - RUCraft

Updated on April 30, 2011

Craft is a growing hobby in many parts of the world today and if you like to produce crafts and are looking for cheap craft supplies, craft books, craft kits then take a look at RUCraft. It’s one of the up and coming craft sites, worth a look for your cheap craft supplies and quality products alike.

No matter which way you seem to turn today, everything seems to be going up in price and that includes the materials we need for the hobbies that all of us take part in. Craft is no exception, but if you are looking for cheap craft supplies, RUCraft is worth a look.

It’s positioned at number 8 on the top '50 crafters website', just behind some big names like Joanna Sheen website and Craft Creations. In the grand scheme of things it’s a relatively new site and one worth watching, just for it’s growing range of craft product, if nothing else.

On the top 50 crafters website it mentions that RUCraft is ‘The one-stop shop for top quality craft books and products all at fantastic prices! For the latest in card making and paper crafts, cross stitch and beading, to knitting, crochet and cake decorating’.

Looking at the website it certainly hits the mark with cheap craft supplies, quality craft products, books, sewing machines and all sorts you might need for you craft hobby. The range is always growing and they recently added over 780 new cross stitch kits to their collection.

The RUCraft website is brought to you from the team that was Readers’ Union, a very successful book club business that was originally established during the 1930’s. The book clubs had a large following and a strong reputation of providing excellent quality and choice to customers across a great range of many subjects, including crafts. This trend has certainly been carried forward into the website. During the book club days of Readers’ Union, you had to sign up to the club and were committed to buying a certain amount of books and products within a certain time. The RUCraft website has no such restrictions, you can buy at your hearts content without any pressure to buy during a specific time frame, and with their growing range of products you will always find something

Cheap craft supplies

RUCraft has a growing range of craft products, with discounted prices, competitions and a whole lot more!
RUCraft has a growing range of craft products, with discounted prices, competitions and a whole lot more!

A brief look at RUCraft

Offers and competitions

Looking at RUCraft as I have for a while now, it’s apparent that the website is always changing and updating. This is great for the budding crafter and as mentioned, RUCraft recently added over 780 new cross stitch kits to their collection. New offers, discounts and competitions, seem to appear all the time and you can be sure that those key dates throughout the year, like mothers day, Halloween & Easter will see even more offers and deals.

You can’t miss these offers as they are displayed via a large animated graphic on their home page. It rotates on it’s own so it can display multiple offers, so keep an eye on it.

Don’t miss out

If you want to keep up to date on all the offers on this site you can sign up to their newsletter so you won't miss any of them. I suggest you do this, as it takes no time at all as there can be a lot of offers to keep track of. RUCraft seems to run a lot of craft competitions and at the time of writing this you could have the chance to win £50 of Cath Kidston Goodies, and for all you crafters out there you will recognise the Cath Kidston name.

Printed and online catalogue

Being one of the trustworthy online craft retailers, RUCraft also offers its customers a printed catalogue that they send out at various points throughout the year. I have one in front of me as I write this and it’s packed with some of the latest crafting goodies, with some great prices. The RUCraft catalogue is only a selection of their craft product, so if you are a crafter always keep an eye on their website as it has a growing number of products added on a regular basis.

One thing that stands out on this site is the online catalogue they update whenever they send out one of their printed versions. The link is here (RUCrafts online catalogue) so take a look. It can take a little while to load, depending on your system, but it's an interesting approach to placing printed material online.

Cheap craft supplies - RUCraft

Looking at the product on the website there is a wide selection ranging from papercraft & card making, cross stitch, sewing, Tilda crafts, needlecrafts, knitting and crochet, patchwork & Quilting, cake decorating, beading and jewellery, storage, craft DVDs and art. A fairly large array of subjects for all crafters and when you navigate to one of these sections, there are a host of sub-sections within each category. There are to many to list here but the range is really worth a look.

If you are looking for cheap craft supplies, quality craft books, sewing machines, Tilda crafts and much much more, and for a range of product that is always growing, ease of use and a friendly team, RUCraft is worth a look.

I will do a more in-depth review of the RUCraft website shortly so watch this space.

Discounted craft items and a growing range

780 new cross stitch kits added
780 new cross stitch kits added

Specialist craft ramges

Broad range of craft supplies including some specialist ranges like Tilda
Broad range of craft supplies including some specialist ranges like Tilda

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