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Christmas DIY material for Christmas 2012

Updated on February 17, 2013

3 basic Christmas fabrics and paper craft supplies for creative Christmas presents

You might think that you have all the time in the world, because Christmas is still months away. But what happens then? You forget about it and suddenly it's 3 weeks before Christmas. Then you'll start rushing through the shops in panic mode and buy some uncreative Christmas gifts.

Not this year! Use the opportunity to create one-in-a-million Christmas gifts that you make yourself. And you can really put your heart into it, because you can think of something special without any pressure. Isn't it the perfect opportunity to sew something yourself, to design a shirt, to make a lovely scrapbook or to draw a painting? And although it's still summer, there are already beautiful Christmas items available that will support your in your quest "creative and stressless Christmas 2013". Here are 3 basic DIY Christmas helpers

1. Christmas Tapes

They will make all your Christmas crafting activities so much easier and create a beautiful Christmas effect. If you haven't used colourful deco tapes with Christmas designs before, it's about time. You can use them for so many things: Craft cards, wrap your presents, design your own Christmas tree balls, embellish scrapbooks, photo albums, picture frames and so on. When Christmas gets close you can even use them for decoration: Stick them on your doors, tables, shelves, walls and so one. Washi Masking Tapes are very suitable for this as they can be repositioned and removed without leaving any traces.

2. Christmas Fabrics

If you like to sew Christmas fabrics are definitely a must-have for this Christmas. You can use them to make big items such as Christmas shirts, vests, baby clothes, quilts, curtains or cushions. But even if you can't sew Christmas fabrics might be a useful decoration item for you. You can use them to wrap gifts, you can create your own decorations by cutting out Christmas patterns and sticking them on wood, cardboard etc., you can make your own Christmas tree charms with them or just put drape them as living accessories in your apartment.

What do you prefer?

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

3. Christmas stamps

Christmas is THE time for paper crafting, after all you need Christmas cards and wrap your presents. Use Christmas stamps to create unique cards and wrapping paper yourself instead of buying things that everybody has. Christmas stamps never get out of fashion, you can use them year after year and enlarge your collection to be able to vary in your crafting projects.

By the way, you can even stamp on glass, tiles, wood, fabrics, tins and so on, if you have the right inking pads for those materials.

Christmas stamps are so easy to store and can be reused every year

Christmas stamps are so easy to store and can be reused every year
Christmas stamps are so easy to store and can be reused every year

So what about you? - Tell us about your plans for Christmas 2013

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm making a photo montage of past christmases for my family.