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Color By Number Coloring Pages

Updated on January 9, 2017
Lee Hansen profile image

Coloring page artist /designer for more than 30 years; get printable coloring pages at Lee's web sites (link info on Profile page).

Easy Art: Color by Number

Color by number coloring pages are popular for childrens arts and crafts and a favorite of adult coloring enthusiasts. Color by letter or color by math activity sheets help children learn while making art.

Art and pictures filled in with paint or colored pencil using a number color key can help young children learn math and colors. Coloring and crafts aid in development of hand-eye coordination. Math results / color-keyed answer sheets involve solving simple addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems to discover the coded color number for each shape in the picture.

Adults of all ages and older children enjoy color, pencil and paint by number leisure art activities. My first real oil painting was created from a numbered painting kit I got for Christmas when I was 9 years old. I mostly followed the paint color key guide, but being a budding artist I took liberties with the paints ... you can too.

Colour by Number Pencil, Wolves By Stream Royal and Langnickel (above) available at Amazon.

Extreme Color By Number - Mystery Mosaics - Solve the Puzzle to Create a Masterpiece

Mystery Mosaics: Book 8
Mystery Mosaics: Book 8

This challenging coloring art kit has everything you need to create two artistic masterpieces while enjoying a relaxing art hobby. You won't know what the images are until you've accurately filled in all the tiny mosaics in this color by number mystery mosaics set.


Art Fad of the 1950s - Paint by Number - Paint by Number Lets Anyone Be an Artist - Celebrities, Statesman, Moms, Dads, Kids ...

Artist paints and palette for color by number oil painting
Artist paints and palette for color by number oil painting

Adult Colorists Love These - Instant Art Color by Number for Adults

Adults enjoy coloring as much as kids and there are many detailed marker and pencil art books with number or letter encoded pictures for teens and adults to color in.

If you've never heard of Paint by Number or are interested in learning more about this popular 1950s leisure arts and crafts hobby, here are a few interesting links to articles and web sites:

Artist's palette with paints - photo by gezelle (Flickr) used under Creative Commons License

Color Wheel showing hues and tints
Color Wheel showing hues and tints

Color by Numbers, Color by Letters

Coloring Pages Creative Fun for Adults and Children

Most children and many adults enjoy coloring pages and color by number printables offer a change of pace from basic picture coloring activities.

Coloring is a popular hobby that's relaxing and helpful for many types of rehabilitation therapy. Adult coloring pages are more complex and difficult than typical coloring book sheets, and many artists publish coloring books of their artwork just because older kids and adults enjoy coloring.

Coloring by the numbers or color by letters is similar to the famous paint by number art hobby kits. You match up your crayon, marker or colored pencil colors to the numbers on each part of a color by number picture and when you're all finished coloring you have a beautiful work of art. Some color by number printables and coloring books feature masterpiece artworks or intricate, complex mazes.

You can change up your colors to use complementary colors or follow the guide exactly. The color wheel at right shows the visible spectrum of most common hues. Complementary colors are the colors that are directly opposite one another on the color wheel.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks/Pencil by Number, Pencil Works Variety Pack II
Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks/Pencil by Number, Pencil Works Variety Pack II

Everything you need to make 4 lovely pencil by number designs: 24 colored pencils and sharpener, 7 printed color by number art boards, color key charts, full instructions.


Color by Number Crafts

Ideas for non-coloring crafts

You can find printable color-key-encoded coloring sheets online - further down this page you will find a link list of excellent color by number pages we've checked out for you. You can buy number keyed art kits and coloring books, or you can make your own from line art or your drawings.

If you want to learn how to paint, kits with paint by number guides will help you learn how to master strokes and brushes while giving you a key to what areas to fill with the best colors to create your very own hand-painted art masterpiece. You can also find number picture art kits with pencils, soft pastels or watercolor pencils instead of paint.

Other ideas: cut and paste pieces of colorful paper into each numbered section to create paper art. Use the the color in codes to create patterns for quilting or stitchery.

Quilt Math Color In Activity Book - Math Practice and Classic Designs for Coloring Combined

Each page in this entertaining math exercise book results in a colorful quilt design coloring page poster. Solve the practice equations for various maths activities to find the color keys for each quilt design. Educational for kids and great for keeping adult math skills sharp.

Quilt Math: 100 Reproducible Activities That Motivate Kids to Practice Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Decimals, and More
Quilt Math: 100 Reproducible Activities That Motivate Kids to Practice Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Decimals, and More

Fun and learning with math and art. Kids (and adults) solve the math equations to determine the color key number for these 100 mosaic geometric color by number projects.

Complementary Color Chart
Complementary Color Chart

Coloring by Letters or Numbers

Color Charts Help You Create an Artistic Masterpiece

If you design your own pages, you can have fun with the colors: key the shapes in your picture to any hue you like.

If you'd rather do your own thing, you can customize color by number pictures for yourself, friends and family members. Get things interesting by using the chart but replace each color with its complement.

Basic Complementary Color Pairs

Red - Green

Purple - Yellow

Blue - Orange

Complement are hues that are opposite one another on the color wheel. When artists use complementary colors together they create a picture that is harmonious to our eyes. If you replace a color with its complementary color (and varying tints and hues) in your color by number picture, you can create vividly interesting artwork using a secret artists' technique the great masters employed.

MindWare – Multiplication Mosaics
MindWare – Multiplication Mosaics

Multiplication math exercises, answers provide the color and location to make these color by number pictures.


Color Keyed Printable Coloring Sheets - Color Keys Help You Create Beautiful Art

The sites linked below each offer unique color by number printable coloring pages with every piece of the picture marked by letters or numbers keyed to crayon, marker or colored pencil colors.

Enjoy coloring by number, color by letter and color by solving maths printable coloring pages in this collection.

Watercolor Pencil Color by Number Painting Kit - Seaside View by Reeves
Watercolor Pencil Color by Number Painting Kit - Seaside View by Reeves

Create a painterly seaside work of art with watercolors using this special pencil by number set.


Valentine Color by Number Sheets

Wonderful color by number printables with Valentine themes.

Number Coded Activity Books - Math, Puzzles, Mystery Pictures - Solve to Find the Color Codes

What a fun way to learn math - solve the problems, get the numbers and color in the sections that match the number.

Easter Color by Number - Print and Color by Number Easter Holiday Activities

Color by number Easter pictures and printable activity pages and Bible color by number coloring pages.

Halloween witch color by number
Halloween witch color by number | Source

Halloween Printable Color by Number Sheets

Halloween Coloring Activity Pages

Color by Number Spider Sheet - printable color by number Halloween spider picture

Halloween Color by Number Pages - printable coloring pages for Halloween color by number fun: ghost, witch, cat, monster

Color by Number Jack O Lantern coloring page printable

Frankenstein Color by Number - color in this Halloween monster picture following the color by number code

Christmas Sheets to Print

Add special fun to kids Christmas arts activities - Christmas color by number printables

3 Christmas Color by Number Printables - print and color your choice of a wreath, stocking, or candle color by number Christmas picture

5 Color by Number Christmas Printables - cute designs ready to print, set up for US or UK printing.

Christmas Tree - the color key on this Christmas printable coloring page is by shapes instead of numbers

Color by Number Stocking - a challenging Christmas color by number printable by Nancy A. Cavanaugh uses 6 unique colors.

Noella Designs - printable Christmas color by number pages

Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks/Pencil by Number, Beach Scenes Variety Pack
Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks/Pencil by Number, Beach Scenes Variety Pack

Pencil by number projects by Dimensions help you create a work of art using colored pencils.


© 2010 Lee Hansen

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  • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

    Kathy McGraw 5 years ago from California

    You have The Best Coloring Pages of anyone, and these color by number coloring printable pages are no exception. I used to love painting by numbers, so coloring by numbers seems like a less messy, but still great way for adults to relax and meditate :)

  • Scarlettohairy profile image

    Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

    I'll have to print off a few of these. Color and paint by number is fun!

  • sunny saib profile image

    sunny saib 5 years ago

    Another great coloring lens ! :) You made my day..

  • KidsToyTeaSets LM profile image

    KidsToyTeaSets LM 5 years ago

    Wow! What a great resource for grandparents as well - to share with our grandchildren. And wouldn't several of these be great for tea party arts and crafts ideas! Thanks for the info AND for the sweet LIKE.

  • Protasker profile image

    Barbara 5 years ago from USA

    Hello, featuring this lens on my color-by-numbers lens. Just thought you'd like to know.

  • Wbisbill LM profile image

    Barbara Isbill 5 years ago from New Market Tn 37820

    Another great lens!

  • MarcoG profile image

    Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

    I used to be obsessed with colouring by me on the road to becoming a veritable artist haha x

  • Protasker profile image

    Barbara 5 years ago from USA

    Angel Blessed.

  • Protasker profile image

    Barbara 5 years ago from USA

    I've added you to my Featured Lens module. Thought you might like to know how our interests are very similar.

  • jadehorseshoe profile image

    jadehorseshoe 5 years ago

    Delightful Lens.

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    JoshK47 6 years ago

    Awesome lens! Gotta love coloring, no matter what age. Blessed by a SquidAngel!

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    barrelroll 6 years ago

    great lens thanks!

  • Judy Filarecki profile image

    Judy Filarecki 6 years ago from SW Arizona and Northern New York

    This brings back fond memories from my childhood. I believe that I learned so much from painting by numbers which carried over into my painting over the years. I've introduced my grandchildren to these. Both love to paint and are always fascinated by the progression of my paintings as they follow the steps to completion. Thanks for all the great info and resources.

  • dbzfreak lm profile image

    dbzfreak lm 6 years ago

    im going to print it for my little sister. thanks for making it or posting it

  • profile image

    JamieSueAustin 6 years ago

    I added you to my printables lens roll.

  • GonnaFly profile image

    Jeanette 6 years ago from Australia

    Great for reinforcing number recognition. This lens has been blessed by the maths angel and added to my best maths resources lens.

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    joanv334 6 years ago

    Hello, thanks for sharing!

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    tiff0315 6 years ago

    I loved color by number as a kid, heck, I love color by number as an adult!

  • BrickHouseFabrics profile image

    BrickHouseFabrics 6 years ago

    I remember the paint by number kits very well!

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    You really put some top notch lenses together, Pastiche. This is another great lens.

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    Unfortunately I have two left thumbs so would probably battle even with this. Merry Xmas. Blessed by an Angel.

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    Yes, I did! This is a great lens! Brings back a lot of childhood memories! 5 stars

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    Lensrolling this to my Painting by Numbers lens! 5*

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    I remember paint by numbers, it hit the UK in the late 1960s. I can remember get some for Christmas. Thanks.