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Awesome and Unusual Coloring Books

Updated on December 9, 2013

For Kids and Adults

A collection of awesome and unusual coloring books. Wow I really enjoyed putting this together, there are some superb coloring books available for boys and girls, and for adults too (yep, it's okay, lots of grownups enjoy coloring in!)

Since having children I've remembered how much I loved coloring as a child. I loved geometric books and would spend hours on my designs. Now my boys love it, especially animals and dinosaurs and scenes with pirates and knights. And yes, I've been tempted to join in, it's really nice to sit around the table asking if I could please have the purple pencil next :-)

I've chosen my favorites in lots of popular categories and a few unusual ones too. I've included selections for toddlers, preschoolers, little kids, big kids, teens and adults. Coloring books make great birthday or Christmas gifts. Usually inexpensive but giving hours of pleasure.

And one of our favorites it even available for free as a printable PDF.

Fun, Educational and Theraputic

Why we like coloring

Coloring is an activity with very broad appeal. On this page I've highlighted some of the more unusual coloring books I've found.

There are educational themes that will help kids or adults to learn about art, maps, geography and science.

There are geometric and stained glass designs that will appeal to tweens, teens and adults too.

I read an article recently about a troubled teen who uses coloring to calm down.

And I've heard of elderly people who find coloring to be a relaxing pass time.

Ladyada's "E is for Electronics" - Featured

What a brilliant idea. This book teaches some basic electronics as you color. You can either buy the 26 page E is For Electronics or you can download a PDF version for free.

We like this a lot. My electronics is a bit rusty (ahem) and it's a great subject for my kids to learn about.

We can even take a look inside and hear the story behind it:

Geometric - Fascinating designs

Geometric coloring books are the ones I loved as an older child and young teen. They're a great mix of creativity and fascinating mathematical patterns. Why do we stop coloring as adults? A geometric coloring book makes a great gift for someone who needs to slow down and relax. Or someone who has time on their hands due to a hospital stay, illness or injury (but not if they've broken both arms - that would be mean).

Hidden Images - An extra dimension

If you liked the look of the Dinosaurs Hidden Images book above, but dinosaurs aren't your thing, then seriously dinosaurs are awesome, learn to like them. Or here's a selection of other almost as cool hidden images coloring books.


High brow

These art-themed coloring books are gorgeous. They make lovely gifts for teens and adults and are a great way to introduce kids to art.

Art Nouveau


Drawings by Andy Warhol


Leonardo Da Vinci



Stained Glass Effect - Very pretty

Stained glass images lend themselves to bright colors. Here's a selection of popular stained glass coloring books. You can cut out the pages and display them on a window that gets sunlight for a cool effect.

Mandala Designs - Older kids and adults

Mandala coloring books are very popular. These circular designs are beautiful and absorbing. Mandala coloring books are great for older children, teens and grownups. Relaxing and creative and no need to be artistic.


You might learn something

Science coloring books for students who need to learn about human or animal anatomy, and kids who are interested in it. My son is going to love these coloring books when he's older. He's full of questions about how the body works and what animals are like inside. These books are a great excuse for teenage boys to do coloring.

Start Exploring: Gray's Anatomy: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book

@ Amazon


Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book

@ Amazon


Maps and Geography

How's your geography?

Coloring is a great way to learn about geography. These map and geography coloring books will help the shapes and locations of states, countries and continents to stick. If I'd spent more time coloring maps as a kid then maybe my geography wouldn't be as dreadful as it is. I think I could share geography coloring with my boys and we can all learn.

United States Coloring Book

@ Amazon


Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition)

@ Amazon


And you?

When Did You Last Do Coloring In?

See results

Wild Animals

Always popular

Like many children my boys are fascinated by animals. My older son loves to color animal pictures and then try to draw animals freehand. I think all the time spent with animal coloring books has let him pay attention to the shapes and features of animals. A page from a coloring book is a simple treat for my boys. And we usually get a new coloring book to take on vacation to bring out at quiet times (well to be honest, times when we need some quiet.)

Dover Coloring Box -- Wild Animals

@ Amazon


Animals of Africa: The Endangered Wildlife Series

@ Amazon


Sea Creatures - Marine Life

Sea creatures are another topic my boys are interested in, I think it's because of the variety and weirdness of sea creatures. Sea creature coloring books are a great way to explore the ocean and there's plenty of scope for using all the colors in the pencil box. Sharks are a particular favorite with my boys.

Alphabet - Learn Your Letters

Alphabet coloring books are a great way to learn about letters. I loved the flower fairies as a girl, I'm glad to see they are still popular. And I've included the amazing A is for Africa coloring book, based on the beautiful A is for Africa book - the imagery really evokes the environment, culture and animals of Africa.

The Dusty Springfield Song

Something to listen to as you get busy with your pencils and crayons. Dusty understands! Listen to this track to find out why.

Thanks for Visiting

Awesome and Unusual Coloring Books

Are you tempted to get the colored pencils out again?

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    • profile image

      Ludy 3 years ago

      I really love these books I just got 3 books today.I just met her today and got a puircte with the author. This was from Shant. My name is Mary. I really love your books and just got the book Voski and the Archugians. I loved it and hope you write more. p.s I am shant's cousin. This was from Mary.

    • profile image

      Cristina 3 years ago

      I am a 2nd grade school teeachr in Sacramento. Do you have field trips come to your farm? If so, can you please send me more info. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Kabers 3 years ago

      Looking to bring a LARGE (approx 100) Group on Saturday, September 29th of Marines, Navy Corpsmen and their families. Is your orcrahd able to accommodate a group this size and do you offer special tours/family events for groups? Any information would be appreciated.

    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 4 years ago

      I like the ones here for adults. This is a great lens. My daughter is a teacher and she still colors herself. Interesting

    • profile image

      triley76 4 years ago

      This is nice, thanks ... some new ideas for the kids!

    • DougB101 profile image

      DougB101 4 years ago

      Lovely lens. Thank you. We always had a coloring book and a basket of crayons on hand for when he visited. He was also crazy about doing mazes and then would color then afterwards.

    • jastreb profile image

      jastreb 4 years ago

      Very good lens, it really saves time when you are looking for something like that.Well done:))

    • gadifi lm profile image

      gadifi lm 4 years ago

      This was quite an interesting lens as it brought back the old days from I was a child--thanks again

    • juditpaton profile image

      Iudit Gherghiteanu 6 years ago from Ozun

      lot of work here to bring all those awesome coloring books, well done, thank you.

    • profile image

      TopTenLists 6 years ago

      That's a lot of coloring books! Now you need links to pens, pencils, crayons and paint supplies so kids can color them all in!

    • profile image

      chris_triby 6 years ago

      Geometric coloring books were always my favorite. I used to have tons of them. No idea where they are at now though. Thanks for reminding me of them!