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Coloring Page Craft Projects, Patterns, Ideas

Updated on September 21, 2017
Lee Hansen profile image

Coloring page artist /designer for more than 30 years; get printable coloring pages at Lee's web sites (link info on Profile page).

Easy Coloring Craft Activities

Coloring crafts are the most popular activity for young children but they're not only loved by kids. Coloring and sketching are often used for art therapy. Coloring craft projects are a great way to unwind and they're inexpensive creative arts for seniors and anyone on a budget.

All coloring page illustrations on this page are my own work.

Holiday Line Art Printable Pattern

Flames Sun Embroidery Pattern
Flames Sun Embroidery Pattern | Source
Fiesta template for coloring, painting, embroidery or wood burning.
Fiesta template for coloring, painting, embroidery or wood burning. | Source

Coloring craft sheets can be used as worksheets in the classroom or for home school activities and they're also fun for parties. The bottom line is that kids really like coloring craft activity sheets.

A page that includes pieces a child can color, cut out and assemble turns arts and crafts into a learning experience and builds fine motor skills.

Once you start to think "outside the lines" you'll find dozens of ways to design creative crafts from your own drawings and from coloring pages.

Stitchery Patterns from Coloring Pages

Embroidered Jacket Design Made with Coloring Page Art
Embroidered Jacket Design Made with Coloring Page Art | Source
Groundhog Coloring Sheet Used as Embroidery Template
Groundhog Coloring Sheet Used as Embroidery Template | Source

Let's Make Art in the Art Lab - Cool creative projects for every week of the year

Getting into art is fun for kids of all ages. This book might even inspire the young-at-heart with creative arts and crafts project ideas. Combines learning about classics with inventive exploratory arts and a variety of materials.

Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists of All Ages (Lab Series)
Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists of All Ages (Lab Series)

With 52 ideas for creative art, this is a full year curriculum or plenty of inspiration for all ages to explore art.


5 Easy Coloring Crafts Ideas

1. Use coloring pictures as templates for fabric crafts such as applique, quilting or simple stitch embroidery patterns.

2. Use coloring picture outlines for paper crafts, including pieced paper designs to make greeting cards or collages. Here's a cool example: Caramel Apple Card using a coloring page for the basic pattern.

3. Make tee shirt transfer from coloring pictures you've enlarged and printed, then color in the designs with fabric paints or heat-set crayons.

4. Paste finished coloring pictures onto a large piece of paneling or poster board to make a mural.

5. Use coloring sheet designs to make die cuts for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Try Projection Crafts from Coloring Page Art

Projection Stenciling
Projection Stenciling

With a simple projection machine like this you can display and trace super-enlarged images on canvas, walls, paper or other surfaces and make your own fantastic art, signs, murals and home decor using coloring page artwork.


Coloring Page Design Craft Template

Hearts coloring craft template printable
Hearts coloring craft template printable

Choose simple coloring page line art sheet to print and use for crafts or coloring projects.

For young kids a simple design like the one shown below might be a fun way to count down the days from February 1 to the 14th or just a fun and romantic wedding coloring page. Add stickers each day, or attach sweets and remove one each day, or write in a kind deed or thoughtful gesture every day.

Here are some ideas for making your own romantic crafts from this template. They're simple to cut with a craft knife, or if you have a craft cutter, use scan and cut feature to automatically create your template or design frames with heart cutouts.

Decorate fourteen hearts for your sweetheart design for Valentine's Day. Print the template directly ontp the back side of preprinted scrapbook paper (or print onto cardstock, trace onto back of paper), then cut out the hearts. Next layer the page with design side up over a sheet of white cardstock and glue together. Add sentiments or photos to the 14 different openings.

Print the design onto card stock. Paint glue inside the hearts and sprinkle with confetti, glitter or tissue paper bits. Outline the heart shapes with glitter glue or lace trims.

Design Your Own Custom Crafts - Coloring pages are a wonderful source of free craft patterns and art

Shamrocks design coloring craft pattern
Shamrocks design coloring craft pattern | Source

Canvas Artwork Crafts Based on Line Drawings

Use your favorite fills to add color and dimension

One clever and fun craft you can create from simple line drawings like coloring page pictures was recently demonstrated by Sarah of She made the most adorable dimensional butterfly artwork project using inexpensive 8x8 canvas art panels and common plastic craft beads (perler beads).

She transferred a butterfly outline to a prestretched canvas painting panel, then added color to each section with paint pens. After the paint was dry, she filled in the shapes with perler beads, attached to the canvas surface using a glue gun.

The results are a cute and colorful decorative butterfly wall panel for a child's room - it's cute as a bug.

I've used a similar technique to create collage art with torn paper fills.

I think I might try this technique using buttons and craft glue instead of perler beads and hot glue with my granddaughter this spring.

The abstract shamrock coloring sheet at right is the type of drawing you could use for this type of project.

Cut Paper Swags Designed with Coloring Page Art

Simple Shapes Combined and Cut
Simple Shapes Combined and Cut | Source
Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter with 4 Tools
Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter with 4 Tools

Cut fancy designs, diecut patterns, stencils, stickers, templates and party goods in your choice of craft papers and specialty stock, or print and cut word art and text from any font or predesigned layout.


I Love My Craft Cutting Machine

Create your own cutouts, stickers, stencils and wall art with a craft cutter and coloring page art.

I own a Silhouette Cameo craft cutter and I use it to make all sorts of paper crafts and gifts from my own clip art and coloring pages. I created the little gingerbread men paper garland above using the art from one of my printable Christmas coloring pages.

Did you know that coloring books can be a valuable and free source for craft patterns? You can design all types of crafts from line art pictures. I like to use drawings from coloring books or free printable pages to design my own unique patterns for sewing, embroidery, pieced paper works and collage.

You can create one-of--kind clip art images, paper borders, applique designs, pieced paper crafts, iris-folding apertures, stencil crafts, quilting patterns and iron on transfers from coloring page pictures. Start with a simple printed coloring page or a drawing you like, then color in the designs.

Make it into a a craft project: color it in, decorate it, design a cool poster, greeting card, mask, bookmark or paper toy, fabric craft - the possibilities for coloring crafts seem unlimited. Why not use a coloring page outline as a stencil for cake decorating?

Exotic Mardi Gras Mask Print Template - Make a Mardi Gras Mask with Free Template

Mardi Gras Mask Coloring Page
Mardi Gras Mask Coloring Page | Source

Download any simple printable coloring craft mask to make your own fancy fabric or felt mask for Halloween or Mardi Gras.

Who doesn't love mask making? Find and print off your favorite line art mask, then add colors and cut out. Or, use the flat print as a pattern to make a felt or fabric mask.

Butterfly Mask Template - Butterfly design craft template or butterfly coloring page

Butterfly mask template or coloring craft sheet
Butterfly mask template or coloring craft sheet

Fancy butterfly mask coloring page is perfect for kids or adults to use for crafts. An elaborate butterfly mask design like this is an ideal pattern for butterfly face paint or to make an elaborately stitched fabric or felt embroidered butterfly mask.

Coloring Craft Place Mats - Color in the Seasonal Designs

Halloween place mat match game
Halloween place mat match game

This Halloween place mat printable craft sheet (or one of you own design made from different simple illustrations) can become a game board and match game pieces, or it can be a place mat. If you enjoy embroidery, you could make an iron on stamper and use it for freestyle embroidery on a pillowcase or tea towel.

Game Board Print two copies of the artwork for each child,. Have kids add the colors to all the disks on both sheets, matching the colors on each one, then cut out the pieces from one sheet to use as match game pieces to place on the other.

Placemat Keep the kids busy before a dinner party with place mats to color in . For a lasting keepsake, laminate place mats or seal between two sheets of self-adhesive plastic.

Christmas Poster or Placemat Craft - Angel Singing Christmas Carols

Christmas Angel Placemat Craft Printable
Christmas Angel Placemat Craft Printable

Line art drawing of an angel with choir book is ideal to use as a placemat or could also be used as a poster or window decoration.

Embroidery If you're handy with embroidery you could create a transfer of this design on blue fabric, then embroider the design using white floss.

Luminaria or Window Decoration Try your hand at paper piercing. Print the design and then use a large pin or needle to poke holes along the lines. When finished, hang your pierced design in a window or stand it in front of an electric candle.

Laminate Your Place Mats

After kids have colored in their place mat craft sheets, laminate them and use them as game boards. Or if you want to use wipe off markers or washable crayons, laminate the coloring sheets beforehand and you can use the craft sheets many times.

Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 12 Assorted Pouches (TL902E)
Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 12 Assorted Pouches (TL902E)

Easy to use laminator seals your artwork in wipe-clean plastic covering.


Printable Coloring Ornaments - Design Your Own Gift Tags or Decorations

Christmas Tags Made with Coloring Page Art
Christmas Tags Made with Coloring Page Art | Source

Ornaments and cards you can color in are one of the most popular types of coloring art for children.

If you can find a full sheet of ready to color gift tags, just print and color then punch a hole to add a nice string or ribbon tie.

If you prefer to pick your own designs, simply find your favorites, then use a photocopy machine to reduce the size of favorite coloring pictures with simple drawings, then arrange them on one page and copy as many as you need. Or, if you're skilled using graphics programs, make a file of reduced images and print out the single sheet to create your craft ornaments template.

Creative Coloring Crafts for Kids: Collage

The art in coloring books or printable from thousands of freebies online ranges from simple characters and motifs for preschoolers to complicated designs for teens or budding artists.

The more traditional patterns or scenes that appeal to seniors and other adults who enjoy coloring.may be a bit too complicated for some crafts, but they're ideal for making iron on transfers, and gift wrap or to use for collage and decoupage.


Printable Greeting Cards - Clever Cards to Print and Color

Kids will enjoy these printable greeting cards to print, color, cut and fold.

Mothers Day Flowers Coloring Card,
Mothers Day Flowers Coloring Card,

Cool Letter Art Coloring Crafts

Letter Art 2: Cool and Colorful Letter Designs to Draw (American Girl Library)
Letter Art 2: Cool and Colorful Letter Designs to Draw (American Girl Library)

Easy instructions for drawing creative alphabets for making scrapbook pages, cards, invitations, and posters into works of art. Sample projects and special tips. Book includes 14 unique alphabets to trace or draw freehand, 8 sheets of tracing paper, and more than 30 sample ideas.

Mothers Day coloring bookmarks
Mothers Day coloring bookmarks

Bookmarks Coloring Crafts Printables

Handy craft bookmarks ready to print, color and cut out

Color In Bookmarks - designs for Mom, aunt or grandmother for Mother's Day, birthday or Valentine's Day plus a nice set of line art designs especially for Dads. There's one with hearts and happy Father's Day for grandfathers, and a set for Christmas, too.

Printable Bookmarks - DTLK site lets you design your own bookmarks, then print them out.

Activity Village Bookmarks to Color - print and color bookmark designs in many popular themes

Doodle Fun - Ultimate Coloring Crafts

Everyone loves doodling! This book offers fun doodle art projects for every season and month of the year. Full color how to book is fun and easy to use, helps you learn to draw and get crafty.


Two pages dedicated to each month of the year show you how to draw step by step. The most comprehensive doodling book available. Full color how to book - fun & easy to use for making your own coloring crafts.


Hand Drawn DIY Lettering for Crafters

Kid's Book of Creative Lettering
Kid's Book of Creative Lettering

Best book for beginners who want to learn how to letter - simple enough for kids. Shows how to add doodling to your letters.Includes a practice sheet; trace letters until you become a pro.


Angel Garland Coloring Sheet - Printable angel templates for making your own garlands and swags

Angel swag garland coloring craft template
Angel swag garland coloring craft template

Make a choir of angels garland swag for the Christmas tree, window or bulletin board with this printable line art craft template.

gingerbread cookie ornaments to color and cut out
gingerbread cookie ornaments to color and cut out

Printable Coloring Craft Ornaments and Decorations

Color in and cut out free printable party decorations and holiday ornaments

Gingerbread Ornaments - cute gingerbread girls and gingerbread boys to color and cut out

Stand Up Turkey Decoration - color, cut and fold a Thanksgiving Turkey

Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Craft - Use Halloween Coloring Pages to Make Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Want to create an unforgettable Halloween Pumpkin this year? Print out your favorite Halloween Coloring Sheets (reduce or enlarge the picture on your computer or with a copy machine to fit your pumpkin), grab a pumpkin carving tool set or some inexpensive acrylic paints, and decorate your Halloween pumpkin with style!

  1. Print out a Halloween picture that will fit your pumpkin. Choose a Halloween coloring page with simple lines or omit extra details from the design.
  2. Tape the coloring page picture to your pumpkin, then use a push pin or ice pick to punch through the design lines into the pumpkin skin about every half inch to leave a dotted line on the pumpkin that you can use as your stencil guide.
  3. Remove the coloring page pattern, then trace over the punch marks with a permanent marker - use a fine marker if you're going to carve the pumpkin or use a wide tip marker if you're planning to decorate your Halloween pumpkin with paints. I like to use black marker but you can use any color that will be easy for you to see - permanent markers won't rub off or streak.
  4. Fill in the spaces of your coloring page design with paint, or remove pieces of the design from the pumpkin shell and flesh with pumpkin carving tool to create your Halloween pumpkin design.

Experiment with different cutting depths to create interesting lighting effects. If you don't cut all the way through the pumpkin shell, you'll be able to create a design that will glow with a frosted glass window effect. Thinner shell areas will glow more brightly than sections that barely cut the pumpkin skin.

Pumpkin stencil photo by TheSchoolHouse on Flickr

The New Book of Image Transfer: How to Add Any Image to Almost Anything with Fabulous Results
The New Book of Image Transfer: How to Add Any Image to Almost Anything with Fabulous Results

Beginner's book on decorative image transfer. Want something new to spruce up old crockery, coordinate household furnishings, or add punch to plain walls? Learn how to give everything from pillows to glassware to candles a smooth, fun, new look with coloring pictures or any images you wish to transfer.


Coloring Crafts: Image Transfer - Transfer Images from Coloring Pages to Anything

Learn to transfer art made with simple coloring pages, clip art or other images to just about any smooth surface.

Doodle Stitchery - Coloring Pictures and Needle Arts

Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners
Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners

Learn styles for outlining, filling, decorating, and appliqué. Get the the lowdown on transferring your very own designs onto every type of fabric. Fresh ideas, witty patterns, and clever color illustrations take stitchers from novice to accomplished in a blink of the eye!


Make a Coloring Portrait from a Photo

Make a Coloring Portrait from a Photo
Make a Coloring Portrait from a Photo

Thrill the Kids with a Coloring Craft Photo Picture

Even if you can't draw, you can make a very special coloring page from any digital photo or scanned photograph. This is an interesting coloring craft project for adults or children.

Convert a digital photograph to black and white greyscale, then remove the color and fade the lines in a basic image editing program.

The coloring picture is ready to use at this point, but if you want to take it a step further you can use tracing paper and a light table to make a clean line drawing by tracing over the main outlines of the greyscale picture. When you've created a portrait tracing drawing you like, use transfer paper or ink to print the outlines onto paper or transfer to fabric, then start coloring with your favorite coloring tools, or use the picture as a pattern for stitchery.

Easy Fabric Art Design Markers

Coloring on fabric just got simple! No mess! No clean-up! All colors mix well. Use for coloring, dyeing & decorating on all fabrics.

Uchida Graffiti Fabric Marker Value Set 30/Pkg-
Uchida Graffiti Fabric Marker Value Set 30/Pkg-

Fabric dye in a penis much easier to handle than brushes and paints.Pigment fabric dye is permanent after drying. Non-toxic. Brush tip. Includes lemon, apple green, magenta, grey, peacock blue and violet.


Design Your Own Rubber Stamps

Make Your Own Rubber Stamps from Coloring Page Pictures

Coloring Book Crafts - DIY Rubber Stamps

If you like crafting rubber stamps and want to create your own designs, try making your own rubber stamp or digital stamp from a coloring page line art drawing you like.

Rubber Stamp Design Note:If you're using a design with words or numbers you'll need to "reverse" the artwork so that when they print they'll read the right way. If you don't do this you'll get a backwards mirror image on your prints. You can use a computer graphics program for this step, or your printer may have a setting for "tee shirts" or "iron on transfers" which will print the picture backwards (which in this case is the right way so your words will print correctly when you stamp them out)

DIY Rubber Stamp Craft Supplies

Carving tools

Craft Knife (X-Acto or something similar)

Thick piece of craft rubber for carving (from craft stores)

Block of wood to hold the rubber stamp after it's carved. This should be slightly larger than the rubber piece you're carving.

Stamp pad with ink or water based pigment

  1. Select a coloring picture with not too much detail.
  2. Use a computer or photocopy machine to shrink your coloring book artwork to a small size that fits on your rubber sheet/slab.
  3. Mark the areas to cut and not cut on your coloring page art master, then transfer the design to the rubber sheet.
  4. Carve your rubber stamp, removing the areas that won't get ink and leaving the areas that will print.

    Stick the rubber sheet to the block of wood.

  5. Ink your rubber stamp and PRINT!

Printable coloring pages for all ages
Printable coloring pages for all ages | Source

Free Printable Coloring Page Activity Sheets - Color, cut and paste crafts for children

Coloring craft projects in a single printable activity sheet - great for classroom or party fun.

Crayon Crafts

What can you do with crayons besides coloring pictures? Plenty. For starters, check out out these fun and easy crayon crafts projects and ideas:

New Candles from Old Crayons - use up nubs and bits of old crayons to make colorful Christmas candles.

Chunky Crayons Another nifty crayon recycling trick: make chunky crayons from broken bits of old crayons. Melt down broken bits of crayons in a cupcake tin. Use low heat - less than 300 degrees F - and only fill the tins about half full. When the crayons are soft and melted down, remove the tin from the oven and cool the "crayon cakes" before removing from the pan.

© 2008 Lee Hansen

Coloring Crafts Comments and Connections - Say hi, and suggest other coloring crafts pages or lenses.

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