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Craft Storage Solutions

Updated on February 6, 2013

Best Storage for Crafts

Crafting is fun, but every type of craft requires great storage solutions. As a craft lover myself, I've put together this page of the best storage for crafts. All crafts require a variety of tools and supplies, so then the challenge becomes where to keep it all. Whether your craft of choices is scrapbooking, crochet, knitting, jewelry crafting, or something else, you need a place to keep all of your tools and supplies safe and handy.

Below you will find a variety of craft caddies and other great craft storage solutions. You are sure to find craft storage to fit your needs here, regardless of what kinds of projects you enjoy doing.

Image: Polka dot craft storage caddy

I'm so crafty maternity shirt
I'm so crafty maternity shirt

Craft Storage Ideas

Storage for craft supplies

I've always been crafty. It was inevitable that I would be interested in crafts because my mother is super crafty (she's a florist, amazing cook, can draw, sew, and make things out of nothing like a mama Macgyver) and my dad is a creative thinker. I began using wood glue to paste together my building blocks to create various new creations when I was five years old and I've been crafting ever since, it's an addiction really.

Over the years I've tried a variety of craft storage solutions from using tackle boxes to organize my jewelry crafting supplies (works great by the way) to using Tupperware bins to keep my sewing materials from taking over our home. Some of my craft storage ideas have worked great and some not so much. That is why I created this page to help fellow crafters organize their tools and supplies.

Best Craft Storage Ideas

A Great Craft Storage Idea is a Craft Caddy - Best storage caddy for crafts

This canvas storage caddy is perfect for a variety of craft projects. It features many pockets and elastic loops to help keep all of your crafting tools and supplies neatly organized and all within hand's reach.

Portable Craft Caddies - A craft caddy makes a great storage container

My favorite craft storage solutions are caddies. I absolutely love portable craft caddies. They allow me to grab a variety of supplies and tools and not only take them from room to room, but also easily bring to a friend's house to work on a project. I like to have one caddy for paper crafts, another for sewing projects, one for needle crafts, and so on. Just imagine all of the items you could easily tuck away in one of these handy storage caddies.

Great Craft Storage Solution - Best craft storage idea for a variety of projects

A tackle box style storage container is great for storing a variety of crafting materials. The little compartments are perfect for housing buttons, beads, sequins and more. The hard case protects your supplies and the individual dividers keep it all neatly organized. No matter what your favorite craft medium is, you're sure to find a use for this handy craft storage solution.

More Craft Storage Boxes - Tackle style storage for crafts

Crafters of all types love this craft storage boxes. They are rugged and will last for years and the separate compartments store all your supplies neatly.

Craft Storage on Wheels - Craft tote on wheels

I have a tote on wheels like this that I use to house all of my crochet supplies and I absolutely love it. I can fit 10 or more skeins of yarn in it. I use individual compartments for my scissors, stitch markers, crochet hooks, and more. It even has a large outside pocket I use to keep my favorite crochet hook handy. Best of all, it's on wheels making it super portable.

Craft Storage on Wheels - Craft totes on wheels

You will be able to find a ton of uses for these craft storage containers on wheels.

Which is your favorite craft storage solution?

Which craft storage idea is your favorite?

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Craft Storage on eBay

Find a great deal on craft storage containers on eBay.

Have any great craft storage solutions to share? - Leave me a note or just say hi

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