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Crafting Online Ideas - Handmade Greeting Cards

Updated on June 20, 2012

Vintage Greeting Cards - Crafting Online Ideas

Welcome to my Squidoo lens Vintage Greeting Cards also Crafting Online ideas! Here I will showcase some of the most beautifully handmade vintages cards online. Most of the cards are made within the UK and they are truly stunning with coloured glitter and some are even 3D designed.

Stunning Flower Basket Vintage Greeting Cards

vintage flowers greeting cards
vintage flowers greeting cards

This vintage greeting card is just beautifully made there is a vase full of flowers, on the flowers there is even hand dusted glitter. This card is can be for any occasion comes with coloured designed envelope.

If you would like to purchase this vintage greeting card please click link below

Love Birds Vintage Romantic Cards

This vintage card is for all you romantics out there! On the card there are to love birds holding a note between the birds beaks.

In the background there gorgeous array of flowers with lots of colours. Even the border of the card it has gold flower patten.

To purchase this stunning vintage greeting card please click below thank you.

Gorgeous Vintage Butterfly Greeting Cards

This handmade vintage greeting card has huge almost lifelike butterfly with most beautiful colours also there are two more smaller butterflies, in the background there are array of stunning flowers the edge of the cards is gold Patten.

If you would like to purchase this card or get further information please click the link below.

Vintage Air ballon Floating in The Park

This really has to be seen close-up to really capture the real detail of this vintage greeting card there is a large air balloon hovering over the park also the lake were this a gorgeous white swan and man in a boat rowing. So much going on this card there is even stunning flowers all around the edge of the vintage card.

If you would like to purchase this special vintage card please click the link below.

Enchanting Vintage Garden Greeting Cards

WOW what can I say about this vintage greeting card truly stunning in detail with lots of glitter I call this the secret garden there is large vase full of flowers there are stunning butterflies and birds flying around. This is one of my favourites if I had to choose what's your favourite!

Please click the link if you would like to purchase this card.

Viintage Roses Greeting Cards

This vintage card has full of lovely roses in a vase the petals have glitter hand dusted on them to make the roses really sparkle.

If you would like to purchase this greeting card please click on the link below thank you.

Vintage Fairy Greeting Cards

This Vintage card is one of my all time favourites it is so beautifully made there is a magical fairy in a lovely pink flower designed dress in the background there lots of smaller fairies. Also there are two butterflies guarding over the fairies.

Please click the link below if you would like to purchase the beautiful vintage fairy card.

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