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Craftrobo Cutter

Updated on September 9, 2016
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine

Cutting is An Important Part of Crafting

If you want to cut a card stock to make a wedding invite similar to the one featured here, it will take must time and effort. In the end, the edges of the paper is not smooth and you will end up frustrated with your output.

Whether you are making wedding invitations, party invitations, favors or giveaways, or scarpbooking, a n excellent cutter is what you need to make all your projects done exactly with what you have in mind. It is totally frustrating if you have that wonderful design in mind but you cannot implement it because you cant do the accurate cut at the middle of your material. Get a craft robo cutter and you can cut any patterns you want with it. Moreover, it cuts not only cardstocks but also vinyl.

I purchased my craftrobo model 3330 in 2009, and until now, it is still working. Lucky me, I got the opportunity of buying it directly from Japan where the manufacturing center is. There is actually no need to go there to buy one, craftrobo items are available online, make several clicks and wait for its delivery right into your home.

Amazing Outputs - Before going further, let me show you what craftrobo can do

Have I caught your attention? Read along to know more about this machine. You'll know that it is a handy, light machine with which you can do majestic projects.

Easily, effortlessly cut the butterfly figure in the photo shown with your machine. This is still one of the simplest that you can do with your craftrobo machine. Google online 3d card or Pop up cards and you will see many attractive output. Imagine if you can also make some of those! Then, you do not need to worry anymore about what to give as a gift during family gathering, occasions or special events.

My experience with craftrobo

It is an excellent gadget

It is an excellent gadget for your craft cutting needs. At first, I had a big problem since I got my CC330 directly from Japan through a friend. When I started it, the characters are Japanese and I cannot reset the language. I emailed customer support and they responded promptly with snapshots of the steps I should do. Successfully, I was able to reset the language to English. The manual is also in Japanese texts but I did not have problem with that. The PDF files of the manuals are readily available for download in their website.

Mine has three options for cutting materials in different thickness. These three are color coded so you will surely not mix it up. Be careful not to use the one for thick papers in cutting thin materials, otherwise, you will scratch or damage the pad.

I have never had much satisfaction than having this mighty machine. It carried my card making business to a level with countless designs to create.

Monetize Your Hobby with the Pro

GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Vinyl Cutter (aka: CraftROBO PRO)
GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Vinyl Cutter (aka: CraftROBO PRO)

Go for the pro. One of my mistakes is getting the cheaper option with the thought that I was still starting my business and I am not sure if I will push through with it. Erase those negative thoughts and think positively that your business will prosper and expand. At that time, you will be thankful that you bought the pro because you will not need to buy a new one.


Design it, Print it, then Cut It

It is as easy as one, two,three

If you have a computer and a craftrobo, you can design what you want to cut, print, cut and Bingo! You got what you wanted to accomplish. Cardmakers or crafters like you and me knew that the more intricate the curves are, the more precise the cuts are, and the finer and delicate it is, the greater the product would be. You will amaze your client too with your handmade cards with those unbelievable cuts featured in it.

Check the designs on store to see what I mean. Have you always wanted to make one of those?

If you want your product perfect with an embossing, check my cuttlebug lens here.

Cut, Folded and Assembled

Easy to Use with Pro-looking Output

It’s a computerized cutter. Anything that you can design, you can cut it out. That’s really awesome! Read the manual carefully before you start installing and using your machine. Master the parts before you start operating it.

To begin with, you can download free templates online. Many creative crafters are benevolent enough to share what they created for free. If you need more sophisticated designs, there are ready to use templates for sale. I bought my DVD filled with wedding related templates. IT is worth the money spent because you do not need to spend time designing and outlining the areas to be cut. You just need to print it and cut it. It’s ready.

I started by using the downloadable templates from Graphtec website, the company that produces craftrobo. Then, I browsed several blogs online that offers tutorials and free templates.

Pop Up Cards

If you had been making pop up cards, you know that the most difficult part is cutting where it should be cut and folding where it should be folded. When you switch these, you ruin your project.

With craftrobo, you can designate the lines to be cut.

And the lines to be folded - craftrobo will cut dashed lines.

This will give you much ease and accuracy in folding it.

3D Crafts with craftrobo

Precise cuts an precise folds:

These are the two most important things

you need in order to make

great 3D items

Whether you are making a table name or table tag for a wedding,

a wedding favor, or simple gift boxes, or other tiny crafty 3D items

you can count on craftrobo to most of the task.

For starters, you can download free templates in the official website of craftrobo

or from several crafting blogs.

You may purchase templates online too.

Cut with craftrobo; emboss with cuttlebug

Creating crafts with these two gadgets gives you great results

Impress designs on the surface of the cardstock you use with a cuttlebug. There are lots of designs you can buy in eBay. The cuttlebug machine is not costly too.

If you want to read more about cuttlebug, check my other hub.

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