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50 Darling Homemade Gifts to Make for Baby Ideas

Updated on November 20, 2016
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I love arts and crafts. I used to volunteer teach an elementary art class and love sharing tutorials for fun crafts to make with kids.

I went on a Google search looking for the best crafts for baby that I could find. I searched for gifts that a new mom would love to receive; those that would be most helpful to her and her baby.I think I found some of the best baby craft ideas available and I want to share those craft projects with you. You'll notice that besides showing a nice sized picture, depicting the baby craft item, you'll be taken directly to the project pattern or directions, just by clicking on the displayed name of the site.

For the directions to make the beautiful picture frame shown above, go to CRAFTS BY Amanda.

1. Baby Snuggler

Babies feel secure when they are warm and sleepy. This snuggler, which is warmed in the microwave and fitted close to baby, gives that warm secure feeling. Find out how to make this baby snuggler by going to In Between Laundry for the tutorial.

2. Little Man(ly) Bibs

The mother of a new baby boy will love to receive these manly bibs for her little man. The instructions for making these bibs is found at Make It & Love It.

3. Baby Birdies Mobile

Using different colored and prints for the little birds will make this a perfect fit for the new baby's room. Consider making these little birdies, string them on a garland or leave them individual, and hang them as baby shower decorations. You'll find the tutorial for this project at ECAB.

4. To-Go Bags

It's always nice to see gift ideas that will make the new mom's life a bit easier. These "to-go bags" are an example of a very thoughtful gift. You'll find all the information that you'll need to make this baby gift by going to PROCRASTINATION STATION. Be sure to read the short blog so you'll know where to find the earlier information for this item.

5. Simple Baby Shower Decorations

6. Stretchy Headband for Baby

Mothers who want their baby girls to wear headbands know that it's very important that the headband be soft and comfortable, otherwise the headband won't be allowed to stay on the baby head. This stretchy headband is the comfortable kind that baby will allow to stay on her head. You'll find the tutorial for making the stretchy headband at Little Birdie Secrets.

7. Mom and Baby Bag

Can't you just see the new mom's eyes light up when she sees this set? You'll go to creative kismet for the instructions.

8. Barn Door Baby Gate

Isn't this just the cutest idea ever for a baby safety gate? The purchased gates are usually not very attractive, even if they are needed and serviceable. You'll love how easy it is to make a baby gate like this one. Just go to simply kierste for the easy to understand and follow tutorial.

9. Ruffled Ice Cream Cones

Imagine using ice cream cones as a theme for a baby shower or a little kids birthday party. I love these cute ruffled ice cream cones and can see them used as a mobile in a baby's room also. For the instructions to make these ice cream cones, go to Icing Designs.

10. Sleep Sack

One piece, all in one sleepers are a real God-send for the new mother. They are easy to put on the baby, keep the baby covered and simple to wash. RUNNING WITH SCISSORS gives great instructions on how to make the sleep sacks shown here. Change the colors and prints to please the new mother's style.

11. Barefoot Sandals

These little barefoot sandals are just the cutest thing ever. It will take no time at all to crochet a pair of these sweet little sandals. The instructions for making the barefoot sandals is found at The Misadventures of Homemade. For baby boys, just omit the flower.

12. Crocheted Booties and Bibs - Day-Of-The-Week-Set

Babies go through a lot of bibs and booties, so this day-of-the-week set will be a welcome gift. You'll find the pattern on the favecrafts site.

13. Tugging Box

I don't care how much you pay for a baby toy, the baby will still prefer a simple everyday and homemade toy. Look how much they love to bang pots and pans. Make this tugging box, which I think is a magnificent idea, by going to laughing kids learn for the instructions.

14. Tulle Pom Poms

Making these tulle pom poms to decorate for a baby shower is a quick and easy idea. You'll find the instructions for making tulle pom pom at See Vanessa Craft. Hang these individually or make a garland.

15. Pacifier Pocket

There is a loop added to this pacifier pocket that allows you to hang it on a purse strap so you can get at it quickly. This pacifier pocket, with the tutorial found at we all sew, is an item mother's really appreciate.

16. Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket assures you that the baby's legs will stay covered. This is most needed when the baby starts moving around a lot at night, and kicks out of his blankets. Find the instructions for making a wearable blanket at Make It & Love It.

17. The Baby Train

Use this cute train, made with flower pots, as a baby shower decoration and then to the decorate the baby's room. For the directions on how this baby train is made, go to the favecrafts site.

18. Fabric High Chair

Now you can take the baby's high chair with you in the diaper bag. Really, I love this idea, especially since I'm a grandma and this is the perfect answer for when the baby comes to visit. Go to Crystal’s Craft Spot for the pattern and directions. Great gift idea!!

19. Diaper Babies

This is really a cute way to include diapers with a baby gift. Use them as baby shower decorations first, and then present them to the mom-to-be. See how easy these little diaper babies are to make by going to the pharMA site for the tutorial.

20. Binky Leash and Carry Bag

Always know where baby's binky is and when it's not in use, put it safely away in it's on carry bag. Find the instructions for making this set at sew4home.

21. Pinwheel Garland

Felt pinwheels on a length of ribbon makes for a beautiful baby shower decoration. Find the instructions for making the garland at that cute little cake . You'll be directed to an earlier blog for how to make the felt pinwheels.

22. Changing Pad and Wipes Holder

You or hubby will know exactly where the baby wipes are when you use this changing pad. Find the directions for this useful item at cluck cluck SEW.

23. Baby Shoe Favors

A template is includes with the tutorial at ohbabyboy that allows you to make your baby shoe favors with whatever paper, ribbon or fabric that you choose. This is an outstanding baby shower favors idea, appropriate for boy or girl baby shower.

24. Baby Onesies and Other Baby Gifts

25. Nursing Cover

This cover gives mom the privacy that she and the baby need, and is also attractive. Find the directions for this cover at sew4home.

26. Baby Booties

These little shoes are just too cute. Easy to make so you can make a pair for each outfit. Go to the Martha Stewart site for all the directions.

27. Baby Caps

Little knit caps will keep baby's head covered without being too warm. Go to zaaberry to see how this set is made.

28. Ruffled Bloomers

These are just the cutest little bloomers that I think I've ever seen. Go to Me Sew Crazy for the pattern and tutorial.

29. Felt Butterflies

Go to Design Dazzle to find out how to make these attractive felt butterflies.

30. Toms Inspired Shoes

Not only do these little baby and toddler shoes look cute, they also look comfortable. Make these Toms inspired shoes for a little one that you know by following the instructions at homemade toast.

31. Baby Leg Warmers

These cute little baby leg warmers are made using women's knee socks. So easy to do and so especially cute. For the tutorial for making these baby leg warmers, go to Baby Making Machine. Save baby's knees by covering them with leg warmers.

32. Bottle Strap

You'll never have an unhappy baby who has lost his bottle when in his or her car seat with this terrific bottle strap. See how to make this useful baby item by going to small fry & co for the instructions.

33. Shopping Cart Cover

This is a terrific shopping aid when taking the baby along. Use this cover in the shopping cart or if eating out, use it in a high chair. Then just fold it up and tuck it in your purse. Layer batting between the fabrics to make it softer. The instructions for making this cover is found at lil blue boo.

34. Baby Afghan

All moms love to wrap their babies in soft, warm blankets. This crocheted afghan, with directions found at, will be a much welcomed gift.

35. Training Pants

Who says training pants have to have a ho-hum, unstylish look? Imagine how cute these can be made for either a boy or a girl, just by the different fabric chosen. The tutorial for this great idea is found at It’s A Long Story.

36. Baby Bibs

This is one item that I don't think a new mother can have too many of. Find the pattern and directions for making these bibs at

37. How to Make a Portable High Chair

38. Baby Mittens

Keep those little baby fingers warm by making little mittens for them. The directions that you'll find at Speckled Owl Studio shows you exactly how to make them.

39. Baby Rag Quilt

This is a beautiful baby quilt that any mother would love to receive as a gift for her baby. See how to make this rag quilt by going to Do It Yourself Divas for the tutorial.

40. Onesie Cupcakes

Make unique and useful baby shower gifts by following the tutorial for making onesie cupcakes at club chica circle. This is a really great baby gift.

41. Cloche With Flower

I love the looks of this little cloche and if the baby that's due in August is a girl, this grandma is going to have to make a couple of these. I'll go to Handmade to find the directions.

42. Pinafore

Sew this cute and easy to make pinafore for some little girl, and you'll make a mother very happy. The tutorial for making this pinafore can be found on the smashedpeas and carrots site.

43. Easy Burp Cloth

A matching bib and burp cloth would make a nice gift for the new mom and baby. You'll find this easy project at PRUDENT BABY.

44. Car Seat Cover

With the winter months coming on, a car seat cover will be an especially appreciated gift. The tutorial and patterns for making this baby car seat cover can be found at small fry & co. A great cover to use any time of year, just use the appropriate fabric for the time of year.

45. Butterfly Throw

This beautiful butterfly throw will be a much loved blankie for years to come. Go to ALLFREECROCHET for the instructions for crocheting this throw. I think that little girls and big girls would love this throw.

46. Diaper Changer Pad

Whether this is a gift for a new mother, or if the baby is a bit older, you can bet she'll appreciate this diaper changer pad which is made using a vinyl tablecloth. Find the tutorial at lil blue boo and make a gift that will be inexpensive to make, but priceless as a gift.

47. Old McDonald Puppets

As soon as the baby starts noticing his or her surroundings, you'll be able to entertain the little one with one of these puppets. Even older kiddies will love to play with these. Go to Playing HOUSE for the patterns.

48. Swaddle Blanket

You'll find the pattern for making this adorable swaddle blanket at Pretty PRUDENT. This will be a gift very much appreciated by the new mom.

49. Loving Felt Booties

You can easily make a pair of felt booties from every color felt that is available. Find the directions at ThingsDeeLoves. So cute and so easy.

50. Boo Boo Bears

Every parent and grandparent needs to have a boo boo bear tucked away in the freezer to bring out when a child gets a boo boo. Find the instructions for making this bear at A Creative Princess. Makes a great baby gift also.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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      Besthappyauthor 3 years ago

      I love all the gift ideas. They all are really cute.

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      FionaWalters 4 years ago

      Nice list of gift ideas to craft for someone special.

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      baileyvisuals 4 years ago

      A great lens, some really useful ideas for unique gifts, especially if you are struggling for that special present.