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Make A Holiday Cranberry Wreath

Updated on May 2, 2017

Craft A Holiday Wreath With Fresh Cranberries

Article By Sharon Stajda

This wonderful holiday cranberry wreath is so festive, and I might say very easy to make. it's a great craft project that even the "craft challenged person" will enjoy doing.

In our home we have a great Holiday tradition I would like to share. On Thanksgiving day after the feast has been devoured, the dishes are done, and the men are settled in front if the TV watching football, the ladies proceed to pull out the cranberries, toothpicks,bows, and anything else we might need to craft our yearly festive Holiday cranberry wreath. We have a great time with this tradition, plus we all end up with a wonderful fresh one of a kind seasonal decoration for our homes. I might add, cranberries dry slowly over the holiday season, and actually last long into winter. You will enjoy your creation until you decide to take it down. After the Holiday I choose to just change up the bow to a raffia bow, wire a few cinnamon sticks to the wreath, and keep it up until end of winter. It makes a charming decoration in the kitchen or actually any room all winter long. I hope I have interested you to make a wreath for your home. Perhaps you will consider making a few extra, and giving them as Holiday gifts. Most people love to receive a handmade gift. Handmade gifts work to convey that a lot of thought,and special effort was put into the choosing a very special gift.

Items You Will Need To Have On Hand To Create Your Cranberry Wreath

You can purchase these items at most craft store.

Styrofoam Wreath - green color round with flat back

Wooden toothpicks

Cranberries - two bags per wreath

Red color craft paint

small sponge brush

ribbon to fashion bow

The wreath is easy to make! It will add Christmas cheer to where ever you hang it ...


Styrofoam wreath

You can use a completely round styrofoam wreath or a wreath that is rounded at the top and flat at the bottom. I prefer the completely rounded shape. .

Red Acrylic Paint

Time to paint the styrofoam wreath. I suggest choosing a good red acrylic paint. When painting the wreath make sure the wreath is well painted to ensure that any area of the wreath will appear red, and that none of the green of the wreath show through. Make sure the wreath is totally dry. If you have completed the first step, and your wreath is fully dried, it's time to start adding your fresh cranberries.

Time To Get Out The Wooden Toothpicks

Step one - Cut the toothpicks in half.

Step Two - Time To Add The Cranberries To The Toothpick

Start by remove any soft or spoiled cranberries. Then it's time to stab each cranberry with a piece of toothpick. Make sure you don't stab it clear through,poke the cranberry half through.

Step Three Cover - Time to stick the cranberries into the wreath. Make sure every inch of the styrofoam wreath is covered with cranberries. The design is up to you . Add berries in a row to make a symmetrical design design or just mix it up. I as a rule opt to add the cranberries in a sporadic pattern. Both look wonderful.

Add A Great Big Bow ... This Is Where You Can Get Creative

It's time to get creative, and make the wreath your own. You can make a bow or buy one already made up at a craft store. You may opt to wrap a length of ribbon around the wreath with bow at base of the wreath, this makes it easy to hang the wreath over a door or mirror. Get creative !

I like to add other items to the wreath, such as a bit of holly, gold twine, raffia, use your imagination.

Do you know how to make a great big bow? Nothing looks more festive on a wreath than a pretty large bow.

You may want to check out the youtube below. This youtube offers easy instructions on how to make a perfect bow.

How To Make Christmas Bows

Completed Cranberry Wreath


I Just Have To Ask

Do you think you will make a cranberry wreath?

See results

For All You Bird Watchers

The Birds and Squirrels Love Cranberries

Tip; After the Holiday season ends you may want to consider hanging the cranberry wreath out of doors. The little critters will enjoy the treat. Plus you may spot some wonderful wild birds as you enjoy your morning coffee.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Way cool. Look out this Christmas. Maybe I will make one for a gift as well. Thanks for the idea.

    • profile image

      Keaka77 9 years ago

      Very interesting. Keep up the good work.. Great lens....

      Vanilla Bean