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Give the Mom-to-Be a Beautiful Baby Shower Card &/or Scrapbook - These Tutorials & Free Printables Make It Easy

Updated on July 15, 2014

It's as Easy as One(sie), Two, Th(F)ree!

A baby shower! Awesome! And it deserves an awesome card. Why be content with 'something massproduced' when you can hand make something for the Mom-&-Baby-to-Be? Why not give this sweet onesie card (pictured left)? Or the teddy with his bouquet of "Congratulations" flowers? How about that adorable pinwheel card, the hot air balloon or those amazing scrapbook pages?

Turtorials for all these are right here on this lense. Some are projects shared by creative YouTubers - like the onesie card. Some are free printable creations shared via the internet. And there's lots more on this lens. Please come and browse, you're sure to find something that's special enough for the big day...

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft;; TikiBoo78 @ Youtube; Rook No.17; S.Ritchie

Onesie, Twosie, Pinky, Bluey

Frida Kahlo Moses Nucleus Of Creation 91x72 [Kitchen]
Frida Kahlo Moses Nucleus Of Creation 91x72 [Kitchen]

God's greatest miracle is life, new life. That's what Mom-to-Be is bringing into the world - new life. C'mon let's celebrate!


Say "Congratulations!" with Flowers...

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

Image Credit:

Rock with These Baby Roller-Stroller Cards

... Teddy Does!

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

... He stood there in his dripping mac' and didn't want to talk about the BBC. "I mean," he said, "Why ask me to talk on the radio with all these bombers comin' over and the world (supposedly) ending? Why not get the Archbishop of Canterbury?"

I didn't need to say anything. The Archbishop of Canterbury was probably drafting up his surrender papers; at least 'Jack' still believed in freedom, which is why he kept fighting even when the bombers were coming over...

Mom (-to-Be) Knows Best, So Says Wise Owl from This Sweet Card

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

An Elephant Never Forgets... - To craft a beautiful card for a baby shower!

Image Credit:

May All Your Days with Your Coming Little One Be As a Summer Day

Image Credit:

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

GOEBBELS: The bunker / Country of my heart's desire...

GOERING: Alright, we're in a war-zone. You can tell me the truth. It's rotten isn't it?

GOEBBELS: [fingering his emetic pills again; that's how he manages to go around assure everyone the future's bright when it isn't]

GOERING: Have they at least declared the bathroom a demilitarized zone?


GOERING: Just asking.

GOEBBELS: Not where I'd pick for a tryst with a complete stranger...

GOERING: You don't have trysts with complete strangers.

GOEBBELS: [shocked] You don't do *that*. You have to be friends for a bit first... and (ah) you know... then...

GOERING: Exactly. You should make a film about that; the Reich's lost it. Abso-#-loutely lost it. [pause] At least you like who you're with.

GOEBBELS: Um, [confidentially] why would I be with her if I didn't like her?

Up, Up & Away (into Motherhood)! - Not *exactly* baby shower cards, baby shower 'balloons' that will last 'forever'...


To You & Your L'll Angel

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

When There's a Little Princess (or Prince) on the Way

Image Credit:

Happy Boo-by Shower (for the Halloween Mom-to-Be)

Image Credit:

For a Mom-to-Be Who Loves Snapping Pics with Her iPhone or Polaroid

Image Credit:; S. Ritchie

... Baby showers are pic-worthy in Narnia too!

All Text © S. Ritchie

The centaurs of Narnia are also the midwives, though here everyone gathers round in joy when there's a baby on the way. Whether it's a baby faun or baby deer, whether it's a baby centaur or a baby Child of Adam, everyone is excited. It's a custom in Narnia to place the baby-mamma on a litter made of flowers and branches, and carry her to the River Shribble, where the river gods hold a christening-in-advance, and the fauns 'pipe' up a baby shower feast for everyone. It's important to the Narnians that the Narnian-to-Be knows that they're welcome, even before they've arrived. And it's also important to the Narnians that the mom-to-be knows she's loved and surrounded by friends, that there really is a village there to help her raise junior. As you can imagine, Narnians love children (whether they're Children of Adam, or baby fauns or baby foxes or baby wolves), and a child-on-the-way brings them out to celebrate because "here is one more beautiful life to share our beautiful land. Horray for Narnia!"

Scrapbook Pages for the Baby-to-Be... Awww!

And More!

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

Alright, Maybe It's a Little Early for Baby Pictures... - But what about baby 'bump' pics or ultrasounds?

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

Don't forget that your guys may wanna come to the baby shower too!

Image Credit: Public Domain

To me, the birth of a new baby is a beautiful and perfect moment. I'm glad there's a new custom allowing [guys]... to be in the delivery room, because I would have dearly loved that for myself - with my own wife and daughter. But I could still be at the baby shower, and my sisters said I made as much fuss about it as they did. I was always surprised when some men sulked about baby showers, and about looking at baby photos and the rest. "I am almost at the point of declaring you don't deserve her, and the new one," I would say to them, "Almost. This should be the start of the next part of your life together, not a whinging festival."

'Reynard' - World War I Flying Ace; Double Age for the Allies WWII

Kawaii Baby Shower!

Image Credit: Canon Papercraft

"Mom is Mom, Regardless of Where Baby Comes From." - (True Confessions of an Alien Baby!)

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

"This is Mom, in the middle there. You can tell, Mom is Mom; you can tell her anywhere. That is me on the right, my bro' has the pipe. Some people say I don't look like Mom, but I disagree. I look just like her. She says so. She's always said so. Right from the time she brought us both home from the hospital, actually before that too. She always wanted boys (she said) and here were two l'll gifts from the Lord right there in the arms of the maternity nurse. She says I was holding onto my bro' ('Toady') tightly, as if to say 'I want you to be my bro'. And she remembers we always got along well as boys - 'Nothing like the other boys' she used to say 'Not hating each other or taking each other's things. Real boys, you were. And always good to yer Mom'. I am proud to hear that. Because I don't let anything in the galaxy separate me from Mom. And that's how my story started..."

'Jack' - Real Life Alien Baby Tells All!

Now ('Jack' continues) I've always been against racists. I have no truck with racists and I've always made that clear. I'll fight anyone who uses the 'n-word' and no I don't mean 'nuclear bomb'. And Mom is mom, is that clear?

Okay, if I were looking at the matter through strictly logical glasses I would say that, physically, we *are* nothing like each other - but I usually leave those glasses behind in the cabbage patch. Or rather the kale patch. That's how things started in our family, with kale. Dad (oh dear that's a long story, perhaps Dad No 1 is a better word) 'wasn't sure about this baby thing', so he insisted we had to do things en ventre sa frigidaire - which is a baby clinic for babies that are still in embryo. Perhaps that's a better place to start than the kale. But the doctor did tell Mom to "eat lots of kale," which she did. Then I was born bright green and Mom said "Well, I was told to eat kale" and ever after she just accepted that explained my color. So did I. Mom is mom. I'm still a (little bit) mad that 'Toady' went prying - but you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Image Credit: S.Ritchie; All Text © S. Ritchie

I remember being born. I remember being somewhere that was warm and not-so-dark-but-gently-illuminated and then I remember seeing light and more light and coming out into something that would have made me think about blinking if I'd been old enough to have conceits like "Oh that's too bright for my eyes - better squint!" And 'Toady' was there too, and I hugged onto him because I remembered him from in there too (I think) and he was still there even though everything else was # different from a second before.

We had good nurses at that maternity ward; they didn't bat an eyelid that one brother ('Toady') was pink and shining and the other one (me) was green and shining. "Well, their Mom has been eating kale," said one nurse and that was - to me - a perfectly adequate explanation. I think I might have had my webbed feet then too - Mom said I'd probably be a swimmer when I grew up "just like he was before he was born" said Dad No 1 in the only thing I remember him saying. Because Dad No 1 promptly dropped out of all our lives and Mom was left raising us on her own.

Mom is beautiful, there's a picture of her (above). If you disagree I shall slap you, because you know how sons are. Don't insult a baby to its mother and don't you insult a mother to her baby either. That's about the one rule I have on the 'polite conduct' side of things. It's not difficult to keep you know.

Where did I come from? Mom. That's your answer in one word. Mom came from her Mom, and her Mom came from her Mom, all the way back to Eve. Who came from Adam who came from the Lord, so there is your answer. I like monkeys, but apart from the cousins twice removed on Dad No 1's side, I don't need any more in the family tree. They've got their own family trees, complete with coconuts and bananas. I've got Mom.

I was never any different to any other babies, but having never been another baby I don't know. But I liked rattles, and books, and tadpoles, and candies - just like everyone else at the babysitter's. Me and 'Toady' always read the same comics and went to the circus together 'n' the stuff bros' do. Without the fights. Brothers having a bit o' horseplay (as the coalman used to call it) - that's just good fun and trying out your strength. Brothers actually warring: Not Okay. Mom was pretty strict on that, about the only thing she never wanted us to do. The other stuff you ought not to do, she gave us plenty of advice and trusted we'd find our way through. And she was always there to give me a kiss if I fell over and skinned my knees. 'Smore please!

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

This is me, at school, with a photograph of Mom for "Show 'n' Tell." They said "Bring a picture of your hero and talk about them," so I brought Mom. She is my hero. She can do all sorts of stuff, like light the kitchen fire and make s'mores and bandage my knee and put food on the table. Even without Dad No 1. She had to work pretty hard though, so 'Toady' and me would try to be extra good so she didn't have to worry about us.

But then there was a bully at school who made fun of Mom in recess and said Mom had to have found me under the gooseberry bush 'cause I was "green and scaly." I'm not scaly. I think he was jealous. I didn't get sunburned like the other boys; green is good. Mom said so. Then he said the maternity nurses must have got the babies mixed up, and I saw red not green. They were good nurses. And I remember very clearly holding onto 'Toady' and the nurse didn't make any mistake about 'Toady's Mom so since I am his bro' they didn't make any mistake about me either. We went at it right in the hall.

Ow! The bully twisted my arm so hard I heard it break. That's when 'Toady' appeared from somewhere magical and swiped the bully right across the nose. And it was only when I saw that bully's nose bleed that it struck me that yeah, well, I did kinda have a different sort of nose to him. And to 'Toady'. I'm surprised I noticed that, it stood out amongst all the pain and everything else. My forearm bone was sticking through my skin. I did it without thinking - I pushed it back into line and held it there. Perhaps I'd learned that in first aid class. Didn't hurt so much now and teachers were running up and they were sensible teachers who didn't blame 'Toady' for "striking in defence of another" ('Toady' is like that!) and they understood about my arm, and the bully. 'Toady' went with me to the school nurse, who gave me a candy and prised my fingers away from my broken arm and looked a bit surprised and said "Well, um, I thought it was broken badly. That's not so bad but I'm sure it hurts. Who's a brave little chap then?" *Me*.

I got to ride in the ambulance to the hospital, where the doctors took some x-rays (I like x-rays - you can see all sorts of stuff in x-rays!) and said "Hummmmm," the way doctors do. And they said it was (at worst) a sort of greenstick-fracture, which could look after itself but one of the nurses said "I'm sure 'Jack' needs a cast" and I thought so too. Everyone could sign it! So Mom came into the surgery after the cast was on, and hugged me and i wanted to go home and she let me watch TV (without any homework) and 'Toady' got a big mug of chocolate'n'marsmellows too. 'Nd he made sure that my picture of Mom was on my bedside table next to "Alien Adventures" and "Scintillating Sci-Fi Weekly."

'Toady' - Jack's Bro - Remembers:

You honestly never think about things like this, when you are a real family. Bro' is bro', never mind the green skin, the webbed fingers and the 'aura'. It was perfectly normal, to Mom and me. I grew up with it and as for the green skin everyone said that was kale. That probably explained why we didn't eat kale after that. It's one of those ridiculous non-explanations that 'explains everything' simply because you grew up believing it. But after 'Jack' had his arm twisted open by that bully, I saw something that couldn't be 'explained' by kale. Not an arm with the bone sticking through turning into a greenstick fracture (at worst) in less than an hour.

I wanted to find out *what* but didn't know where to start. Bit like a blank family tree. But - start with what you know and work from there. I mean, what you *really* know. What is absolutely true, regardless of anything else. Mom was (and is) Mom, I knew that. Sometimes the nurses came round for tea and say haven't you boys grown I remember delivering you and aren't you lucky to have each other? Yes, we both felt that way. I just wondered a bit at the time, but not in a bad way.

That's what I drew on now - particularly the next day when that same bully went after me and spat in my face that my bro' "must have come out of a nuclear accident, that's why he's green and lights up at night." Now I take objection to the "lights up at night" part; I share a bedroom with him and he's like that all the time. Means we can go on midnight feasts raiding the larder excursions without needing a torch. *BUT*

I got some *free stuff for kids* from the National Nuclear Power is Good for You Committee (they were always giving out stuff to prove how you really wanted Mr Atom 'n' Family right next door) and read about nuclear accidents and whether they could turn you green. Now, I really enjoy their free stuff but I have to admit it left a few gaps. Mr Atom 'n' Family apparently didn't have accidents, which sounded very scientific at the time but has since been disproved by at least 3 very big accidents that are yet to be adequately explained. I don't mind Mr Atom 'n' Family but they must tell the truth about themselves or you might as well live next door to the Adams' Family.

In those days, if you said "Well, let's talk about the time we nearly lost Detroit to Mr Atom 'n' Family" you were branded as "weird." Since we had nearly lost Detroit to Mr Atom 'n' Family, anyone who told the truth about it was "weird." Which meant the truth got parked into a corner, along with a great deal of stuff that is (I admit) interesting and amusing but not true. Then there's people who get it almost right, and that's how I got my hands on a "weird magazine" (perhaps a bit mad) that talked about alien babies.

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

There'd never actually been any argument in our family that aliens (or ETs or EBEs or whatever) existed. 'Jack' just *knew* and so did Mom and me. So, there was nothing weird about alien life forms, they were out there. 'Jack' knew things like that, and he might have described things lyrically rather than scientifically but it was science that was running to keep up with him, not the other way around. It must sound as though we were sheltered out of our minds, not finding out about alien babies until (I mean) then but you have to remember this was the 'Mad Men' era - when a great many things weren't discussed and (as 'Jack' put it) all the best alien adventure movies were "Adults Only!" so when "My Baby Came from Outer Space!" was on at the flicks neither of us could go.

I admit that most of what the weird magazine said about (well) everything was rot, but the alien baby thing stuck in my head. I think Mom saw I'd been thinking about something, and she assumed that - since we were both hitting puberty about then - it must be birds'n'bees. So she sat us down at the kitchen table one sunny Saturday afternoon, gave us some cookies and told us about the frigidaire. I mean the clinic, not the one in the garage.

*I'd got a clue! I'd got a clue!* I knew it was a *clue*. I knew it. I went to school and pumped the biology teacher for all she knew, and she put me onto a series of booklets put out by the National Council for Eugenics (which she warned me not to accept entirely at face value). From those I learned that people could be complete pigs when it came to race (neither my bro' or I will stand for that!)... and also how the frigidaire thing worked. I mean the one at the clinic not the one in the garage.

We were sitting on my bed, and I was showing 'Jack' all about how the frigidaire thing worked - and we both saw the picture of the stuff in the petri-dish, before it meets Mom, and we both looked at each other and *knew*. An alien - or perhaps more than one - had got into the frigidaire and put another embryo into Mom's petri-dish. And by a miracle we'd both gone to term, and were born brothers and here we were. "I think we need to get Mom a bunch of flowers," said 'Jack', "And perhaps not worry her about this."

('Jack' ctd)

Design Toscano Roswell the Alien Plaque - Set of Two
Design Toscano Roswell the Alien Plaque - Set of Two

One day, I was home sick from school with Mom when the front door flew open. I mean, just like that. And standing on the doorstep were 'Greys', two of them. And there was no "We come in peace" about them. They both came right into the house almost before I could fetch Mom to deal with them. Mom was always ready to welcome guests, but these weren't guests. One of them - it might have been a female I still don't know - came at me with long green fingers extended, a greedy glint in the dead black eyes. "Ahhh!" it said in a lustful voice, "Ahhh! Here he is."

"No I'm not!" I said and hid behind Mom.

Mom stood her ground and asked them what their business was and added that whatever it was we could discuss it in the porch. No (said the Greys) they were going to take it from here, from her - and it was me.

"No," said Mom, "I raise him proper, I do. Four square meals a day, bedtimes at eight, church on Sundays and he knows his times tables an' everything."

"He's not yours," said the other Grey, "He is ours."

"This here is *my* son," said Mom firmly, "I carried him and everything."

Then they started smirking (which is difficult when you have a mouth that small but believe me it's not a sight you forget in a hurry - in a bad way) and said Mom was nothing but a "breeder womb" whose slave-duty was to have their baby and they were taking him back because they were 'sure' he was still their property.

"Come here," wheedled the first Grey, "Come here little..." And I honestly couldn't begin to write down what she called me, but she obviously thought it was my given name.


Image Credit: S.Ritchie

I was still hiding behind Mom. I wasn't going anywhere, without her. And she said these weren't safe people (or whatever) to be with, so that was that. "Slave-womb"! That was *my* Mom you were talking about, and I'd been happy and snug in there (including with the kale) and I'd been happy and snug as a boy and I wasn't having these nasty long-fingered beings say that that had all been *just biology*. Their hands were reaching towards Mom now, to do something horrible.

"No," I said, scooting in front of her and pointing at them the way headmaster did when Johnny had to sit down and behave, "No, go away!" And suddenly a blast of power shoot out of my hands at them, and turned them both to ash. Right there.

"This is Mom & Me When I was Little.

"If the world got too big, I would climb into her apron pocket and be snuggy there."

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

("Some Science Stuff that 'Toady' Wants to Tell You About... So Over to You Bro'!")

Ben Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm and proved electricity is the same whether it 'comes from clouds' or (as we'd say theseadays) Mr Atom 'n' Family. Electricity is the juice that keeps the physical side of a house running. You pay for apple juice (or lemonade) unless you make it yourself, just like electricity. And we were like everyone else, paying for electricity, until one day that Mom was out and 'Jack' said "I want a lard sandwich!"

Okay, Mom wouldn't mind that, so long as we cleaned up afterwards. But today 'Jack' practically put the whole bucket into the skillet with the sandwich. One sandwich. How it all got soaked up in the sandwich I will never know. I tried a bit, thought a bite was enough and gave mine to 'Jack'. "This," he said with his mouthful, "Is food. Not that 'energy dust stuff' that scientists say we should be eating instead." 'Jack' finished his sandwich and got to his feet. He was going to dance. He did dance, very well. He danced to a music only he could hear and in a way that helped you hear it too - and join in. But not for me after all that lard, thankyou. I'd sit this one out.

As 'Jack' danced, suddenly all the appliances came on. At once. Well, I knew about the electricity bill, so I rushed up and turned them off. On the came again. Then when they light-bulb came on right over 'Jack's head, a light-bulb (in another sense) came on over mine too. "'Jack', you're turning everything on!" I said. I grabbed the 'key' to the electricity meter and rushed to see what was happening. *The meter was running backwards*. That meant we were pumping electricity *into* the grid rather than drawing on it. "That's a few comics worth," said 'Jack' meaning "Do you see what a load this will be off Mom's shoulders?"

"I still don't want us to get an electric fireplace," I said, "I think Mom will marry the coalman, if he can keep coming over."

"That will be Dad No 3," said 'Jack', counting Dad No 1 as the deadbeat who wasn't there for us after we were born, and Dad No 2 as the creepy alien kidnapper. "I like Dad No 3 best." And that was more than born out by the happiness he brought all of us when he and Mom put up the banns.

(Jack Ctd)

I sometimes felt shy around girls. A friend says "If you'd had a sister, you'd understand that they're..." and she was going to say "humans just like you" and stopped and said "... Beings with the same needs as you. Yes, including the lard sandwiches. Besides, they'll never have to pay for electricity ever again, with you around. This is *real* green energy."

Alien Planet Artist's Concept Fine Art Print
Alien Planet Artist's Concept Fine Art Print

I knew *THEY* were coming (no, I don't mean my latest crush and her sister and their giggle-buddies) long before anyone else suspected it. I wanted to take Mom to a safe place, but she stood her ground. "No," she said, "If they're coming, they're coming to get everyone, not just me. I won't be any safer one place 'as another - 'cause I can feel it in my heart too. There's no countryside to hide in this time, we've got to stand our ground just where we are."

That's the one time in my life that it struck me I wasn't human. I was, in a way, one of *THEM*. I could go to *THEM* and (perhaps) be spared. But they weren't my people and I wasn't one of *THEM*. Because there was no room with *THEM* for all the things that mattered to me most. Including Mom. And 'Toady'. And Dad (No 3). And everyone else I cared about, including the 'Giggle Girls'.

I was, in a real sense, a man now. Never mind the green skin and webbed feet. I didn't know what I planned to do, only I wasn't about to hide if I couldn't hide the very people who mattered to me. I would show *THEM* that I was not with them. I climbed a hill outside town - on the day the shadow came over the earth. Everyone else was running in all directions, but not my family and not me. They were gathered together at home and I had begged them to let me go out. Not to run but to look all *THEM* in the face and say "I was never one of you, and it shows in that you are doing this but I am doing *this*."

The noise, the panic, the screaming, the chaos - I remember but I wasn't part of it. I walked into the storm not away from it. Everyone else was ducking for cover, but I climbed the hill, stood right there and saw the Craft coming down from outer space. And more after it. More and more and more. A sky covered with alien saucers the way locusts covered Egypt. A force greater than all of us moved me. I raised my hands and said "In the name of the Lord!"

There was an explosion brighter than a thousand suns, and my eyes could stand it. So could my skin, so could I.

And when it was all over, I wondered if the butcher might open up shop so I could take some chops home to everyone, because we always had chops to celebrate when things were going right.


Image Credit: S.Ritchie

The Four Loves
The Four Loves

More important than getting the post-baby-bod back into shape is getting the new Mom's love-life back on the treadmill. Show her you love her, give her this. 'Cause real love starts with loving yourself and understanding that *you* deserve more and better than turned-off-emotions-with-a-stranger.

Gianna Rose Animal-Shaped Soap, Two Poodles, 4.36 oz.
Gianna Rose Animal-Shaped Soap, Two Poodles, 4.36 oz.

[C.S] 'Jack' [Lewis] thought the cure for loneliness was a dog. Every bachelor (he said) should have a dog. I wasn't enthusiastic - I [his older bro'] had to look after the last dog. It got run over. 'Jack' insisted on being known by the dog's name thereafter, still thought dogs ought not to be tied up with leashes and wouldn't change his mind which is why I wouldn't let him get a dog. "What happens if it gets run over again?" I said. "What are you going to be this time. 'Fido'?"

'Jack' said he didn't mind being 'Fido'; I decided he hadn't learnt his lesson. God does not give you a dog for you to let it be run over.

"If we get a dog, you are walking it," I said, "You never have enough time for anything anyway."

'Jack' said he would get up early; I said how early you're already getting up at three to fry a lard sandwich and start writing.

"I could share the sandwich with our dog," he said.

This sounds completely unpersuasive but you don't know 'Jack'. He almost had me convinced that he'd got the whole dog ownership thing sorted, because he was going to share his lard sandwich with it. I was thinking of keeping it alive long enough to eat the sandwich.

Then one day 'Jack' came home with a dog.

"So you're going to stop being lonely now?" I said.

"I like my dog," he said.

I'm not sure he liked having to spoon-fed it for the next month, because it missed it's old home and whilst it really truly loved 'Jack', it loved its old home even more and it takes a long time for a dog to call a new place home. In the meantime, you have help it eat. 'Jack' might have talked about being lonely, but for that first month the dog certainly was. "Why don't you give it a lard sandwich?" I suggested, as 'Jack' spent another night trying to give it enough beef broth to keep it alive.

"The dog is lonely," 'Jack' said, then he saw how ironic this all was and started laughing.

A lonely man and a lonely dog don't necessarily cancel each other out. 'Jack' wouldn't take his dog to work, so it missed him all day and spent most of its life staring out the window waiting for him to come back. I had to keep it company. I'm glad it liked me, because it spent most of its life with me - including when 'Jack' got married, found his wife didn't like the dog, and it had to live with me [at my new place]. He was so lonely in that marriage [long story - he was straight, she was bisexual and that's never a recipe for happiness] I wished he'd been able to keep the dog. Yes, well, it worked out alright when Joy [the wife] died, 'Jack' got sick and the dog used to keep him company by sleeping on his bed. It's amazing how much dogs forgive you.

Warnie Lewis


Image Credit: S.Ritchie

I Hope This Lens Has Inspired You to Create a Truly Beautiful Greeting for Mom-to-Be

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Pinning this adorable lens.

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      These video tutorials are absolutely GREAT! Thanks for sharing these creative ideas :)

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      These handcrafted cards for the mommy-to-be are amazing! I love the video tutorial showing how to make the baby onesie card!


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