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Cricut Expression 2- An Easy To Use Die Cutting Machine

Updated on April 6, 2013

The Cricut Expression 2

The Cricut Expression 2 is the newest electric die cutting machine from Provo Craft. The new features of this machine make it easy to make die cuts for countless paper crafts. I have been using the Cricut Expression 2 for about a year, and I've used it for personal crafting and work projects. It saves me a lot of money and gives me a lot of creative freedom when designing paper crafts and designs. It comes with everything you need to get started, but there are also several accessories that really enhance projects.

Why You Should Try The Cricut Expression 2 - Once you try it, you'll be hooked!

The Cricut Expression 2 has all of the same features as the original Cricut Expression plus twenty-five new features. With a Cricut die cutting machine you can cut thousands of images for your paper crafting needs. All Provo Craft paper cutting machines require the use of cartridges which have a variety of themed images. Each cartridge is loaded with it's own images and creative features. One creative feature is the image layering option. This feature allows you to cut multiple layers for one image in order to create detailed images and make your die cut pop. The die cuts created can be used for all sorts of craft projects. My favorite projects to make with my Cricut are scrapbook pages, cards, bulletin boards, and classroom projects.

Cricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting Machine
Cricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting Machine

I really like working with the Cricut Expression 2 because it is very simple to use. The LCD touch screen makes cutting images really easy. The LCD screen also allows you to preview your cutting matt before you push the cut button. This helps you preserve paper and make any adjustments that might be needed. The blade that is included with the machine can easily be adjusted to cut a variety of papers. If you are cutting a particularly thick paper or cardboard, you can use the multi-cut option. Another bonus that comes with this die cutting machine is that it is preloaded with two Cricut cartridges. There are hundreds of images available on these cartridges that will enhance your projects.


The Cricut Machine Comes In Handy

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Cricut Expression Accessories - Additional tools to make cutting easier.

The Cricut Expression 2 comes with everything you need in order to get started, but there are some accessories you might want to consider. You'll want to invest in a tool kit that will make removing your images from the cutting mat easier and help you remove small detailed cuts. Some tool kits also come with a mat scraper. After you use your cutting mat several times, you will find excess paper sticking to the mat and making the mat less sticky. The scraper will scrape the mat clean and help prolong your cutting mat's life.

You will also need additional cutting mats. Although the machine comes with a 12X12 mat you'll need to replace it after a while. You may also want a variety of sizes depending on what you are cutting. I frequently use the 12X24 mat.

Additional blades are also handy to have. Your original blade will last for a long time, but after many uses, the blade will become dull and the cuts will not be as clean.

You will definately want to purchase additional cartridges. My favorites are Mickey and Friends, and Animal Kingdom. There is a cartridge for just about any theme you want to work with. Have fun finding the cartridges that are right for your projects.

Finally, you'll want to consider buying a wireless adaptor for your Cricut Expression 2. The Cricut machine can be plugged into your computer so you can access the Cricut Classroom. The Cricut Classroom allows you to create and design your projects on your computer. This makes creating very easy. Having the wireless adaptor makes it so you can cut your frojects from the internet without hooking it up to the computer.

Cricut 7-Piece Tool Kit for Cricut Cutting Machines
Cricut 7-Piece Tool Kit for Cricut Cutting Machines

This tool kit is fantastic. I use these tools every time I cut with my Cricut. The tools allow you to remove the cutting off the mat without damaging the images. The tools also help remove small pieces from details such as eyes or bows.

Cricut 29-0270 12-by-24-Inch Adhesive Cutting Mat, Set of 2
Cricut 29-0270 12-by-24-Inch Adhesive Cutting Mat, Set of 2

You're going to need a couple of these. There are ways to extend the life of your cutting mats, but they will eventually need replacing.

Cricut Deep Cut Blade, 2 Blades
Cricut Deep Cut Blade, 2 Blades

Deep cut blades are handy to have if you are cutting cardboard or any heavy material. It would be wise to have these on hand.


Hard To Find Cricut Accessories

Some Cricut accessories are hard to find. When I am looking for a hard to find Cricut cartridge I usually search ebay. You can usually find retired cartridges there.

Give The Cricut Expression 2 A Try

If you are crafty or even not so crafty, this machine will make cutting so much easier. There are so many images to choose from that you are bound to find it useful. I suggest purchasing one of these machines, or try out your friends Cricut. It has been a wise investment for me.

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    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 4 years ago from Diamondhead

      I would like to own one soon. I just need to give myself an excuse to get one.

    • artbyrodriguez profile image

      Beverly Rodriguez 5 years ago from Albany New York

      Good information here and well explained. RocketSquid tips...change the generic title 'New Guestbook Comments' with key words from the introduction titile. Also, you could add a Pole Module with a related question to involve your readers with the lens. Good work!