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Crochet Baby Toys

Updated on April 16, 2013

5 Seriously Cute Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Looking for a unique baby gift? Why not make one? These free crochet patterns will make any new mom smile and be the talk of the baby shower!

I currently have several friends and family members who are expecting. I love giving baby gifts but the cost can add up so I was looking for a way to give great baby gifts without breaking the bank. Add a homemade toy or two to a basket with a few onesies or a (homemade) blanket and you have a great gift! These 5 patterns are my favorites and give a variety of options for toys to make for different babies.

Crochet Baby Rattle
Crochet Baby Rattle

Crochet Rattles

Crochet Baby Rattle Patterns

I wrote the patterns for these crochet rattles myself, based on pictures I had seen. I've already stitched up several of each rattle for friends who are expecting. (I have a lot of pregnant friends right now!)

On is a teething ring style rattle and the other is an adorable bear. Baby will love shaking, chewing and rattling these cute toys!

Photo Credit: RasuDesign (me)

Crochet Pattern Books

As wonderful as it is to find free crochet patterns, I still love to buy pattern books. There's something so inspiring about seeing pictures of the different crochet creations printed in a book. Plus, there are some awesome patterns out there that simply aren't available for free! Here are some of my favorite patterns books that are available through Amazon.

Crochet Nesting Bowls
Crochet Nesting Bowls

Rainbow Nesting Bowls

I am in love with this pattern from Seriously Daisies! Get it here: Nesting Bowls Pattern

These bowls are designed to nest, stack and use for sorting small items. There is also a pattern for rainbow spheres for sorting into the bowls. Aren't they fun? These will be great for babies up through preschool age depending on how you use them!

Photo Credit: Seriously Daisies

Crochet Car
Crochet Car

Toy Car Pattern

Vrooom! This Crochet Toy Car from Nephithyrion just makes me want to go on a road trip!

These would look so awesome in a car themed nursery - make a fleet of cars in different colors! I also think it would be fun to make this into rattle or squeaky toy for baby to have extra fun with it. Someone asked if the wheels turn and the answer is no but maybe there's a clever person out there who could engineer crochet wheels that really turn?

Photo Credit: Nephithyrion

Crochet Caterpillar
Crochet Caterpillar

Crochet Caterpillar Toy

Get The Free Pattern Here: Tizzy Caterpillar Toy

This fun rainbow caterpillar is an easy toy to make for a special baby in your life. The pattern is available for free from Bernat and is designed to be made using their Tizzy Yarn.

I think it would be cute to do shades of green with a red head to recreate the Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar. Or you could choose a few shades to match the baby's nursery. It would make an awesome addition to a bug themed nursery! Add some velcro straps to the bottom and the caterpillar could even rest on to the crib railing as a decorative railing guard!

Photo Credit: Bernat

Crochet Airplane Pattern
Crochet Airplane Pattern

Avery's Airplane

Get this Toy Airplane Pattern from Stitch11

Isn't this airplane darling? The blog's author, Corina created this pattern as a gift for her friend's son. I have a feeling he loved it. The blog, Stitch11 also has lots of other free patterns for you to enjoy. Check it out!

I think it would be awesome to stitch up several of these cute planes in different colors and hang them from a mobile! This would look great at a transportation themed party or in a planes, trains and automobiles nursery!

Photo Credit: Stitch11

I hope you enjoyed these free crochet baby toy patterns! Please leave any comments and questions here.

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    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 4 years ago

      Love your lens; great baby toys, especially the rattles.