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Patterns to Crochet a cell phone or iPod Case

Updated on November 12, 2011
Flickr photo by artep ^ ^
Flickr photo by artep ^ ^

Crochet Cases

I learned this little trick from my sister years ago. She was sick of having her cell phone get scratched up and beat up, but did not want to pay ridiculous prices for cases or covers for her phone, so she decided to make one.

There are many different ways that we can go about making crochet covers and there are many different final outcomes. I will walk you through the patterns of a few of these. Choose your favorite one and get crocheting! - Keep in mind, cell phones and iPods are different sizes and everybody crochets at a slightly different tension, these patterns are very flexible.

First, there are three different approaches to crocheting cases. They are

Length & Stitch - In this style you are crocheting a rectangle that is a bit wider than the cell phone or iPod and over twice as long. After making this rectangle, you stitch the two sides up and you have a primitive case.

Width & Stitch - This style is similar to the first. You crochet a rectangle that is a bit longer than the cell phone or iPod and over twice as wide. You then stitch the bottom and the loose side closed. In this as well, you will end with a simple case.

Crochet Rounds - This approach is a bit more complex than the other two(don't try this one if it is your very fist crochet project, but it is really quite simple). You make a loose chain that is just more than twice as wide as your project, slip stitch the chain together and then crochet rounds. At the end, all you have to close up is the bottom.

**In all of these patterns, I am using an H hook with size 4 worsted yarn**

Pattern #1 - Sweet and Simple

The first pattern is definitely the quickest and easiest. In this pattern we will use the width and stitch style.

Row 1: ch 17* (loosely), sc in 3rd ch from hook, sc until end of row

Row 2: ch 2, sc until end of row

Rows 3+: repeat 'Row 2' until the rectangle is as long as the cell phone or iPod

Finishing: Tie off your final sc. Then fold the rectangle onto itself and stitch it closed starting in the bottom corner and stopping in the opposite corner (bottom left to top right).

Voila! There you have the Sweet and Simple Crochet Case!

*The number of chains (I use 17) is determined by the width of your cell phone or iPod. Ch until you can wrap the chain all the way around the phone and then ch 4 more.

Pattern #2 - Loose Lip Case

Row 1: Ch 10, sc in 3rd ch from hook, sc till end

Row 2: Ch 2, sc to the end

Repeat 'Row 2' until your rectangle is twice as long as your cell phone or iPod. Then do 5 more repeats of 'Row 2' (these last 5 will make a flap for your case).

Tie off and fold the rectangle so that the doubled portion is as long as the cell phone or iPod. Then stitch the two sides and you have a completed case!

Pattern #3 - Button Down - Stitch Around

This pattern is the most complex (and best looking) of the three patterns. It uses the crochet rounds technique.

Row 1: ch 15*, sl st in first chain, ch 2 (as first sc), sc in each ch around, sl st into first sc

Row 2: ch 2 (as first sc), sc all the way around, sl st into first sc

Repeat row 2 until the pouch is long enough for the cell phone or iPod

Row 4: ch 2, sc in next 7

Row 5: ch 2, turn around and sc into the next 7

Repeat 'Row 5' three times and tie off.

Stitch the bottom closed.

Sew a button into the main section of the pouch and then stitch a small loop into the flap.

(as first sc) means that these two chains will play the part of a single crochet.

*The number of chains is determined by wrapping the chain around the phone or iPod and adding one chain.


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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      Shared the url with my crochet group.

    • apStumbo profile image

      apStumbo 6 years ago

      Wow Cap.w, that is amazing! I am glad to hear it! You are welcome!

    • profile image

      Cap.w 6 years ago

      I love was very easy to make and i'm 12 years old and i haven't crochet in like a very long time. And i want to say thanks for this helpful and easy directions. Now i finally have a case for my iPod

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      I made the pattern in rounds! I love the finished result. I was able to finish it in about an hour. Super easy and super fun!! Thank you for a great pattern.

    • apStumbo profile image

      apStumbo 6 years ago

      That is awesome Emily. I am glad to hear it!

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      I made the first and soon everyone was asking me to make one for their phones or ipods. I added these cute colorful rhinestones and that just added glam