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Crochet Cupcakes - A Quick No Cal Holiday Gift

Updated on July 9, 2013

A Delightful Cupcake for the Creative Crafter - The Crochet Cupcake

Crochet Cupcakes are a simple, no calorie, healthy and guilt-free cupcake option to the normal cupcake.

Crochet Cupcakes also make excellent last minute gifts, ornaments and stocking stuffers for the creative crafter.

These delightful alternatives make good projects for teaching children or beginning adults how to crochet.

Image Source: Lion Brand's Think Pink Pattern.

10 Reasons to Try a Crochet Cupcake

  1. A no calorie item. (You might consider them to be negative calories since crocheting burns ~ 100 calories/hour).
  2. Guilt-Free Cupcake, a Healthy Choice Cupcake, no fats, no sugar, no cholesterol.
  3. Everyone will want to have a Custom Crochet Cupcake once they see yours.
  4. Quick Gift for the holidays or other occasions.
  5. A way of using up some of your yarn stash.
  6. An easy crochet project for children or beginners to do.
  7. Easily adapted to fit the season. Make Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or other occasions.
  8. Endless combinations by mixing yarns allowing to create unique one-of-a-kind gifts.
  9. You can make different items from crochet cupcakes - from pincushions to paperweights, containers to hats.
  10. You can even make eco-friendly, organic versions by picking eco-friendly (bamboo) or organic yarns.

Ingredients Needed for Your Crochet Cupcakes

  1. Crochet Hook
  2. Patterns
  3. Yarn for cupcake base
  4. Yarn for frosting
  5. Embellishments - yarn or others - for decoration
  6. Large needle for sewing seams or weaving in ends
  7. Stuffing materials - dry beans, rock (for paperweight) fiberfill, cotton balls, recycled fabric
  8. you might want to scent your cupcake with a bit of scented oil on a cotton ball or fill part with potpourri or lavender

Bamboo and Rosewood Crochet Hooks - Available from Amazon

I love working with the bamboo hooks. They are much easier (and warmer) to hold in the hands.

Crochet Hook Kits Available on Amazon

A set of crochet hooks to create your delicious no calorie cupcakes.

A Scrumptious Crochet Cupcake Pattern

From Ana Paula's Website and Etsy Store:

"This pattern makes a real size cupcake, feel free to make and give away as many cupcakes as you want."


  • G/6 (4 mm) hook
  • Worsted weight yarn
Instructions :

Cupcake Bottom

  • I used brown yarn for a chocolate cupake
  • R1- Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook
  • R2- 2 sc in each sc around (12 sts)
  • R3- *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (18 sts)
  • R4- *2 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (24 sts)
  • R5- *3 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (30 sts)
  • R6- Through back loops only:
  • *Sc 3, dec 1*, repeat 6 times (24 sts)
  • R7- *3 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (30 sts)
  • R8- *4 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (36 sts)
  • R9-12: Sc 36
  • Bind off, leaving long tail approx. 13 inches long for sewing to top of cupcake.

Cupcake Icing

  • I used pink yarn for strawberry icing
  • R1- Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook
  • R2- 2 sc in each sc around (12 sts)
  • R3- *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (18 sts)
  • R4- *2 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (24 sts)
  • R5- *3 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (30 sts)
  • R6- *4 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (36 sts)
  • R7-10: Sc 36
  • Continue to make the wavy edge:
  • R11: *3 hdc in next st, sk 1 sc, 1 sl st in next st*, repeat 6 times
  • Bind off, weave in loose end.
  • Sew sprinkles to icing.


Place the icing on top of the bottom part, lining up the stitches of the bottom part to the stitches inside the wavy part of the top (so the wavy part won't be sewed, sew by the part right on top of the waves).

Sew around ¾ of the way and fill bottom part with polypellets, beans or rice so the cupcake sits nice, and the top part with fiberfill, cotton balls or stuffing of your choice so it's nice and soft.


Etsy. Free Cupcake Crochet Pattern.

Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns. Cupcake!



ch = chain

dc= double crochet

hdc = half double crochet (UK: half-treble crochet)

dec = decrease

R = round

sc = single crochet (UK: dc double crochet)

sk = skip

sl st = slip st (UK: sc single crochet)

st(s) = stitch(es)

tr = triple crochet (UK: double treble)

* = repeat directions between * and * as many times as indicated

More Crochet Cupcake Recipes (Patterns)

A collection of Crochet Cupcake Patterns online. Once made you can use them a a paperweight (filled with rock), pincushion, air freshener (adding scent) or as a gift for a cat fill with catnip.

Crochet Cupcake Yarn Base Supples - Available on Amazon

This solid yarn is good for making chocolate, vanilla, yellow, carrot and strawberry cupcakes.

The frosting yarn can be anything, often the wilder the yarn the better.

More No Calorie Cupcakes - Cupcake Necklaces - Available on Amazon

For those who would rather wear their cupcakes a selection of jewelry.

Bamboo Yarns for Eco-friendly Cupcakes

You can make your chocolate, vanilla, yellow or strawberry cupcakes and top with blue or eco-green frosting to create eco-friendly cupcakes by using

yarn made from bamboo, a renewable resource.

Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends Yarn Lotus 161092-92420
Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends Yarn Lotus 161092-92420

Lotus will work for pink cupcakes or frosting.

Bulk Buy: Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends Yarn (3-Pack) Dill 161092-92244
Bulk Buy: Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends Yarn (3-Pack) Dill 161092-92244

Make eco-friendly green frosting with dill colored yarn.


Organic Yarn for Your Cupcakes - Available on Amazon

You can make vanilla, chocolate or eco-green colored crochet cupcakes with organic yarns.

Crochet Christmas Cupcakes - A Quick, Unique Holiday Gift

With a bit of yarn, a pattern, a crochet hook, a little imagination and some time you can create a handmade Christmas gift that everyone will want.

After making the standard crochet cupcake pattern, you need to let your imagination out and think of ways to decorate your holiday cupcake.

Some suggestions include:

  • * Holiday Sequin Sprinkles
  • * Sprig of Holly
  • * A Holiday Bow
  • * Bunch of Holiday Berries
  • * Mini Santa Claus, Snowman or Reindeer
  • * Tie a small candy cane to the top
  • * Add a large Jingle Bell to the top, or smaller ones around the edges

You can also turn your cupcake into an ornament, simply by crocheting a chain stitch for a hanger or tying on a ribbon to hang on the tree.

Crochet Cupcake Yarn Frosting Supplies - Available on Amazon

A selection of yarns for 'frosting' your cupcake.

Fun fur, eyelash and boucle yarns make for very unique frosting effects.

Eyelash Yarns for Frosting Available on eBay

Eyelash yarns make very fuzzy frosting.

Fur Yarn for Frosting Available on eBay

Eyelash yarns make very fuzzy frosting.

Crochet Pattern Books Available on Amazon

Some of the books that have crochet cupcakes patterns. These also have others patterns when you are ready to try something else.

A selection of other crochet cupcake patterns for purse, bag, hat, container, Amigurumi cupcake patterns.

Blythe Cupcake Hat - Crochet Instructions

Note: To increase the size for a child or an adult, keep crocheting past row 36 until the band measures long enough to go around the child's or adults head.

Continuing with the larger version - follow the directions for creating the frosting portion as written.


  • * Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors (1 for cupcake, 1 for frosting)
  • * Size G crochet hook
  • * Beads or ribbon for decoration

  • Row 1: Ch. 9. Work 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. 8 st. Ch. 1, turn.
  • Rows 2-35: Work 1 sc in the back loop of each st across, 8 st. Ch. 1, turn.
  • Row 36: Work 1 sc in each back loop of each st across, 8 st. Do not ch 1.
  • Turn your work so that you will be crocheting up the edge of the rows. This will form the bottom of the cupcake.
  • Row 37: Work 1 sc in 1st row of the opposite edge of cupcake bottom (will join the piece to form a ring like in the photo below). Mark beginning of round. Continue working 1 sc in each row all the way around, 36 st.
  • Rows 38-40: Work 1 hdc in each stitch around. Ch. 1, turn.
  • Row 41: * Work 1 hdc in next 3 stitches, work next 2 stitches together with hdc*, repeat from * to * around.
  • Row 42: Work 1 hdc in each stitch around. Ch. 1, turn.
  • Row 43: *Work 1 hdc in next 2 stitches, work next 2 stitches together with hdc*, repeat from * to * around.
  • Row 44: *Work 1 hdc in next stitch, work next 2 stitches together with hdc*, repeat from * to * around.
  • Row 45: *Work next 2 stitches together with sc*, repeat all the way around.

End, leaving a long tail for sewing. Weave tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly to gather top of cupcake. End, sew in end.

Join frosting color to first row of frosting as in photo below. Work 2 dc in each stitch around. End, sew in tail.

Using cupcake color, sew up side seam of the bottom of the cupcake.

Decorate the cupcake frosting as you like. Seed beads make cute sprinkles.


Chez Michelle. September 2007. Blythe Cupcake Hat - Crochet Instructions. No restrictions or limitations on this pattern.

Amigurumi on Wikipedia

Amigurumi (Knitting a stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Amigurumi are typically cute animals (such as bears, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc.), but can include inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features. Amigurumi can be knitted, but the vast majority of amigurumi are crocheted.

Amigurumi are usually crocheted out of yarn. The simplest designs are worked in spirals. In contrast to typical Western crochet the rounds are not usually joined. They are also worked with a smaller size hook in proportion to the weight of the yarn in order to create a very tight-looking fabric without any gaps through which the stuffing might escape. Amigurumi are usually worked in sections and then joined, except for some amigurumi which have no limbs, only a head and torso which are worked as one piece. The extremities are often stuffed with plastic pellets to give them a life-like weight, while the rest of the body is stuffed with fiber stuffing.

Source: Amigurumi on Wikipedia.

Crochet Basics on YouTube

Some basic instruction on video for getting started (or taking a refresher) in crocheting.

Ready to try a no calorie cupcake?

Reader Feedback on the No Calorie Crochet Cupcake - Your place for feedback, comments and suggestions

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    • tabitha-stuart profile image


      7 years ago

      What a clever lens. I am just now learning to crochet, so far I made a crooked table runner! Hopefully I will get better and I can make some of these. They would make great unique gifts.

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 

      7 years ago

      That is very cute. Saw you on the RM forum! I don't crochet though... :(

    • JJNW profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      * SquidAngel Blessings * to this lens for adorable-ness, cuz I LOVE cupcakes, 'cuz we're both members of the Cupcake Club, for wonderful information that will be passed on to generations to follow and all kinds of other yummy stuff!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this lens! I've made amigurumi crochet cupcakes. They're easy and fun. I've also crocheted a cupcake purse. I think you can still find the pattern on Etsy. I'm definitely going to try making the hat. Thanks!

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image


      8 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      I love to crochet. This is a terrific lens about crocheted cupcakes with wonderful links. Really cute.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm a beginner when it comes to crochet so not sure when I will be good enough but those cupcakes are so cute!

    • millerr17 profile image


      9 years ago

      Love It! I think I might try crochet now!

    • andreaberrios lm profile image

      andreaberrios lm 

      9 years ago

      This is a great lens. Thank you for the information is all beautiful. 5*

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 

      10 years ago from California

      This is really a great lense. So much information. Great pattern choices.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi, cool lens you've got here. Check out my website on how to crochet and crochet tips. Thanks.

    • Janet2221 profile image


      10 years ago

      Fun lens! Welcome to the Novelty Gifts group. :)

    • Barkely profile image


      10 years ago

      Too cute! Thanks for submitting this to the Fun For Kids Group.

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      10 years ago from USA

      These are just too cute! Thank you for joining the Cute Little Cupcakes and Tasty Treats group!


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