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Dandelion Clip Art

Updated on August 1, 2015


Although a significant number of people consider the dandelion only a pest weed in the yard, and a weed to boot, probably more people consider it fun, remembering the days when they were children and grabbing up the head when it's going to seed and either blowing on it or shaking it to see the seeds dislodge and scatter and float about on the wind.

Some children even have chased after the seeds in order to see where they land, apparently with the thought that once they mature and go to seed again, they'll have a lot more fun playing with the plant.

Another reason for its popularity is it being a strong attractant to bees, especially earlier in the season when other nectar sources are scarce. Children and adults enjoy watching the bees hop from flower to flower, and in the case of some children, enjoy capturing the bees in a jar in order to watch them extract nectar from the dandelion flowers at a close distance and in a safe manner.

That has made dandelions a popular source for a variety of art forms. In this article we'll look at dandelion clip art which can be used in a number of different ways in crafts, scrap booking, printing out on paper and in sending with various communications like e-mails or on social networking sites.

Oh yeah. If you've ever lived in the country or are friends with some country folk, you've probably come across some that consider the dandelion a good source of food, and don't mind having as many of them around as possible to use as cooked or raw greens in different meals.

Amazingly, all parts of the dandelion are edible.

Clip Art of Dandelion Seeds Blowing in the Wind

There can be no doubt or argument that the most popular image of a dandelion is that of one with the seeds flying off with the wind. It's also the most popular attractant of the real flower for all those who enjoy them.

With clip art that is well represented and reflected in the large percentage of images that are made in that way.

It has to be because of the fun and pleasure we have as children in interacting with these compelling little seeds that float on the air as we do our best to help them to detach from the flower.

dandelion seed clip art
dandelion seed clip art | Source

Full Color Dandelion in Bloom

If the first image of dandelion clip art is representative of the most popular memory we have of the flower, than it's probable that this full color clip art of a mature dandelion is second.

How many times were we obediently willing to do our part to break off the heads of the dandelions in the name of preserving the family grass? More than once I'm sure. And it was a lot of fun. I know I've done my share to save the lawns of the world. You probably have too.

This is very true to what a real dandelion looks like in all aspects, including those easily identifiable leaves, which are probably the most used by those who like to eat them.


Black and White Mature Dandelion Illustration

Since black and white clip art can be more desired by many people, I included this one that is about the same time of maturity as the one in color above. The only exception is that this one has more closed flowers than the one above.

Depending on what you want to use the dandelion clip art for, a black and white illustration is some times more interesting than those that are done in color. I think the reason why are the black and whiter dandelions usually have a lot more detail included with them. You can easily compare them here to see that.

That doesn't mean that one is better than the other, but that they may be used for different purposes.


Dandelion Clip Art of Different Growth Stages of the Flower

This interesting dandelion clip art would be a great tool to teach children the different stages of growth the flower goes through. As a matter of fact, I'm sure many adults could learn from it too.

Represented here are the stages of growth once the dandelion flower blooms. It's not reflective of the earlier development stage.

Clip art has its fun, cool side, as well as the educational. This is obviously the educational side which could be used in many situations depending on who you're sharing it with.


Vintage Black and White Dandelion Clip Art

The reputation of this particular dandelion clip art is that it is a vintage work, which could be true based upon the style and inclusion of the moon in the design, which was popular many years ago.

Whether it is or not really doesn't matter because it's a great piece of clip art no matter when it was made.

What I really like is the way the bottom dandelion seed head is able to be seen because of the way the white was adapted to the black background of the moon. That changes when it goes to the white background, as the seeds are colored black there.

Also nicely done are the leaves of the dandelion, and the seeds floating off to their unknown destination


Dandelion Clip Art Designs

Clip art of all types - whether black and white or full color - are attractive and compelling to me, but I would have to say in general I prefer black and white clip art illustrations (when they are illustrations and not photos), but as you can see with that grouping of four dandelion head stages, there is a place for color as well according to the purpose it will be used for.

For whatever reason, dandelions, in spite of the bad rap they get, fail to diminish in popularity, and continue to be a highly sought after image to use in various communicative and artistic situations. I believe that it is unlikely it will ever change.


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