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Daniel Moore Alabama Prints

Updated on December 11, 2012

Relive The Greatest Crimson Tide Moments

Daniel A. Moore is a nationally recognized artist and known for his skills in capturing the greatest moments in Alabama sports history. The quality and collectibility of his work has significantly boosted the value of his limited edition lithographs in secondary markets. The majority of Mr. Moore's prints have already attained "sold-out" status and have become highly prized heirlooms for future generations of sports fans. This page features the best Daniel Moore Alabama prints available on eBay.

NEW: Crimson Tradition - 2010 National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide Tribute

This masterwork is the artist's special commemoration of Alabama's win over Texas in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game. The painting also pays tribute to the Crimson Tide's rich tradition of thirteen National Championships. True to Moore's innovative use of symbolism that has become a hallmark of his artistic style and matching his remarkable talent for painting, A Crimson Tradition delivers. As with many of Moore's works, the symbolism starts with the composition itself.

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Bear Bryant's Liberty - Alabama's Greatest Legend.

Liberty pays tribute to the final game and final victory ride of the legendary Coach Paul W. Bryant. The setting was the historic Liberty Bowl football classic, played in Memphis on December 29, 1982. When Coach Bryant announced that this game would be his last as head football coach for the University of Alabama, a commemorative painting by Daniel Moore was conceived. The word "LIBERTY" at the top of the painting represents the Liberty Bowl, which served as the backdrop on which the post-game drama unfolded; the "number one" gesture of the player's hand - the greatest coach in the history of major collegiate football; the eleven players in the composition - teams throughout the years whose hard work and dedication "carried" Bryant to the pinnacle of his success; the numbers "21" and "15" on the players' helmets - the winning score against Illinois; helmets numbered "58, 82 and 83" - Bryant's first year as head coach at Alabama ,1982 his retirement and 1983, his death, respectively.

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Blackout, The - Shut down them dawgs.

Daniel Moore's "The Blackout" features John Parker Wilson's pass to freshman sensation Julio Jones for a touchdown in the Crimson Tide's victory against the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens, Georgia on September 27, 2008.

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Blowout, The - 36-0. Bam!

"The Blowout" by Daniel Moore features Antoine Caldwell and Andre Smith as they blowout a huge hole in the Auburn defense springing Glen Coffee into action in Alabama's historic 36-0 win over Auburn. The blowout of Auburn ended a six-year drought against the Tigers and allowed the Crimson Tide to capture its first undefeated regular season since the 1992 National Championship season.

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Catch, The - Brodie to Prothro.

"The Catch" print commemorates one of the most widely heralded catches in sports history made by Tyrone Prothro (#4) of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in a game against Southern Mississippi on September 10, 2005 in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Prothro caught the ball behind the head of Southern Mississippi's Jasper Faulk on a Hail Mary pass from quarterback Brodie Croyle right before half-time. Prothro's catch helped the Tide defeat Southern Mississippi 30-21.

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Comeback, The - Shula's March.

For its 1985 season opener, the Alabama Crimson Tide was pitted against the Georgia Bulldogs before a raucous crowd in Athens and in front of a national television audience. Badly bitten by the Dawgs in their 1984 season meeting, Bama had since been nursing a grudge and would not be denied payback. Notables such as Cornelius Bennett, Bobby Humphrey, Greg Richardson, Van Tiffin, Albert Bell and Mike Shula led the Tide's attack. Bama kept the Bulldogs in check for almost the entire game. However, with only a minute left in the game, Georgia had taken the upper hand and a 16-13 lead. With only 50 ticks remaining on the game clock, Shula mounted a 71-yard drive, hitting four out of five passes-his last toss being an 18-yard touchdown strike over the middle to Albert Bell. The Tide triumphed in a 20-16 victory over the Bulldogs.

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Crimson Legacy - An amazing 323 wins.

Crimson Legacy captures the spirit of Alabama Football by portraying its rich tradition, fabled players, plays and great coaches. Coach Paul Bryant, the most notable in the coaches category, is duly honored. In fact, the artist takes us into Bryant's office by utilizing his desk, pen holder set, chair and hat. Even the clock pays tribute to the great coach. Strategically placed over the photo of the coach's hallmark goal-post pose, it is frozen in time at "three-twenty-three," the number of his career wins.

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Gamebreaker, The - The Tide makes Tiger Soup.

Iron Bowl 2001 was contested before a packed house in the Jordan-Hare "Jungle." The "contest" actually ended just before halftime when Andrew Zow hit Jason McAddley for this 45-yard TD. Bama won easily, 31-7.

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Kick, The - Van Tiffen's 52-yarder to win.

Legion Field - 1985. Late in the fourth quarter, Alabama trails Auburn 22-23. With only six seconds on the clock, Bama's Van Tiffin puts his leg into a 52-yard field goal. The stadium rocks as Bama celebrates the 25-23 win.

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Rebirth in the Swamp - Shawn Alexander at his finest.

"Rebirth in the Swamp" illustrates Shuan Alexander gets blocking help from Chris Samuels as he makes his way to the end zone in an exciting Alabama win over Florida in overtime. In 1999, it was the Tide that drowned the Gators in the Swamp, 40-39.

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Rocky Stop - Roman Harper causes a "game-winning" fumble.

The "Rocky Stop" print commemorates the University of Alabama Crimson Tide's victory 6-3 over the University of Tennessee in Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 22, 2005. Alabama's Roman Harper (#41) made a fumble-causing, game-saving hit on Tennessee's fullback Cory Anderson to cement the victory for the Tide. Demeco Ryans (#35), also in on the play, recovered a fumble earlier in the game and intercepted Tennessee's last-gasp pass.

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Running Through the T - Watts plays through an injury to beat the Vols.

Tyler Watts. Plucky and gritty. This is a player whom Coach Bryant would have deemed truly worthy to wear the crimson and white football uniform. Coincidentally, both played against Tennessee with broken bones. Bryant's was in his leg and Watts' in his foot. We get a good snapshot of Tyler's heart from his post-game interview: My foot hurt so bad, but I was bound and determined that I was going to play as long as I could. Until I either made it through the game or until the thing broke, who cares. In portraying the essence of this gridiron warrior's heart, Daniel Moore's painting captures the thrill and excitement felt by Alabama fans as they watched a seven-year dry spell fade into the cool Knoxville night.

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Sack, The - Cornelius Bennett, enough said.

Cornelius Bennett sacks Steve Beuerlein. The most memorable quarterback sack in Alabama's history, this jaw-jolting tackle was the turning point in the Tide's 1986 victory over Notre Dame at Legion Field.

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Tradition Continues, The - The Tide rolls in 1992.

It was billed as "the game of the year" in college football: two unbeaten teams, the number-one Miami Hurricanes against number-two Alabama for the 1992 National Championship. In the end, Bama proved why its defense was considered the best in the nation by shutting down the vaunted Hurricane passing attack in a 34-14 Sugar Bowl victory. Featured is coach Gene Stallings, who brought the Crimson Tide back to a national prominence and recognition enjoyed by Alabama that until then, only Bear Bryant had been able to achieve. In the background on the Superdome's DiamondVision screen is Derrick Lassic, the game's MVP and George Teague's incredible strip of Lamar Thomas.

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Winning Connection, The - Jay Barker slings a game winner.

Under an intense rush, Jay Barker connects with his target for a 50-yard game winning touchdown against Ohio State in the 1995 Florida Citrus Bowl. Bama won by a score of 24-17, capping a near-perfect 12-1 season.

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