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Compelling Gothic Art

Updated on August 20, 2015

Gothic Art

Gothic art can in many cases be surreal and very disturbing. There is an element of the supernatural combined with the macabre to create the desired effect, which in many cases, is to shock people.

Even so, there is a lot of art that is considered dark, which is tremendously compelling, as it in fact can show the very real darkness in the world, where it came from, and how it may possibly affect us.

While there are definitely aspects of Gothic art created to be gory and bloody, it's far from the majority of the genre, which, to me, really delves deeply into the inner recesses of people and drags them out to display those troubling characteristics into the open via the art form.

Of course the reason it is considered dark art is because it largely shows only one side of people and the world, not balancing with that which is the opposite. That, probably more than anything, is what disturbs the majority of people, although they may not consciously know it.

Gothic Art Themes

Like most art, Gothic art has a plethora of diversity in the themes and subject matter.

Like any human being, the artist is seeing something they must express, and that being the case, it can emerge in any number of forms and reveal the diverse nature of the dark side of people.

As you'll see, there are times when you're not sure if the image is one of someone who is a victim, or the one who is evil.

Gothic Art: Black with Red Color

This first image of dark art isn't exactly disturbing, but I wanted to included it to show how red and black, in this particular genre, can complement one another strongly.

There is something about using red as a secondary color that always has an effect on the person viewing the image.

More Black and Red Gothic Art

Here's a piece of art that uses black and red almost equally, and it creates a very different feel and look to the image.

Add to that the foreboding eyes and light on the hands, and it generates a unique impression.

Gothic Art: Blindfolded Man

This was a pretty intense image to me. Those little things apparently being blown out of his mouth are skulls.

The combination of shadow, subject matter, and the full moon in the background makes this a very ominous piece.

Does represent the person blindly treating people bad; chewing them up and spitting them out? I don't know. That's what's so fascinating about this type of art, it can leave it to you to discover what the artist was attempting to tell, or more likely, to reveal of human nature.

Disturbing Gothic Art Image

When you first look at this, it could be thought that it is gratuitous horror, created only for the purpose of shocking someone. That could be true. But I think there's more to it.

Look at the expression on the woman's face after having her eye cut out. It's creepy, to say the least. Not because of the missing eye, but because the seemingly lack of interest in it having been done.

Is she the protagonist or the villain. Does it address being blind to pain around her, including her own?

Beautiful But Dark Gothic Woman

This image makes a really powerful statement. It deals with outward beauty that isn't reflected on the inside.

Notice the weapon in her hand filled with blood. Does she use her beauty as a weapon in a vicious way, or to get her way? Does she hide her inner dark by displaying her outward beauty?

Also, it's scary to think of the environment this woman is walking in, without a care in the world. If you meet someone not in the least troubled in a misty woods, you should probably run in the opposite direction.

Woman with Bloody Eyes

When looking at Gothic or surreal art, you need to take into account what it is that is being focused on. If we look at the blood around the eyes, it appears to be something designed for the purpose of grossing someone out.

But when you realize the blood is centered on the eyes, then you can interpret as possibly being a young woman who has seen a lot of sorrow in her life, and probably things she wished she hadn't seen.

Gothic Art: Fallen Angel

I could be wrong in my conclusion here, but this seems to be the moment after an angel has fallen.

My uncertainty arises from not understanding or knowing exactly what the other creature or person is. It's still a very powerful image, if not for just the fallen angel alone.

Violin, Bats and Gothic Art

Here's another look, to me, of a woman looking good outwardly, but apparently is dark within. She has blood dripping by her mouth, and seems to be summoning and sending out the bats to do some deed to harm someone.

In other words, she looks good and is talented, yet wants to do harm to others, as represented by the skull near her feet.

Chained Hands

In this final photo, it looks like this is representative of the inner struggles we all have, showing what can happen if they aren't resolved.

The damage to the arms and conditions of the hands show the person has struggled, but can't or refuses to do what it takes to be set free.

Gothic Art

As you can see, Gothic art really has a purpose, even though it represents only one side of humanity and how we live and who we are, it contains a lot of truth concerning our plight.

Maybe this will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of those that produce this type of art. The key to me, is you can't take too much of this in without having a healthy does of the light.

It's no different than only looking at the bad side of someone; it not only destroys them in your eyes, but taints your own as well.


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    • EclecticFusion profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Excellent and very disturbing. I like it! Good work!

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I love the dark arts. These are awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.