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Dave McKean Shorts, Video, & Film

Updated on October 12, 2009

Although most famous for his two-dimensional work in graphic novels such as Sandman, Dave McKean's art reaches firmly into the third dimension of sculpture (often the basis for his illustrative art) and the fourth dimension of time.

Some of you may have seen his video for Primus, "The Ballad of Buckethead" and experienced the fast, surreal swirl of imagery; others may have been lucky enough to see the thoughtful, slow film short of God's decision to start the universe, The Week Before.

Currently, you can see his work in the full length film Mirrormask. Dave McKean's breadth of work is as intriguing as his multi-layered depth in each frame, each page, of his projects.

The Week Before - God considers starting the universe.

On Adding The Dimension Of Time

WIRED News: Dave Mckean Works Digital Magic

McKean discusses his move into film art.

Me & My Big Ideas

Primus Video by Dave McKean

August 1999

Sonnet 138

A McKean short film of Shakespeare's Sonnet 138, 2001.

Mirrormask "Clock People"

Mirrormask On DVD & PSP

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      spencertr 7 years ago

      good lens,thanks

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      Very informative lens. 5 stars!

      Thanks for the information.

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      DeWayne-FilmFreak 10 years ago

      Love the lens! Great information on short films! I will be doing some short films in the next year! I run a movie site you can check out below! Giving you 5 stars!

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