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Artist Danita Beck

Updated on November 5, 2012

Meet Painter & Photographer Danita Beck

Painter and photographer Danita Beck has exhibited her work in juried, invitational and solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. Her art is in private and institutional collections in the U.S. and abroad. She recently completed an MFA degree in painting at the University of Mississippi.  Danita is a native of Memphis, TN where she was actively involved in the arts community as an artist and as an arts administrator with the Memphis Arts Council, Memphis College of Art at the Urban Art Commission.

Danita's Watercolors

This watercolor is titled "Temple Apollo - Ruins, Siracusa". Danita's watercolors have been displayed in Italy at the Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences and in the United States at Marimekko in Oxford.

Danita's Black and White Photography

The black and white photo at right is part of Danita's World through a Windshield series. See more of Danita's photography.

Danita's Magnolia, Mayflowers and Irises

Danita's Magnolia, Mayflowers and Irises series was named for the state flowers of the places she has lived. Created in 2006, the compositions dealt with personal history and place in a subtle way. Insects, trees, flowers and sometimes humans are part of the compositions.

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    • profile image

      selfdefenseclique 8 years ago

      The art is amazing and the message that goes with them is cool. You have been blessed with the gift to bring forth such beauty!

    • profile image

      selfdefenseclique 8 years ago

      I went through your lens, and I found it really good thanks for your such a great efforts. I agree with these efforts and look forward to more such movements.

    • dcgal profile image

      dcgal 9 years ago

      Thanks for the compliments on the artwork, but I'm not Danita!

    • profile image

      lhiller 9 years ago

      I like your art-nice lense, too

    • lovemybob profile image

      lovemybob 10 years ago

      Lovely movement in your work, welcome to The Painting Group!

    • profile image

      Moosemachine 10 years ago

      Great lens