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Deacon Gary, th' Georgia Mojo Man and his Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojos!

Updated on June 17, 2013

Meet Deacon Gary, Creator and Purveyer of Handcrafted Spiritual Curios

When I first met Deacon Gary and witnessed the fabulous art he calls his "Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojos", I was hooked. I felt the Almighty Goddess course through my veins and knew that what we had here was someone and something very, very special.

"Brethren, it is a true saying that "Mojos are curious horsemen", mounting steeds of diverse forms and sizes. And I, Deacon Gary, the Mojoman of Georgia, by the inspiration of the Creative Fire from the Great Creator Spirit, am appointed to the selection and acquisition of horses, worthy and acceptable, for Mojos to mount."

Read on to learn more about this exceptional artist that I am proud to present to the world and call my friend.

th' Deacon slangs

hiz Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojos out inta th' world as ambassadors...missionaries searching for kindred spirits and other creative fires, and bearin' th' message of Good Gumbo, Mucho Mojo, an' Sweet Gris Gris!

Mojo Grafitti
Mojo Grafitti

From Baptist to Mojo Maker

Deacon Gary grew up in a small town in rural Georgia in the late 1960's through the early 1980's. His early ambition in life was to be a famous comic book artist, and actually made it as far as his second year in college before lack of self-discipline, bad choices, and family circumstances brought both his artistic ambitions and college career to a screeching halt.

Over the next several years, he worked, became a born-again Christian, got married and started a family. On July 15th, 2001, he was ordained as a deacon in the small Baptist church where he and his wife were married. His life was on a safe, conservative Republican/evangelical Christian track. does one transition from being a deacon in a Baptist church to creating spiritual curios called Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojos?

Deacon Gary was introduced to the African-based religious beliefs, to the historical Marie Laveau, the greatest of the Voodoo Queens, Native American spirituality, Harry Middleton Hyatt, the Anglican Minister who wrote the 5-volume “Hoodoo- Conjuration- Witchcraft- Rootwork”, and he learned that Voodoo is an active religion, not the “black magic” portrayed in old, racially paranoid horror movies. His wife Emily read aloud to him from books by her favorite author, George MacDonald, a 19th century Scottish writer/theologian/minister, who held views about the Creator that were considered heretical by Orthodox Christianity, but which capture the essence of a loving God that will not operate within the restrictive confines of any man-made dogma.

As his spiritual journey has grown and changed, so too has his “creative expressions” His spiritual curios, Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojos, have grown, over time, out of his spiritual journey of discovery and rebirth, in the way that he believes Jesus originally meant it. His spiritual journey is reflected in his creativity, and his creativity itself, the act of making, "draws me to closer communion with the Great Creator Spirit, fulfilling my purpose on this planet."

In his Own Words : The Conjuring Process

or, How Deacon Gary Slangs Mucho Mojo to Make Sweet Gris Gris

i write to you that you may be informed concerning the nature and attributes of the spiritual curios known as Good Luck Blessing Mojos . The Great Creator Spirit sends forth the Creative Fire across Mother Earth, to kindred spirits of every faith, culture, and tongue, and fans the flame of inspiration that conjures forth an infinite variety of creative expression. Thus does the Great Creator Spirit unveil unity in amazing diversity.

Conjuring Good Luck Blessing Mojos

Brethren, it is a true saying that "Mojos are curious horsemen", mounting steeds of diverse forms. And i, the Mojoman , by the inspiration of the Creative Fire from the Great Creator Spirit, am appointed to conjure Good Luck Blessing Mojos to ride forth into the world as carriers of love, as messengers of peace, as emissaries of spiritual harmony, and as conduits of serendipity.

First are chosen four Cowrie shells :

two that the Mojo shall ever see kindred spirits and loving hearts,

one that the Mojo may breathe in the poisons of hate, prejudice, and fear, and exhale the blessings of love, acceptance, and peace,

and one that the Mojo may whisper songs and blessings from the Great Creator Spirit.

After the Cowrie shells are added, the Mojo receives tribal markings, forming a crossroad, a Cosmogram- the intersection of the spirit and the material worlds. The tribal markings remind us of the importance of family and community. We are one global family, one tribe spanning every nation and culture and religion, and each one of us is a living crossroad between the spirit and the material worlds.

Then is attached to the Mojo a single nail, as a symbol of piercing, a reminder to give sympathy and comfort to the suffering because of the weaknesses and frailties that we all bear in this life.

Then is a small doll of a baby added to the Mojo as a reminder that we are all, regardless of our unique differences, children of the Great Creator Spirit, equally accepted and loved.

Next is a lock of hair affixed to the Mojo as a symbol of the inherent personal connection to the Great Creator Spirit that we all have, regardless of our religious beliefs.

Then is added to the Mojo an amulet in the likeness of an eye; a charm to ward against the Evil Eye, a talisman against intolerance and hate in all of its' malignant manifestations.

A coin (or a scrap of paper money) is added to the Mojo as a offering of prayer and petition to the Great Creator Spirit for our physical needs to be provided for.

The final physical attribute to be added to the Mojo is the Seal of its' creator. We are all multi-faceted spiritual images of the Great Creator Spirit , and our souls are Divine sparks emanating from the Great Flame.

Once the Good Luck Blessing Mojo is fully conjured, it then receives the Prayer of Blessing and Consecration of a Mojo, and is sent out into the world to begin its' mission of seeking kindred spirits and kindling creative fires.

Mucho Mojo,

Good Gumbo,

And Sweet Gris Gris!

the Mojoman

Deacon Gary's Souvenir Mojos

Deacon Gary's Souvenir Mojos
Deacon Gary's Souvenir Mojos

Mojo Prayer

"Brethren, it is a true saying that "Mojos are curious horsemen", mounting steeds of diverse forms and sizes. And I, Deacon Gary, the Mojoman of Georgia, by the inspiration of the Creative Fire from the Great Creator Spirit, am appointed to the selection and acquisition of horses, worthy and acceptable, for Mojos to mount. Once a horse, worthy and acceptable to be mounted by a Mojo, is chosen, then is the Mojo conjured to ride forth into the world."

~ Deacon Gary, th' Georgia Mojo Man

Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly
Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly

Deacon Gary's Hitting the Big Time!

Never the one for too much subtlety when it comes to business and promotion, I have chosen to feature the Georgia Mojo Man in the premiere issue of Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly. The first time I set eyes on his art I knew he was ridden by Spirit to create signatures of love and luck to share with the world. What better place to do so than in this groundbreaking new magazine?

The contents of Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly is primarily hoodoo, conjure, folk magic, indigenous cosmology, and topics related to the African derived traditions. This is what we have been asked for, and we mean to deliver! We also will offer a few articles in each issue outlining various aspects of hoodoo and conjure, including rootwork, laying tricks, botanical and zoological curios, candle magic techniques, dreamwork, divination, New Orleans gris gris, magickal formularies, working with the saints and psalms, doll magick, and spells, spells, and more spells from the best practitioners around.

Click on the photo to learn more about the world's first hoodoo and conjure magazine!

Deacon Gary's Mojos hit Doc Miller's Hoodoo Drugstore!

Recently, the Mojo man's sweet gris gris and good gumbo lucky mojos joined Doc Miller's hoodoo drugstore in downtown Atlanta. Now, you can find lucky mojos alongside the usual drugstore items and spiritual products. An impressive display of rows of bottle mojos and charm bottles, corn mojos and one-of-a-kind mojos grace the shelves and display cases just waiting to be adopted by lucky people all over the United States.

Corn Mojo, Allegedly Genuine

Corn Mojo, Allegedly Genuine
Corn Mojo, Allegedly Genuine

My Zombi Loves the Mojo Man!

My Zombi Loves the Mojo Man!
My Zombi Loves the Mojo Man!

Please sign my guestbook! - And give me your allegedly genuine and curious feedback!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Wonderful Article. I met the Mojoman and saw his wonderful inspiring creations in mid 2011 on Planet Voodoo Conjure Corner. He is a wonderful, caring person as is his wonderful wife, such a blessing to know such lovely people! I was so excited for him when he began selling his Mojos in Doc Millers Rexall my son & I did a happy dance for him. I love his creations they are awesome, he has been a real creative inspiration to both of us. My son loves his football turned "Allegedly Genuine Souvenir Mojo" If you haven't seen all his creations it is an absolute must that you do. Wonderful stuff with Mucho Mojo! Blessings to the Mojo Family

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Feeling out of sorts? Looking for something...different...something....tangible, magical,soothing, and...friendly? A resounding "YES"!, and you too can be a part of Mojo man's blessed conjured Mojos. They are unique works of art by an inspired spiritual artist, the Georgia Mojo man. These little friends are more than a creative artistic endeavor...they are talismen to gentle spirits that embrace and enfold each character that purchases one. Each one has it's own story, yet is a microcosm of our own, spiritual journey. Reach into the spiritual world...and bring back a friend. Your mojo awaits!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      the Mojoman is deeply honored and thankful to have such wonderful friends and kindred spirits to share his life's journey.... Ashe!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I am so very very proud of my father, the Georgia Mojo Man! He has worked ambitiously and creatively his whole life and is a true blessing both as a man and a fatherly figure! God was good in giving he and my mother to me :) <3