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Why to use Deco Tape

Updated on August 5, 2013

Spice up your sticking habits with Deco Tape

Yes, some people will say that it's useless and something the world doesn't need. But do these people have a good understanding of decoration? Because that's what it's about, making things look prettier, colouring up your everyday life, spicing up old and ugly stuff. Deco tape is definitely a winner.

I am highly obsessed with deco tapes. Even though I already have quite a selection, I could get more every day. No letter, no gift wrap and no postcard leaves my house without a stripe of deco tape on it. And let me tell you something: People love it! It just takes me a couple of seconds to stick a piece of cute tape on an envelope, but - at least to my knowledge - the person who receives it will appreciate the colorful and individual gesture.

In this lens I will show you a selection of my favourite deco tapes, share ideas of what to do with it and tell you where you can get it.

Decorating shelves is just one thing you can do with deco tape
Decorating shelves is just one thing you can do with deco tape

What is deco tape and how to use it?

Deco Tape is regular adhesive tape - it just looks prettier. You can find it in different colours, with hundreds of prints, in different sizes, lengths and materials. You can use it as a regular sellotape to wrap presents, fix paperwork or to glue things, but you can also use it as a means for decoration. Why not pep up your computer screen with some colourful deco tapes, you can embellish that ugly table-edge that already has quite a few scratches or customize your phone, folder, shelf etc. with it.

As you can see on the picture I used a kawaii deco tape to make my shelf look cuter. Every now and then I will replace the tape to give it a new look. In December I chose a Christmas tape and so I super easily decorated for the holidays.

10 ideas how to use deco tape

  1. Embellish your shelf boards with deco tapes
  2. Build a frame of deco tape around your PC monitor
  3. Pep up your bathroom mirror with some funny deco tapes
  4. Decorate your notebooks, pencil cases, staplers and more with colourful deco tape
  5. Put some tape on your flowerpots and vases
  6. Give your furniture a makeover with deco tape
  7. Label your kitchen or wardrobe boxes with deco tape
  8. Design your own glasses and bottles with deco tape
  9. Decorate invitations, cards, menues or books
  10. Create unique candle holders out of plain glasses with deco tape

Poll: Do you use deco tape?

Do you use deco tape?

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Some of my favourite deco tapes - These are some of my favourite deco tapes. I don't own all of them, still I love the designs. You can get these in the online


Deco tapes with food prints are really popular. Strawberries and cakes are among the most common designs for food deco tapes. I love the strong colours of this tape


Cute animals like rabbits, cats, bears and squirrels are very likely to be found on most animal deco tapes. This elephant deco tape is one of the cutest I have seen so far.


Some deco tapes even tell whole stories or show certain scenes. I sometimes use this tape when wrapping big packages. It looks lovely!


Yaaayyyy, Rilakkuma! The little brown bear is super popular in the kawaii scene and therefore also a well-known theme on deco tapes.


Totally love these!! Deco tape sets are really handy as you have so many tapes to choose from at once.


Flower tapes are just lovely. I have so many ideas where I could use this one. It is a bit more subtle but still super pretty.


I love unusual designs. You might not use a deco tape set like this every day, but still it is a great addition for a collection.


Oh Alice, I love her so much. Fairy tale deco tapes are very much in fashion. Especially designs with Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood are popular.


Of course Hello Kity must not be missing on deco tapes. This one is really cute, it has such a nice summer tone.

Poll: What is your favourite deco tape design?

What is your favourite deco tape design?

See results

Washi Masking Tape


Washi masking tape is a special form of deco tape. It is named after the Japanese paper that it is made of and very popular among scrapbookers, artists and craftspeople. The reason for this is, that it is very thin, slightly transparent and easily tearable and detachable. You can write on it and reposition it without any problems.

Since I discovered it I can't stop working with it. I even stuck it on walls, jars and lots of other things at my home. I can totally recommend it.

Deco Tapes on Amazon

Hawaii deco tape-set whale dolphin Japan
Hawaii deco tape-set whale dolphin Japan

What a super cute animal set. I especially love the whale tape.

kawaii Deco Tape adhesive tape 10pcs Set 45
kawaii Deco Tape adhesive tape 10pcs Set 45

Especially if it's your first time with deco tape I totally recommend getting a set like these. You get 10 different styles at once and can experiment a lot.

pink Washi Masking Tape deco tape blue flowers
pink Washi Masking Tape deco tape blue flowers

Washi Tape is my secret weapon in all my crafting activities now

pink big Matryoshka Deco Tape Russian doll
pink big Matryoshka Deco Tape Russian doll

What a classic. I totally love bis deco tapes and these matryoshka dolls just rock!


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