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Decoupage Ideas Made Easy

Updated on May 10, 2015

I love decoupage!

It started many years ago, my interest in paper decoupage.

The best thing with decoupage is that you do not need any artistic skills to make the most beautiful items!

You feel like you have painted it yourself, but actually - you just used a bit of paper and some glue to make it.

It has never been easier to be creative and look professional doing it!


What is paper napkin decoupage?

Paper Napkin Decoupage is a fun and very easy way of decoration different things with motives from paper napkins.

You can use other kind of paper and motive also, but the thinner the paper, the better the result. And the thinnest paper of all must be one layer of a paper napkin.

Something you should think of when using other kind of paper is that whatever is printed on the back side will show when gluing it.


What does the word decoupage mean?

The word is actually coming from the French language découper and it means to cut out. Decoupage therefore is to cut out images to use for decoration.

Where does the technique come from?

The art of decoupage has been around for a long period of time. According to these books* (listed below) it has its roots in Venice in the 1700 century. This beautiful technique has been very popular in southern Europe.

Now the most common way of using the decoupage technique is paper napkins decopage , but when it started (and even nowadays) they used wallpaper, fabrics or paintings.

Many people from poor to rich have been using motives and paper decoupage technique to be creative and artistic. Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour and even Picasso have been doing decoupage! The Queen Margarethe of Denmark have had exhibition with her decoupage items!

*Decoupage by Ingegerd Rekestad ISBN 91-534-2412-3 and Decoupage by Ann Dahlin ISBN 91-7715-512-2

What can you decorate?

Almost every thing is possible to decorate with paper decoupage; furniture, glass, coffee mugs, plates, wooden boxes, paper boxes etc. The sky is the limit. Here you can use your imagination and your creativity and let it bloom!

Can everyone use the decoupage technique?

Yes! That is the great thing with decoupage. Every one from the children in the daycarecenter to the queen herself can use this paper napkin technique! And it does not need to be expensive.

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