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Decoupage on Candle Holders

Updated on May 10, 2015

Glass Decoupage

You can use the decoupage technique on almost any item.

I love to put small images on my candle holders, it is very easy done and becomes very beautiful when you lit the light.

On the picture you can see how I used small old fashioned bookmarks from my childhood to create new candle holder. This is a very easy made glass decoupage. Below I will also show how I use small napkin decoupage images.

Glass Decoupage Candle Holders

If you want to make some nice candle holders, why not try this very simple glass decoupage. I use to gather family, friends and the children in the neighborhood to create tons of them. The variations are endless, and I think most of the time, the young girls are the most creative ones!

Before you start; be sure that the glass is very clean. No fat, no fingerprints etc. What you need to this particular creations is, glass holders, small images from paper, bookmarks or napkin for example, napkin decoupage glue for glass, hobby color for glass and some brushes.

If you want you can buy glass for decoupage, or you can use what you have at home. Be sure that the surface is very even, no patterns.

Create a beautiful candle holder!

You can follow my steps here if you want! But use your imagination - this is a great way of making unique creations!

1. Take a kitchen scrub sponge (the soft part), take a scissor and cut out a small cube. Take the cube and dip it in hobby color and dot paint on the glass. Just touch the surface very light with the little piece of sponge. Use the sponge instead of a brush. You can also use an ordinary brush, but the sponge gives a different pattern.

2. Take a napkin with a decoration that fit perfect on the glass candle holder. Tear out the desired design from your paper napkin, or cut your motif exactly out and remove the bottom layers.

3. After the color dried, then take the decoupage glue and dot a couple of drops on the surface where you want to attach your motif and place the napkin on the item, using a soft paint brush paint appliqué glue over the napkin. Start from the center and work your way out.

4. Do it very carefully! Then, cover the surface with the decoupage glue. It will be good protection for the decoration.

5. Finished! It is fast and easy, and the result will be beautiful!


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