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Digital Photography - an amazing invention

Updated on December 23, 2018
Tulips at Floriade, Canberra
Tulips at Floriade, Canberra | Source

Digital photography has changed the way we take pictures. In the old days when cameras used film, you have to wait for days before your photos were developed and printed to see the results. And when you made a mistake it was just too bad, there is not chance to re-shoot. But those days are over, now with digital camera, as soon as you've taken the picture, you can look at it on your camera's LCD screen and if your not happy with it, you can delete it or take another one. In fact you can take as many as you like.

Why is digital so great?

  • Photos can be stored and manipulated on a computer. Taking digital photos is the first step, and after that you can copy or download them from your camera to your computer. Most computer cameras will display your pictures on screen, they have a built in free software.
  • Digital photos cost nothing to shoot, can be copied without any loss in quality.
  • Digital photos can be printed cheaply at home by using your printer in just a few minutes.
  • Photos can now be printed direct from your memory card without the digital images going via computer.
  • Photos can be "burnt" onto CD or DVD, either for storage or as a slide show that you can view on a computer or television screen.
  • You can share your photos for free, it is easy to send your digital photos to your friends and family anywhere around the world via email
  • Digital photos can be uploaded on a Internet as web photo gallery and you can invite anyone to log on to and look at.

Coloring book converts the edges in the picture to black lines on a  white background so your picture appears as a line drawing that you can color.
Coloring book converts the edges in the picture to black lines on a white background so your picture appears as a line drawing that you can color. | Source
Fisheye distorts the picture as if a glass lens were laying on top of it.
Fisheye distorts the picture as if a glass lens were laying on top of it. | Source
Cartoon effects outlines the edges in the picture and saturates the color, turning your picture into a fun cartoon.
Cartoon effects outlines the edges in the picture and saturates the color, turning your picture into a fun cartoon. | Source

Digital Photography is a great way to take pictures . . .

One thing I like about it, is what you are able to do once you have copied it into the computer, that is where the real fun begins.

Almost any ordinary photo can be made to look great once you start manipulating it on your computer. Dull shots can be brightened and colour made richer or more natural and even horrible mistakes can sometimes be fixed. Image - editing software packages vary in what they allow you to do, but most of them have the basic editing features.

I particularly like the special effects filters that can turn your photos into paintings and sketches. They are usually one-click tools and you can choose the various settings you want, you can check and preview and then the computer takes a minute or so to process the new picture.

My favourite feature of my Kodak Easyshare Z700 camera's software is its ability to add fun effects to your pictures. With just one click of a button your picture will turn into something different.

Take a look at some of the photos that I have experimented using fun effects. Please let me know what you think.

  • Digital Photography- Sepia Tone

    Sepia tone is a type of digital photo in which the picture appears in shades of brown, giving it an old-fashioned look and also to create a different style.



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    • RosWebbART profile image

      Ros Webb 

      9 years ago from Ireland

      Interesting article. Some good stuff there! I'll drop back in later to re-read in detail.

    • digitalphotograph profile image


      10 years ago from New York

      WoW! Your photos are awesome! what medium did you use?


    • MM Del Rosario profile imageAUTHOR

      MM Del Rosario 

      12 years ago from NSW, Australia

      Thanks Katherine, a lot of new techniques are being added, i am really hooked on this new hobby of mine.

    • Katherine Baldwin profile image

      Katherine Baldwin 

      12 years ago from South Carolina

      Great photos, MM Del Rosario. Some editing software also lets you add effects, like fog or snow flakes. It's a lot of fun. Thanks, for the hub.



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