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★ DIY Backdrops & Photo Booths | Fun Background Ideas for Photographs ★

Updated on January 31, 2015

Create Awesome Photos of Party Guests or Products

With photography as such a large part of everyday life for many people, there are times when you want to improve your photos and make them look more professional. One way to do this is to use a seamless backdrop that can either be blank or can add a more interesting look to the photographs without taking focus away from the subject.

Backdrops massively improve blog photos and product photos, and are also fantastic for capturing portraits of friends and family. Photo booths are often used at parties and weddings to remember the occasion forever and take fun photos of all of your friends and family, and this page should provide what you need to construct your own at home or at a big event.

Below you will find tutorials for a wide range of DIY backdrops, so I hope you find the right one for you :)

Photo credit: The wall was made by Diane-Marie Brache-Smith and the photo was taken by Ambers Sycz.

Homemade Photobooth Wall

I love the picture frame idea used for this wedding photobooth.

The wall was made by Diane-Marie Brache-Smith and the photo was taken by Ambers Sycz.

Backdrops & Props Available to Buy

If you don't have the time to make your own props and backgrounds, there are some great options you can purchase to give a professional look. There are also support frames for backdrops available, which would be very useful whether you DIY your backdrop or not:

Sewn Paper Leaves

Easy, quick and inexpensive; garlands of book page leaves would look great as a backdrop.
Easy, quick and inexpensive; garlands of book page leaves would look great as a backdrop. | Source

Paper Streamers Photobooth

Photo and backdrop by Ciera Holzenthal - Click here for more details about the photobooth and the party decorations.

Plywood Backdrop Corner

Covered in decorative scrapbook paper, this particular backdrop is ideal for product photos if you sell items online. Larger scale backdrops created in the same style as this one can be used for larger product photos, or for people who publish tutorials and other professional-looking photos on the web.

If you don't have your own dedicated photo studio, this is the next best alternative.

Photo and backdrop by Wandy - click here for construction details.

Homemade Photo Booths & Props

Homemade or bought props are often provided in photo booths to allow people to add their own creative pose and make it more amusing!

Colorful Wedding Backdrop

Backdrop by Andiezoe. Photo Credit: Tony Landis.
Backdrop by Andiezoe. Photo Credit: Tony Landis. | Source

Support Stands

If you are setting up the photobooth at a wedding or party then having adequate support for your backdrop is very important because people will be walking past it (and into it!) all night long and you don't want it falling down! Clamps and a portable frame are excellent for keeping everything in place:

Video Tutorials for Photo Booths & Props

Have you ever made a backdrop or photobooth?

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