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★ DIY Clock Tutorials | Roundup of Fun Craft Projects ★

Updated on February 18, 2016

How to Make Your Own Clocks

So many objects can be transformed into unique clocks, including game boards, vintage cameras, bike wheels and books. Makeovers and recycling projects are a lot of fun, but you could also build a clock completely from scratch in your own design, and you don't even need any previous experience or skill do do this. The design possibilities are almost limitless; big, small, stand-alone, wall hanging, giant size, on the ceiling, traditional, modern or pretty much any type of clock you can imagine!

On this page you will find a huge roundup of step-by-step tutorials showing you how to make a wide range of clocks, and you can either follow these instructions to the letter, or you can use them as inspiration for your own ideas.

I hope you find this page useful :-)

Photo by Vanya Mornie.

Photo Wall Clock

Made using wire and cork.
Made using wire and cork. | Source

Clock Movements & Kits

There is a good variety of clock mechanisms available to buy - including different sizes and types - but you could also recycle old clocks by taking the mechanism out of those and re-using them in a new project.

An Introduction

3 Ways To Make A Unique Clock

Making a clock can be one of the most simple crafts to try, or you can make it complicated on purpose as a challenge! Most of the projects listed on this page though are really easy, and are fun for kids to help with too.

When creating a clock, there are really only 3 options:

1) Buy a plain clock and embellish it or use the bare bones of the structure as a base for your own design

2) Buy a clock mechanism and insert it into another pre-made product (such as a book, a soup tin, a frisbee, a dinner plate etc.) to repurpose it into a clock

3) Buy a clock mechanism and build the rest from scratch completely

The most simple option is to embellish an existing clock frame, and this can be as basic as sticking on pom-poms or wrapping the frame with fabric.

For the clock mechanism you can buy a regular quartz movement, or you could buy a pendulum mechanism for more of a statement piece. If you are knowledgeable about electronics, you can also get creative with digital clock displays.

Acrylic Cut-Out Clock


Fun Metal Sign Clocks


Vintage Plate Clock


Click here for more details on this project.

License Plate Clock


Homemade Nixie Clock

If you're knowledgeable about electronics, you can try more advanced clock ideas.
If you're knowledgeable about electronics, you can try more advanced clock ideas. | Source

How To Make a Fun 2D Canvas Clock


This DIY is my own idea and I think it would look cool on a wall or side table! There are a few different ways you can interpret the idea, which I will suggest below.

What You Will Need:

* A canvas (stretched); You can buy art canvases quite cheap at budget art stores.

* A photograph (or other printed picture) of a clock OR a variety of paints

* An awl or something else pointed and strong

* Scissors

* A PC and photo editing software (optional)

* Double-sided tape OR glue

* Clock mechanism

* A method of hanging the canvas up on the wall; this could be a couple of nails in the wall, or a screw.

This project is straightforward to make, with the main step being to transfer a picture of a clock to a canvas. You have a few options for this and you can use the one you like best:

1) You could use a photo of an alarm clock which you have taken yourself or one you have found on the internet. Use photo editing software to remove the clock hands from the image. Then either enlarge the photo to the size of your canvas, or choose a canvas the same size as the photo, and print out the image. This will look most effective if you print (or get it printed) on thick photo-quality paper in matte finish.

You would then make a hole in the center of the clock face on the paper using an awl or small scissors so that it's big enough for a clock mechanism to fit into. Either use double-sided tape or a suitable glue to attach the print to the front of the canvas

2) You could create the image of an alarm clock directly on the canvas by painting one yourself. Use an awl/scissors to make a hole for the clock mechanism in the canvas.

3) You could create the image of a clock using collage and decoupage methods by gluing different colored shapes of paper or card onto the canvas e.g. a circle of yellow card for the clock face, half circles of blue card for the 'bells' etc. You could also use suitable cut-outs from magazines. This is fun for kids to do.

Once you have transferred a clock picture to the canvas and created a hole in the center of the clock face, you can attach the clock mechanism. Glue or tape the mechanism to the back of the canvas if necessary.

Then you simply hang the canvas on the wall using your preferred method.


* An alternative to using a canvas would be to use two rectangular pieces of wood in an L shape (as shown in the diagram), which you would display on a table instead of on a wall. The wood should be approx. 4-8mm thick, and you will obviously need a drill to insert the clock mechanism into the wood. I recommend putting a block of wood (shown as a triangular shape on the diagram) behind the join for strength and reinforcement, and this would allow you only use glue in your project. Otherwise, nails may be needed for strength depending on the weight of the wood you use.

To decorate the wood you can use a photograph again, and/or use a painting method.

* Another way of applying this idea is to put your printed (Photoshopped) photograph of an alarm clock into a picture frame rather than putting it onto a canvas. Don't use a frame with glass in (or just remove it) and then simply drill a hole through the back of the picture frame for the clock mechanism. The frame will have to be big enough to allow the clock hands to rotate within the display area.

Clock Making Videos

Simple Book Clock


Quilted Collage Clock

This pretty clock is made with various fabrics, canvas board and free-motion quilting techniques.
This pretty clock is made with various fabrics, canvas board and free-motion quilting techniques. | Source

Vinyl Record Clocks


Embroidered Clock

By drilling a pattern of tiny needle-sized holes in a piece of wood, you can then apply embroidery stitches to it for an interesting mix of crafts and textures.
By drilling a pattern of tiny needle-sized holes in a piece of wood, you can then apply embroidery stitches to it for an interesting mix of crafts and textures. | Source

Have you ever made your own clock before?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Omg I love the Nixie clock!! So cool!

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      Judith Nazarewicz 5 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

      Now I really would like to try making one of these clocks

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      This is Fantastic I must try one!

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      Really nice article. I've always wanted to make my own clock, but it seamed almost impossible. Now, I have this great tutorial to help me get the job done like a pro.

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      I was just at Michaels today looking at the clock supplies trying to decide if I should make one. I think I will now!

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      Great lens, can remember having to do a similar thing for Wood Tech class in high school

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      Very cool clock projects and ideas! My hubby makes burl clocks. :)

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      Some really great ideas! I am going to put this one into my favorites. Thanks! Great lens.