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Homemade Present Ideas for Men and Women: DIY Craft Gift Tutorials

Updated on February 18, 2016

Creative Gift How-Tos From Around The Web

If you bake, love crafts or are in any way practical, homemade gifts are a great option for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day and other festivities—not only because people will appreciate the extra effort you've made, but because it's fun to make the gifts and it can usually save you money too.

On this page I've compiled lists of the best and most unusual how-tos and ideas for making your own gifts, from edible items to wall art, coasters and much more. The tutorials cover a range of prices and recipients, from fathers to friends and co-workers.

I hope you find the ideas helpful!

Christmas Chutney


Why Make Your Own Presents?

Apart from the practicality of actually saving yourself some money (usually), the best thing about giving and receiving home made gifts is the thoughtfulness behind the idea and the obvious time and effort spent on it, plus the fact that it is unique and personal.

A lot of people seem to think of DIY gifts as cheap, naff, or things that only kids make, like macaroni necklaces, but please take a look at the amazing things on this page and you will completely change your mind! You won't believe what you can make with basic materials.

If you are crafty or you can sew, then the world is pretty much your oyster with regards to what you could make, and bakers or cooks have a huge array of treats and goodies to choose from too. If you're neither craft-minded nor a fan of cooking, then don't despair; most ideas on this page come complete with step-by-step tutorials which guide even total beginners to victory! If you don't have time for making something from scratch, then embellishing or personalizing store-bought products is a great idea too, whether it's with personal photos in a photo album, a journal with added decoration by you, or even fun gift wrapping. OR perhaps you could buy multiple gifts with the same theme (e.g. golf, movie night, chocolate, puzzles, spa day) and make up a surprise gift box!

Birthday Plant Basket


Sharpie Embellished Mug

Turn a plain mug into a thoughtful gift with porcelain pens.
Turn a plain mug into a thoughtful gift with porcelain pens. | Source

Top-Rated Gift Ideas

These affordable and fun present ideas could be for friends, colleagues or family - I particularly recommend the 'One Line a Day' memory book which I own and is perfect for busy people who would like to keep a regular diary.

Print Your Own Tote Bags

Buying a cheap plain tote bag and personalizing it with fabric paint is a great idea for a gift!
Buying a cheap plain tote bag and personalizing it with fabric paint is a great idea for a gift! | Source

Sock Softies and Cuddly Toys

A softie or toy you make is a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone special, and it will be treasured.
A softie or toy you make is a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone special, and it will be treasured. | Source

Make Your Own Recipe-Book Holder


A recipe-book holder is a great gift for any keen cook or baker, and this project is easily achievable even for woodworking newbies, although you will need a couple of basic tools.

What you will need:

  • Wood in the dimensions shown in the diagram—natural wood, plywood, MDF—doesn't really matter. If you want a nice-looking wood grain, use a natural wood like pine. But MDF is a cheap board and is simple to use, and you can always paint it at the end to make it look nicer!
  • Wood saw, hand or electric (scroll/band).
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Two clamps
  • Two 23" lengths of elastic tape (optional)
  • Paint, stain, or whatever you want to finish the wood with
  • A recipe book, to test the product with
  • Nails (optional)


I. Cut the wood pieces out as per the diagram:

  • Piece 1: a rectangle 16" x 11" (at least 1/4" thick)
  • Pieces 2 and 3: two identical triangles, with one right angle between edges 9" and 5" long. These supporting struts can be as thick as you want, but at least 1/2" thick.
  • Piece 4: one rectangle 1.5" x 10" (about 3/8" thick)
  • Piece 5: one rectangle 1" x 10" (about 1/4" thick).

II. Glue Piece 4 to Piece 1, as per the diagram. The edge of Piece 4 should be glued to Piece 1 so that it is centered and is about 1" from the bottom of Piece 1.

III. Clamp the pieces together to keep them in place until the glue dries. You could use nails instead (or as well as) if you wish by hammering nails from the back of Piece 1 into Piece 4.

IV. Attach Piece 5 with glue and clamps to the front of Piece 4 so that the bottom edges line up with each other. This forms the "lip" on the recipe-book platform which will keep the recipe book held in place.

V. You will then need to glue on the triangular Pieces 2 and 3, as in the diagram, so each one sits 3" from each side of Piece 1 and lines up with the bottom of Piece 1. This will create a slanted book holder.

VI. If you have trouble clamping the triangular pieces because they are on a slant, a trick is to basically make two mini versions of the triangle shapes of Pieces 2 and 3, so that they are smaller but the angles are the same. Turn each of these mini triangles upside down and position them on the edges of Pieces 2 and 3 respectively in order to make a parallel surface for the clamps to push against

VII. Put a recipe book in position to test that the holder works.

VIII. Use the sandpaper to smooth any rough surfaces or edges. Remove the wood dust with a slightly damp cloth to leave it nice and clean.

IX. To finish it off (making sure the holder is completely dry), you can paint it (spray or brush), stencil it with a pattern, cover with a photo collage, decoupage it with fabric, stain it (if you used natural wood), or whatever you like: it's up to you!

X. If you want to add elastic straps to the holder (to hold the pages open when necessary), then you can do this as the last step. With a recipe book in place on the holder, wrap the elastic tape piece around both the holder and the book so that the ends meet at the back (see diagram). Sew the elastic together in a join when you have judged how long you want the elastic strap to be, making sure that the elastic will be stretched enough around the book to exert pressure onto the pages.

Do this for each piece of elastic so you have two identical elastic loops. You can glue the elastic to the back of Piece 1, making sure the elastic seam is positioned at the back.


Homemade Terrarium


Here are some tutorials on making your own terrariums: look here or here.

Homemade Bath Products


A top idea: You could make your own bath salts and soap and put them together with loofah and sponge to create a lovely gift set.

Woodburned Snowflake Ornament

Tree slices + wood burning tool + ribbon = pretty ornaments which would be perfect for Christmas presents.
Tree slices + wood burning tool + ribbon = pretty ornaments which would be perfect for Christmas presents. | Source

Clay Critters


Making your own little clay monsters and animals is a cute idea for a unique gift.

Here is more information on how to use and shape polymer clay.

Betty Crocker Caramel Sauce


Homemade jams and sauces make a lovely gift. Here's the recipe for the caramel sauce shown in the photo. And here are recipes for occasions including Valentine's Day.

Homemade Gift Videos

Domino Set

Pebbles and paint...that's all you need!
Pebbles and paint...that's all you need! | Source

Fabric Flower Bouquet

Flowers that will last forever!
Flowers that will last forever! | Source

Handmade Birdies

These are actually cake toppers, but they would be just as cute as decorations for a table, windowsill or mantelpiece. You just need to shape the bodies out of clay, paper mache, foam or other material, and then decorate them.
These are actually cake toppers, but they would be just as cute as decorations for a table, windowsill or mantelpiece. You just need to shape the bodies out of clay, paper mache, foam or other material, and then decorate them. | Source

Kindle Case

This is a brilliant and simple idea for a Kindle owner, recycling an old book cover into something functional. Cases for electronics are an ideal homemade gift - whether it's for a phone, Kindle, laptop or camera.
This is a brilliant and simple idea for a Kindle owner, recycling an old book cover into something functional. Cases for electronics are an ideal homemade gift - whether it's for a phone, Kindle, laptop or camera. | Source

iPad Stand

Easy gift for a gadget fan, made by simply making a slot in a block of wood.
Easy gift for a gadget fan, made by simply making a slot in a block of wood. | Source

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

These dark chocolate truffles have been rolled in chopped toasted walnuts, cocoa, chocolate shavings or shredded coconut.
These dark chocolate truffles have been rolled in chopped toasted walnuts, cocoa, chocolate shavings or shredded coconut. | Source

Plush Alphabet Set

A complete set of sewn softie letters with a handmade drawstring bag. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift!
A complete set of sewn softie letters with a handmade drawstring bag. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift! | Source

Painted Pebble Fridge Magnets


Do you give handmade gifts?

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      I love handmade things, to me, they are better than any store bought present because that means you really took the time to make it for them unless you hired someone that makes the things you want to give, but at least you still have a say in what you want. Cool lens.

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      FancyThatUK 4 years ago

      Everyone is getting cookie mix in a jar this year. Saw a pin for it on Pintrest and knew that's what was happening. My parents, sister and hubby get extra bought gifts too, but everyone else is handmade. Last year was a tin of homemade sweets and chocolates! They went down well, and it can actually save you some money!

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      This lens have a great ideas for gifts ,TX .

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      Marcel White 3 years ago

      You are a talented person and one of your talents is to make things look easy to do. I'm considering trying some of your suggestions. Thanks!

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      anonymous 3 years ago

      @Jerrad28: Wow, so many great ideas! What a treasure trove

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      anonymous 3 years ago

      wonderful ideas. men are especially difficult to make gifts that they will USE.

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      Kareen Liez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Great lens! So many lovely ideas for a gift. :)

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      great lens, added it to bookmarks

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      mariacarbonara 3 years ago

      @Sojournstar Media: Agreed. I especially love the Ipad stand, its so simple but effective!

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      tiff9321 3 years ago

      Great ideas!!

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      Tami-Lynn 3 years ago from North Vancouver

      cool lense, love the birdies and the truffles!

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      hgb282 3 years ago

      Lots of variety in gift ideas. I had to google "Christmas chutney". Fun video, nice festive background music.

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      WendyArts 3 years ago

      Great, great lens. Thanks for putting together a wonderful resource. I will be back for ideas before the holidays this year. Years ago, I used to make almost all the gifts I gave...that's before family, when I was single.

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      richardrose 3 years ago

      Fantastic information here. Great to actually make a gift for someone as it really gives the personal touch.

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      mel-kav 3 years ago

      I love - love - love this lens. Brilliant. I am bookmarking. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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      great informative lens. I love getting new ideas to homemade gifts. I think it's the best way to give.

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      LOVE the lens!

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      Love in your lense. B E A utifull

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      Beautiful informative lens! thanks for sharing it.

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      Jackowacko LM 3 years ago

      I simply love the idea with domino stones!. Great idea.

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      chrisilouwho 3 years ago

      these are some really great ideas, thank you!

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      well written and organized. thanks for sharing

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      I was really taken with some of these ideas. Thanks!

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      i love it... i can use some for my friends presents .... it's pretty nice

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      Baddew Fibes 3 years ago

      Absolutely amazing collection of ideas - thanks!

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      OliviaQ 3 years ago

      I love this gift idea, that very funny look and nice

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      The handmade birdies are ADORABLE!!! I want to make them RIGHT NOW!

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      ikeephouse 3 years ago

      I totally need to make a stone domino set. So Cute!!!

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 3 years ago from Seattle, WA

      I love being crafty and there's about 10 things here I can't wait to try. Thanks for all the new ideas!

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      Great Lens! Thanks :)

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      John Huf 3 years ago

      i love getting handmade gifts. It's so much nicer to get something handmade than just simply bought,

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      Got to save this sight Excellent info!

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      Rock Artist 3 years ago

      Nice informative and useful lens, thank you for sharing it with us! My passion is rock painting and I love to give them as gifts.

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      There are few ideas we will definitely use!

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      Love this cannot wait to try them. I have been looking for something like this forever. Thanks!

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      Great ideas!

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      Awesome blog! Nice gift ideas! :) Do check and for more DIY easy and unique gift ideas :)

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