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DIY Kids Super Hero Dress Up Costumes

Updated on June 18, 2014

Remember bringing home that cute little bundle of joy? That cute squishy phase is long gone, you are left with tiny little balls of insanity rampaging thru your house. Since they're already running around, on what appears to be super human energy, why not get them some fabulous accessories? A snazzy cape gives that rampaging a purpose (in their mind), a fun mask gives them invisibility (in their mind) not to mention it makes them super adorable (in your mind!).

You'll find all kinds of free super hero patterns & designs on this page. They range for super complex to no sew...but they are all adorable! You'll find several different options for patterns, if you can't find what you need just add a comment on the bottom & I'll track it down for you!

They Need a Mask!

With super powers comes a need for privacy! You can choose from 7 different patterns...or get creative & make your own. This are not only adorable they can be made either buy sewing or with craft glue. This is the perfect solution for a toddler super hero anonymity issue.

Get the Directions Here!

Character Capes!

If you're looking for a cape with an actual super hero logo this girl not only has a great cape pattern but the logos as well! This has a bit of sewing, the logos will be the tricky part but the directions are very easy to follow.

I love these so much more than store bought, they are just more fact I can see adding their name on the cape as well!

Get the Cape Directions Here!

Get the Logo Directions Here!

DIY Superhero Cuffs

How fabulous are these!? They are super easy & look amazing, I love the little button to turn it into a communicator. This will be a huge hit for any kids, it's definitely on my to do list.

Get the Directions Here!

Make Some Super Hero Boots

If you looking for a great alternative to the kids running around in their snow boots all year these super hero boots are it! They are light & fun, the kids will love them...and you'll cut down on that sweat foot smell!

Directions For Super Hero Boots!

Super Hero Kits!

Not everyone is super crafty, it's Ok...that's why they make these handy kits! The kids can get in on the action with these and help in the design process.

The Superhero Starter Kit (Chicken Socks)
The Superhero Starter Kit (Chicken Socks)
You get a book, cape, stickers and punch out masks in this cute little kit!
Mudpuppy Superheros Make-a-Mask
Mudpuppy Superheros Make-a-Mask
This includes 20 cut out masks that the kids can color in to make their own action hero theme.
Global Game Changers Make Me a Superhero Activity Kit, Red, 26" Long
Global Game Changers Make Me a Superhero Activity Kit, Red, 26" Long
This is a full on interactive kit. It comes with a book, cape & worksheet.
Super Hero in a Box by Reeve and Jones
Super Hero in a Box by Reeve and Jones
Everything you need to protect your identity!

DIY Super Hero Kids Mask

These are designed for lots of play time & are made of several layers of felt to really last. The tutorial is fairly simple & very easy to follow. The colors are up to you, plus don't forget the fab embellishments!

Get Directions Here!

Super Simple Kids Cape!

If you're not so crafty, yet your kid needs a cape then this is the project for you! It's literally made from an old shirt & could not be easier. This is a 5 minute project & it will take longer to find the shirt than make it!

Get the Directions Here

Trick Out Their Shoes!

No matter what kind of hero your kid wants to be these are just to adorable & easy to pass up! What kid wouldn't love these on their shoes? No kid of mine.

Get the Directions Here!

Mix & Match!

You don't have to make the whole outfit, mix in some store bought accessories! Like those giant hulk hands...those are just cool.

They Need Pants!

For some reason the manliest guys out there wear tights....that's just not going to fly in my house. But these groovy sweat pants got a makeover & now they are ready for crime fighting. Perfect for running around the house, and frankly I'm just happy they have pants on!

These are good for everyday action hero fighting or even a Halloween costume.

Get the Directions Here!

Make a Custom Cape!

If you want to steer clear of mainstream characters then this tutorial is perfect for you. These are a well designed craft project that willl take a couple hours. The end result will be a custom cape that will last for years, totally worth the time!

Get Directions Here!

Don't want to make a cape?

It's OK, now every one wants to sew up a cape. These are the cutest ones I've found...I especially love the pink one! When I was a kid we had to live like animals & use towels with a safety pin if we wanted a cape!

OTC - Child's Super Hero Cape and Mask Set, Made of Polyester
OTC - Child's Super Hero Cape and Mask Set, Made of Polyester
Ok this cape is perfect for toddler...and it comes with a matching mask! Squeals!
DC Comics, Reversible Batman and Superman Cape
DC Comics, Reversible Batman and Superman Cape
No one can mess with the dark knight!

DIY Superhero Kids Costume

I love everything about this one, the colors, simple design & even the cute little mask! This is pretty much perfect for any kid, just add in their favorite colors & their initial.

Get Directions Here

Make a Jet Pack!

Not all super heroes can fly, but this groovy jet pack should fix that! It's a super easy project that the kids will get a kick out of. You just need a couple soda bottles, cardboard, felt & elastic.

Get Directions Here!

Captain America Shield!

This creative project involves a Frisbee & a little spare time to create an awesome shield! You can make this to look just like Captain America or you can mix it up. This person made a Ninja Turtle Version that is adorable!

Get the Directions Here!

The Full Monty

Yep, this tutorial covers the making of the boots, caffs, mask & cape. This is so flipping cute I'm not sure I can stand it! I love everything right down to the little tutu she's wearing. Top on my list for any kids gift...I hope my friends like super heroes.

Get Directions Here

Stuff You Can't Make...

While you can make tons of super hero accessories...some things just have to be bought. Honestly it doesn't matter what characters you are creating. Any of these items will fit right in with the custom super hero your kid is designing in his/her head.

Marvel The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists
Marvel The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists
These are amazing...they kids & adult needs a set.
Captain America Marvel Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet
Captain America Marvel Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet
This helmet shoots missiles! MISSILES people!
Marvel Thor The Dark World Lightning Strike Hammer
Marvel Thor The Dark World Lightning Strike Hammer
Yep, they are going to smash stuff, but at least they will be adorable doing it!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My grandchildren will love this! Very cool indeed.

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 

      6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Love those Super hero boots!

    • psiloveyou1 profile image


      6 years ago

      These are so much for kids!! Great lens.

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 

      6 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      How fun and clever! Sounds much more fun to make something like these than buying some of the cheesier costumes (not all are, I know). Love it!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      6 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Our best friend in Virginia Beach made my boys capes for their birthdays back when they turned 4 and 7. She used a big, bronze-colored, shiny, satin-ish sheet that she found at a yard sale with some colorful binding for a tie around the neck. Those were the best gifts EVER for those boys. They used them for years. Love that you made this lens!


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