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DIY Screen Printing At Home

Updated on August 6, 2014


Screen Printing At Home

Your home is the perfect place to learn the process of silk screen printing and to build a business selling t-shirts from.

Doing screen printing at home offers you many advantage. You are already paying for your home or apartment and therefore you do not have to have a separate location. You can skimp on the materials and equipment you use. For instance instead of buying a $250 - $500 silk screen printing press to get started you can spend $50 and make your own silk screen press. Also instead of buying many silk screen frames at about $16 each you can learn to make your own DIY silk screens frame at a cost of about $3 each.

Screen Printing Techniques

There are a number of screen printing techniques. Screen printing can be done with an automatic press where it is machine operated. I can be done as well with a manual press where a person has to do all of the works. The process also includes various colors to achieve the desired design.

If you image requires that it only be done one color then a one color press will often be sufficient. However if your design requires more than one color then a 4 color or 6 color silk screen press will be needed. Someone that prints their own t-shirts for a hobby may not need to have multiple colors. But someone that sells t-shirts may receive orders for their shirts that have a request for many colors in the printed design.


How To Make A Silk Screen

The fact is that it is not that difficult to make a silk screen. As long as your have the material and the patience you can complete the silk screen printing process. You measure the wood for your frame and cut it to the desired lengths and angles. You then fasten it together with staples, nail and glue. Once you have the frame assembled attach the mesh by pulling it tight and staple it in place.

Make Your Own Screen Print

Once you have completed the silk screen frame making process it time to proceed to how to make your own screen print. The screen print is the image resulting after ink has been squeegeed onto the t-shirt. To make your own screen print you need to expose your image onto a screen covered in emulsion.

Place your artwork onto the flat side of the screen where it looks backwards if you are looking directly down onto the screen. Expose the screen under a UV light for the time specified by the emulsion manufacturer. Immediately wet the screen and wash out the unexposed emulsion revealing your completed image on the screen.

I hope this has helped you to with your DIY screen printing at home.


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