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Doctor Who Papercraft Printables

Updated on October 28, 2015

Crafts for Geeks

There's a nifty little craft craze for Doctor Who fans that is growing online. The artists over at Cubeecraft have created dozens of printables so people can build their own cubey geek models using paper craft. Now, thanks to Peter aka ~gfoyles and Chris aka ~CyberDrone over at, you can now construct your own TARDIS from Doctor Who. Other artists have created templates for all kinds of characters, including aliens, villains, and beloved companions.

This photo depicts the 10th doctor in papercraft form by ~Rabenstolz at Click on the link below to view and dowload the template. ~Rabenstolz also posts some basic papercrafting instructions to geet you started.

10th Doctor Template by ~Rabenstolz

So, if your desk is in need of some geeky accessories, gather scissors, craft knife and glue, fire up your printer, and get ready to get your crafty geek on!

Photo credit:  gfoyle at
Photo credit: gfoyle at

TARDIS Template

Artist gfoyle over at posted this free TARDIS template, complete with serialized Doctor Who comic images from the '70s. Print it out on cardstock or heavy weight paper, if you can. Scissors and a craft knife are necessary, but you won't need any glue. To view or download the complete image, click on the photo to head over to the Deviant Art website.

Photo credit:  ~CyberDrone at
Photo credit: ~CyberDrone at


Check out the boxy Cubeecraft fan art templates of items and characters from Doctor Who and Torchwood. Chris has posted seven pages of Whovian papercraft, including seven versions of the TARDIS. Click on the photo to view or download any of CyberDrone's TARDIS templates.

Photo credit:  ~CyberDrone at
Photo credit: ~CyberDrone at


Not satisfied with just making a TARDIS? Add a Dalek to your collection. Click on the photo to view or download this classic Dalek pattern by ~CyberDrone.

Photo credit:  ~CyberDrone at
Photo credit: ~CyberDrone at

Cubecraft Doctors

Your growing collection of models will need some characters to complete the diorama. Make all 11 doctors, or just your favorites. The photo shows you how the cubecraft doctors look when they are put together. Click on the photo to view and download the individual doctor patterns by ~CyberDrone.

Papercraft Supplies

For these projects, you will need a very sharp pair of non-stick scissors, a craft knife and a self-healing craft board. Amazon carries these items at great prices, and qualified orders of $25 or more ship for FREE with Super Saver shipping.

Thinking of gift ideas for the Doctor Who fan? Why not print off some of the templates in this lens, and put together a package of papercraft patterns and supplies?

Photo credit:  ~dwfun at
Photo credit: ~dwfun at


DWFUN at has posted a collection of Doctor Who crafts and entertainment. Click on the photo to go to the DWFUN webpage. Scroll to the middle of the page to view instructions and template download for the cute and competent K-9 robot dog. Scroll down a little further for a Cassandra template, too!

Package your gift in a unique Doctor Who bag or box.

Photo credit:  *The-Traveling-Itch at
Photo credit: *The-Traveling-Itch at

Rose Tyler

Another talented artist at Deviant Art, *The-Traveling-Itch, created this darling Rose Tyler template. Click on the photo to download the template.

Photo credit:  ~Browne at
Photo credit: ~Browne at

Amelia Pond

The artists at Deviant Art have done it again! This time ~Browne posts a papercraft Amelia Pond template. Thought the artist admits that the template is untested and may contain mistakes, it looks like a fun experiment. Click the photo to download.

Photo credit:  BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Cybershade Mask

Need a quick Doctor Who costume? During the 2008 Christmas season, the BBC posted a free Cybershade mask papercraft template. Cybershades are a variation of Doctor Who's perennial enemies, the Cybermen. The only flaw in the 3-page template is a lack of gluing flaps, so you will need to create your own when you cut it out.

Cybershade Face Mask

More Doctor Who and Other Crafts

Here are some links I like. If you have a crafty Doctor Who web page that you would like added, send me a message. Kindly link back to this lens from you webpage. Thanks!

If you ask my kids, David Tennant played the best of the doctors, #10, and Amy Pond is their favorite companion. Who are your favorites, and why?

If you have a great Doctor Who lens or webpage, feel free to leave a link for my readers. Kindly link back to this article from your webpage or lens. Thanks!

"Who" is your favorite Doctor? - And which is the best companion?

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    • roamingrosie profile image

      roamingrosie 4 years ago

      What a neat craft! Love it! Great for any Dr. Who fan.

    • microfarmproject profile image

      microfarmproject 4 years ago

      @CatnDog: I like that idea! She would be perfect

    • CatnDog profile image

      CatnDog 4 years ago

      David Tennant was really my first Dr. and I really enjoyed him playing the part. It took me a while to comprehend Matt Smith as the Dr. and now that I had, he's leaving after 4 years. Many are asking for a female Dr. - the only woman I think "who" can pull off the madness is Helena Bonham Carter. :)

    • profile image

      crstnblue 5 years ago

      Nice ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kaellyn profile image

      Kaellyn 5 years ago

      I loved David Tennant, and Martha Jones and Donna Noble were my favorite companions. Love the lens!

    • profile image

      Auriel 5 years ago

      Great lens.

    • tuliprose lm profile image

      tuliprose lm 5 years ago

      A fun lens - I enjoyed it and absolutely love Dr Who - my favorite Dr Who is David Tennant.

    • revLea profile image

      revLea 5 years ago

      David Tennant absolutely! As for companions... Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Amy Pond... I adore all three. All smart and spunky in their own right.

    • profile image

      DecoratingMom411 5 years ago

      Amy Pond. Always a fan!

    • Scraps2treasures profile image

      Scraps2treasures 5 years ago

      David Tennant is definitely my favorite Doctor. We are huge fans of Dr. Who. Blessed.