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Doggy Knits: Over 20 Coat Designs For Handsome Hounds And Perfect Pooches

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

Knitting patterns are fantastic. They inspire you to recreate what you see in a finished photo. Unfortunately the magic from many patterns comes from the finishing details; buttons (I want the buttons on the cover photo), zippers, or even embroidery.

I have reviewed one of Tillman's books in the past, Knitted Socks, and had found the book absolutely delightful and the patterns incredibly creative and inspired. I could not wait to look at another of her books, that I had to make an immediate trip to my local library.

Dog sweater patterns can be difficult because the sizing of dogs varies in more dimensions than in human sweaters. The author provides seven different sizes that you can use for the dog coats (16" - 28" chest). There are other measurements to help assist with how to plan out the project. Unfortunately the largest size would not exactly fit a Newfie (I have a "niece," but her own coat is so thick that it may not matter that I cannot find a pattern to knit for her). This book also comes with the standard "how to knit" instructions towards the end of the book. If you are new to knitting with charts, the "how to read from a chart" section will be particularly helpful.

Tillmann's books are fantastic because she provides a beautiful variety on whatever subject she chooses. There is not just one basic sweater shape shown in 20 different colors and with novelty yarns. These sweaters look expensive and refined, which I'm sure your dog will appreciate as they roll around in muddy snow! Since there are 20 coats in this book, I won't provide you with a list of titles, but I will just tell you which ones are my favorites as a tease. To read more about these highlighted patterns, check out my review of this book at

My Favorite Patterns:

  • Frogged and Formal
  • Button-up sweater (cover)

  • Raingear for Rover
  • Stripy Coat and Legwarmers
  • Herringbone Bones
  • Paws for thought
  • Mesh Coat
  • Pucker Up

If you make any of these patterns, your friends will not believe that you created them yourselves. I know I've mentioned Tillman's details, but the details in each of these patterns bring them to such an elevated level. You will want to make them all, as a range of techniques are used.

The author gives an important note: Don't leave your dogs unattended in their sweaters or coats. An unsupervised dog can get into trouble, and you wouldn't want them to get hurt because they are being kept warm! This is the best dog book that I've read to date. As soon as I get a dog, this book will find it's way into my personal library.

Doggy Knits: Over 20 Coat Designs For Handsome Hounds And Perfect Pooches

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A plea to my friends: Please buy me this book!

More books by Anna Tillman - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.

Knitted Socks: Over 25 Designs for Fab Feet and Cozy Toes for the Whole Family
Knitted Socks: Over 25 Designs for Fab Feet and Cozy Toes for the Whole Family

Whether worn for warmth or to make a stylish statement, peaking out below pant legs or hidden from view, socks can make or break an outfit, and this guidebook for all crafters is chock-full of fun, easy-to-make sock styles. Knitters will find a range of projects from traditional classics such Fair Isle and slouch socks to trendy novelties with stripes, polka dots, pop-out penguins, pom-poms, and rainbow toes. Step-by-step instructions accompany all 25 projects, each of which is appropriate for all abilities and every foot size, from babies to adults. The only challenge will be deciding which pair to knit first.

Doggy Knits: Over 20 Coat Designs for Handsome Hounds and Perfect Pooches
Doggy Knits: Over 20 Coat Designs for Handsome Hounds and Perfect Pooches

Are you an avid knitter as well as a loving dog owner? Do you see pets wearing gorgeous designs in magazines and on television and wish you could use your knitting talent to indulge your pooch? Doggy Knits invites you to join the millions of dog owners who have learned how to adorn their pets in striking fashions. This book features step-by-step instructions that show you how to produce 20 fabulous sweaters, jackets, coats, and even leg warmers! This book also offers a variety of useful tips on knitting techniques, including the right way to hold the needles and yarn, the correct way to measure your dog, and easy finishing touches for each project. Each featured design comes with a full-color photo to illustrate the ideal look and displays close-ups of details to ensure a brilliant result with every creation. Whether you are an expert or a novice, Doggy Knits provides the tools you need to dress your dog with incredible style.

Knitted Dog Coats: Over 20 Designs for Handsome Hounds and Perfect Pooches.
Knitted Dog Coats: Over 20 Designs for Handsome Hounds and Perfect Pooches.

"Knitted Dog Coats" has 20 great projects for dogs of all sizes and knitters of all abilities, with full measuring instructions plus step-by-step knitting guidance. It includes patterns for classic coats for discerning dogs, funky knits for cool canines and pretty coats for a perfect pooch.


Guilty Pleasure:

I would make these coats before I even have a dog!

More ways to knit for your dog

Your turn - What do you think about Doggie Knits?

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    • tiff0315 profile image

      tiff0315 6 years ago

      My Penny would look so cute in this!

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 6 years ago

      Boy my little dog would have loved to have had a cable knit sweater like the one above. How special. It almost makes me want to knit...actually I am not any good at it. :(

    • ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

      ChemKnitsBlog2 6 years ago

      @AWildDog: Only for a Holiday card or other photo ops. ;) Or if the dog happens to shiver when going outside in the snow.

    • AWildDog profile image

      AWildDog 6 years ago

      Oh, no thank you. I mean, I have a whippet cross so sometimes he may need a coat on but not a fashion statement!

      Don't have anything against others who like it though - long as it's all in fun and not over board obsessive haha.